Sanding is a simple process for aging a piece of furniture — simply stop when the piece looks as worn as you’d like. For added variation, flick a paintbrush loaded with brown watery paint toward parts of the piece of furniture, recreating random dark spots often found on older furniture. I think you’re going to really like this technique, especially with an entire staircase to do. I would love to find out if you are in my area and if you have any cabinet doors available for sale?

Furniture paint technique

Making White Furniture Look Rustic

Rather than swapping the furniture out for something inherently more rustic, a few finishing techniques will get that bright white furniture looking a bit more worn and loved, matching the rest of the room’s decor. Older children may even want to help with some of the techniques, such as distressing the wood, which allows them to do exactly what they’re usually told not to do with furniture: beat it up.

A rag wipes off much of the paint while it’s still wet — just enough to make the paint look yellowed. Layer as many colors, or even variations of white, as you’d like, each with wax in between. Vaseline just creates a barrier between the paint and the work surface so that the paint doesn’t want to stick.