Let these statement chairs do the talking. That means creating living room sets that are durable, comfortable and most importantly, stylish enough to be the backdrop of your life.

To order our furniture you will need to contact one of our staff to receive a quotation with the details of the items you wish to order.

We will make every effort in the selection and staining of timber grain to match samples provided, however as timber is a natural product it will vary from board to board and an exact match cannot be guaranteed. Once your order is near complete you will be contacted to arrange a date and time for delivery of your order. The balance amount owing is required to be paid in full prior to delivery/collection unless there is an agreement in writing to do otherwise.

Requesting changes to an order, once already confirmed will need to be put forward in writing and is subject to approval and may incur an extra charge. Cancellation of an order once in production will incur a 50% charge (ie loss of deposit). Made to measure goods carry a 50% cancellation charge (ie loss of deposit) and if the order is cancelled after production is completed, a 100% cancellation charge applies. Delivery details and any special requests are required in writing at the time of placing your order with delivery fees quoted at this time. Any variance to the delivery details may incur additional delivery fees.

You are able to anytime during the making of your furniture for an update on your expected delivery time.

You are responsible for arranging for someone to accept delivery and ensure there is adequate access and entry to the premises to allow for delivery of your order. If we are unable to deliver your order it will be returned to us and you will be charged for transport and delivery costs. If you are unable to accept delivery within 14 days from our first attempted delivery, your order must then be paid in full. Any additional costs in relation to access, eg crane are at your responsibility. Some popular cleaning products contain silicone or ammonia; these products are best avoided as they can soften the coating giving it a cloudy appearance over time. The essential oils have been chosen for their beautiful aroma and natural antibacterial and antifungal properties. However excessive direct sunlight may cause the timber to deepen over time and we do not recommend placing our furniture in direct sunlight. Hot plates and cups can burn timber surfaces and coffee and tea can also discolour timber. Zuster advise that you use heat resistant place mats or coasters.

We also advise that coasters and decorator items are periodically moved to avoid shadows. If you have a household problem of ‘rising damp’ this may also affect your furniture.

We suggest that you never move furniture alone and bend the knees when lifting. When lifting our beds do not lift from the side rails as they could come apart from the bedhead and the foot. It is always advised to lift furniture as close to the corners as possible. If you have any further queries regarding the care of your furniture please contact us. Our team of cabinet makers are local indigenous people. The result of this is beautiful furniture with a story. Australian-made furniture is difficult to define. Is it the timber used or the hand that rubs against the grain?

This includes the materials, together with the tools and machinery, used for manufacture.

We are producing beautiful furniture with a story.

We are using local timbers and engaging artists within the local communities. The quality of our furniture is world class and passion is seen in every piece. Whether you’ve just purchased a new home or you’re looking to redo your current home that you’ve been living in for decades, the task can often feel overwhelming.

Beds Tables and Sofas

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You may be inundated with an endless amount of options on where to source all the new furniture, or maybe you just don’t know where to start. They use predominately earthy materials like reworked wood with bespoke touches that are capable of adapting to a variety of environments.

You can also expect a slathering of animal products like top-end cow and reindeer hides, which are contrasted against products like reinvented marble . What you can expect from this brand, is striking accent pieces that you will not find anywhere else. On the other end of the spectrum, they also have a variety of easily adaptable, good clean, modern furniture. All pieces stay true to their decidedly urban aesthetic while looking back to earlier decades. The shops boast an impeccable collection of carefully curated furniture pieces. The upmarket furniture store offers a range of elegant furniture and stylish homewares to suit a variety of homes. Or if you prefer to sit back and put your feet up, they also offer property styling, which is a win-win in our eyes. They offer an outstanding collection of furniture and décor for every room of the home. Domayne offers affordable pieces, without compromising on style or quality. The high-end furniture brand offers stylish contemporary furniture for every room of the home.

