Beginning as a traditional furniture store and slowly evolving into a rustic log furniture store. Ranging from bedroom sets, to bars, to bathroom vanities.

Each piece is made from solid wood, and is constructed with precision.

I still acquire chairs and “fix” them with rustic parts. But all chairs are for more than sitting.

I appropriate flat, curved and worn objects which approximate and replace the traditional milled parts of a chair.

I try to make the hidden life of the chair more evident. He brings his talent with construction and sensitivity to the sculptural impact of functional work. Dealers, we support our dealer network with a variety of programs; aggressive pricing, unparalleled service and lightning fast shipping. And unlike most furniture suppliers, our pieces are guaranteed to sell. Although we do not produce a catalog you can find examples at our online gallery or store. Our style rustic furniture cannot be mass produced.

Common Ground 312 Adirondack Furniture Maker Barry Nelson

We would love to meet you and make your new or existing home more comfortable and inviting. Kelly harvested all the log from trees that have lived their life. Whether it is a rare big leaf maple burl, redwood burl , or claro walnut wood slab , the options are limitless as custom furniture. Our furniture maker crafts a variety of natural wood furniture within the rustic theme. The truth is that both occur, depending on the project. Our primary aim is to stay true to the wood by highlighting its natural beauty. Whether it is a rustic table or rustic bathroom vanity we want to showcase the beauty of the wood.

We try to source our material from dead standing trees or from logs and root systems left on the forest floor.

We are not tree huggers but we desire to be environmentally responsible in crafting our custom rustic furniture. Because we use real wood, challenges are inherent, however, we embrace them and actually seek them out. When it comes to wood, he is a purist, desiring to bring out the natural beauty of the wood. He specializes in 18th-century blacksmithing, but he is also an all-around metal artist. Each piece of live edge wood furniture has a story and we look forward to sharing the story. Whether you are in the market for a live edge table or just have an interest in custom live edge furniture we are your one-stop shop. This driftwood wood art also functions as a artistic natural wood table. It is perfect for a entrance table or accent table.

We are dedicated to creating the finest heirloom quality products in the most sustainable process possible. Our craftsmen strive to preserve the customer’s ability to see that. The workmanship just cannot compare to any high end stores out there. He sold some and kept the broken ones to experiment with crafting small items like candleholders and slingshots. When he started building furniture full time in 1992, antlers would become his best-loved medium. D format came easily for me,” the artisan says. His instructor, who happened to be a studio furniture maker, opened his eyes to the trade. Yet ask him to describe his vocation and he’ll give you one simple word: artist.

Million Dollar Rustic

Janice says, referring to folk-art-inspired pieces that celebrate the beauty of birch bark, “we fell in love immediately. Come for a visit and ask what we can make for you. Joseph then decided to start working in the private sector tree trimming, logging, and selling firewood, and was able to make a good living for his wife and family. After experiencing an injury when a tree he was felling slid back off of its base and crushed his foot, he was unable to return to the woods for some time. Joseph is one of two firearms instructors.

We service and fulfill around 600 orders for our customers every week.

We are updating this web page often so always be on the look out for new products at amazing prices. Now it is utilized to provide our customers with great furniture and decor products and many locals with great employment opportunities. May contain limited notes, underlining or highlighting that does affect the text. Learn the techniques for decluttering and living with less baggage!

Does not include construction details but this is no great hinderance to those with some degree of skill in woodwork. Good for those with existing skills&tools.

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