MacyS Furniture Gallery Woodland Hills, Ca, United StatesThe Store Had A Good Selection Of Duvet Covers.We purchased our bed from macys and could not be happier with it. We took along my dad, who is a napping professional for his opinion and he gave us the thumbs up on the bed my husband and I really liked.
This review is very overdue as we purchased this mattress last year, but I figured it might help some people who are mattress shopping.
The mattress came out to about $1300 and included delivery and setup, so by the time I got home after work one day, we had a new mattress all set up and ready to snuggle on.
No complaints.
New employee put the wrong sku in for a couch, didn’t tell us it was extra for the color until after charging us. 1 1/2 months later the couch we ordered arrived with only two cushions on a 3 cushion couch. We ordered a couch that was actually called Clarke two part couch with chaise. However they tried to blame us for their mistake. Because everyone orders a 3 cushion couch with only 2 cushions? Their delivery men broke our door, the customer relations dept blamed us for their new employee’s mistake, they said that we were going to have to order the missing piece and charged us for it, because it’s our fault they rang it up wrong.

This location is CLOSED. Macy’s was the anchor store and its moved to the westfield up the street. Now this mall feels like it is ready to be used for a zombie movie set.
I wish I could give them negative stars. I purchased $5,000.00 worth of furniture on July 25th. Today is September 3rd and I have still not received the correct side rail for my daughter’s bed. My daughter has been sleeping on a slanted bed since then, the Macy’s delivery driver actually used styrofoam as a quick fix while we waited for the right part to be delivered. We are still waiting. The second time the delivery team came they brought the wrong part again, that was over 2 weeks ago with no contact at all from Macy’s. I have never experienced customer service like this at all.