Maine State Prison Showroom - Thomaston, ME, United StatesI have an amazing coffee from here. Hand carved and inlaid with glass. It's functional and beautiful.

This place is good news. Regardless of one's feelings one way or the other about prisons and prisoners, I hope we can all agree that keeping those who land in jail productively occupied and trained with marketable skills, is a good thing.
With that in mind, consider a visit to this enormous just filled to the rafters with a wide variety of wooden items all of which are made by inmates in Maine prisons.
There are wooden toys, all kinds of tables, chairs and other furnishings, wooden bowls in a variety of sizes, chests, jewelry boxes, kitchen items, etc. If it can be made out of wood, chances are you will find it here.
The quality of these items is generally really good. There is a lot to see here so give yourself some time to browse.
The is run by inmates and Department of Corrections personnel.
Way better than license plates.
The Showroom sells craft projects made by inmates; they learn some skills (mostly woodworking), and the money goes to fund the prisons, plus "crime restitution, and child support".
The workmanship varies wildly --- some pieces are amazing art, others would get a B- or C+ in middle-school shop class. Model ships, dressers, wardrobes, birdhouses, cutting boards, Christmas ornaments, novelty canes with wood-saw handles, awkwardly self-referential T-shirts, and table lamps shaped like outhouses all have their place here.
Some of the work is good for a laugh, some is good for the inmates, and some is just plain good --- this place is definitely worth a stop.