You can’t go past their distinctive flair, just as much as their affordable prices. They have far from average products to suit every style and type of home, which push a very fine balance between comfort and luxury. But it is their affordable pricing and easy to assemble pieces that are their biggest drawing card, making it far more accessible than other brands. If you mix some inexpensive pieces with more bespoke buys, no one will ever be able to tell. They source and supply unique decorative items to create an ever-evolving selection of products and solutions across furniture, wardrobes, joinery, lighting and accessories. Meizai collaborates with innovators both internationally and locally. Their selection includes brilliantly styled space to reflect a broad range of tastes, types of furniture and accessories.

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If you like to keep your décor current, it’s also a great place to seek inspiration because they’re always up to date on the latest global furniture trends.

We offer a range of refined and elegant furniture pieces that are built to last.

We source only the best materials to create products that are timeless and durable. Our , lounges and armchairs are upholstered with only the best fabrics and leathers and are available in an array of colours and textures.

We also make mix-and-match pieces such as ottomans, entertainment units, display cabinets and more to perfectly complement any room.

We also offer furniture in a number of sizes and shapes to fit different spaces. Drop into your nearest store and chat to one of our friendly staff about your furniture needs. Promotions sent quarterly and we promise no spam. Our diverse range provides the versatility to work across a variety of existing spaces and interior styles, and with innovative solutions for multifunctional areas, both in the home and for commercial environments. Additionally, we work closely with national and international nonprofit organizations to support a range of initiatives related to housing, education and sustainability. Learn more about how our organizational values make us unique among furniture suppliers.

Or get in touch with us directly to talk with an expert. Our furniture is made to be loved - to grow and change with families over generations. Superior furniture often comes with a hefty price tag. This is how we bring style, comfort and choices straight to your door, for less.

We know that buying furniture can be a strenuous process.

I worry about ordering online but the returns policy is great if you are not happy.

Bed is really well made, solid but easy to construct. Brosa was easy to deal with and bed arrived quickly. The great products are backed by wonderful service. Browse our stunning collection of sofas today. Every dining solution for every style and dining need. A huge range of stylish and functional options to ensure you’ll always sleep soundly. See whats trending and shop our most popular pieces. It is important that your house suits your taste, and is relaxing, aesthetically pleasing and filled with all of your favourite items.

We focus on manufacturing top quality, great value furniture to fill your homes. Furniture has a wide range of furniture to fill every room of your house.

We also have sofa beds , bedsonline and trundle beds for spare bedrooms as well as accessories to dress up a room, including bedside tables and chests of drawers. If you’re feeling a bit festive, you can select an 11 piece option.

We have mattresses with firm tops, outstanding continuous support to care for your back while you sleep, as well as soft mattresses to lull you off into the deepest and most relaxing sleep.

Here, we have the more unique pieces with the eclectic home owner in mind.

We have been around for years and one of the tenets of our company’s success is quality; we make furniture pieces that are not only beautiful but are also built soundly. Many consider personalised furniture as a luxury, as seen in homes of celebrities and other famous personalities. Contrary to what people think, it is actually more practical to get customized furniture in the long run. Getting a piece of furniture that is a perfect fit for your home is easier when you have someone build your desired furniture. It’s more efficient than going around to furniture shops, hoping that you will find the perfect match. Craftsmen devote more time and care into the creation of custom furniture. Not just because it’s supposed to be special, but because it’s something that’s going to be unique to your home.

You tell us what you like and what we could improve on. That’s how you know that you’re bringing home something special. It depends on the materials, specifications, and the labour involved. With made to order furniture , they only provide a quote once all of the details have been finalized. Getting something customised by a skilled craftsperson is not something you will achieve at the lowest possible price. However, when compared to buying at a furniture store, you will be surprised that the cost difference is not large. It should be reasonably priced to reflect the quality and work that went into creating it. Their creative influence is usually a combination of their experiences building furniture in the past. Trends are fluctuating, so they are constantly adapting. What’s popular today may not be popular tomorrow, and your skills need to be at their best. It may be slightly more expensive than furniture. But when you see the perfect fit for your room arrive, you will know that it was worth it.

We specialise in custom made furniture , such as dining tables. Visit our website to get directions to our showroom or call us to learn more. Custom dining tables and chairs handmade in locally sourced timber.

Made Order Melbourne Furniture Homeware Online