Also includes green cardboard slip-case and box. Pictorial endpapers; splendid full-colour photographs on almost every page; index.

Antique Furniture Malta Furniture

It features many of the fashionable pieces of the day, which in turn reflects the changing taste of people through the ages. Please contact us first before returning an item. Shipping costs are based on books weighing 750g. The sum of the value of the imported goods and the cost of shipping and insurance.

Excise duties are chargeable on certain energy products, certain alcoholic drinks, certain manufactured tobacco products, and mobile telephony services. They also carry out valuations of antiques for insurance, inheritance and division of estates. Maltese antiques have retained their investment value in comparison to the fluctuating continental market.

We can can also advise you in the best choice of fabrics for your piece.

We kindly ask you to take a few minutes to read and understand them. It has been almost two years in the making and the result shows.

Patrimonju exhibitions have always drawn the crowds and this one has been no exception. Maltese lovers of our heritage have been impressed by the quality of the exhibits, as well as the manner in which they have been explained and displayed. Foreign visitors too have commented on the beauty of the pieces themselves, as well as the professionalism of the exhibition itself.

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We offer the services of estimates and valuations of any kinds of antiques. From our warehouse stock and shop we also hire furniture and objects d’art to film and television industries.

We cater for all types of fireplaces surroundings from cottage styles to ultra modern.

We also import all your home interiors decoration needs. This extends into re-upholstery and traditional gilding.

We also produce hand painted furniture, transforming old unwanted but well made pieces into beautiful and unique statement pieces for your home.

We may also be contacted on telephone numbers: 21 231845 or 79440029. Azzopardi has acquired a vast experience being in the business for the last 40 years. Our silver is exceptional, most of which are by important silversmiths.

We deliver worldwide and also accept trade buyers.

You have requested quotes which have not been sent. Send us a description of the book, enclose a picture/photo of the front cover and include your asking price. It is a tribute to the many craftsmen who have employed their time, care and energy, in order to produce such fine pieces of furniture, but whose name has not come down to us. Available in shop from just two hours, subject to availability. In no way can such a generalisation be taken seriously, unless a clear perspective of the times, buyers and attitudes is considered. Thoughtfully, it is not a question of comparison. Maltese furniture on the local market has been around, as auction catalogues witness. The eighties saw a change to appreciation of the local goods while in the late 80’s a strong purchasing power dictated the market and gave it an upward trend. Today the choice is still readily available with some distinct differences.

Restoration Malta

Malta Maltese Furniture Joseph Galea Naudi

Maltese furniture takes pride of place in all establishments. The values and their steady increasing prices are a clear pointer towards where the market is going. Foreign furniture, for it is essential to realise that importers have broadly opened their markets on the continent, now commands high prices in the prospective countries. Dealers necessarily need to buy their stock briskly. Their favourite haunts do not always deliver on the required days. The space is filled with what they think can sell at a fair profit. Once on our shores, the better pieces find their way to good homes in no time. The remaining stock slowly find its way too. In shops or at auction the buyer has a field day. Generalising to discuss the quality of these pieces is unfair. The buying community was well known and not very numerous. It is this furniture in abundance, and presented as the thing to own, that plays an important role with respect to changing appreciation and trends of decorating our abodes. The marked difference is that the local market prices were being determined by those of neighbouring countries. The local buyers could not catch up with rising prices, and goods earmarked for export were shipped relentlessly. The proportion of the local antiques market compared with the volume being exported is of great consequence. The timing worked out well as it also coincided with a more appreciative late 1980’s. Typically, no statistics or selective records are available to show the volume and quantity of imported furniture classified as ‘antiques’. The best recollections of importers indicate an approximate 2 x 20ft crates annually. Export on the other hand, covers also foreigners who returned to their country of origin.

Antique Maltese Furniture by Joseph Galea Naudi Denise Micallef

It is clear though that the ratio of container imports-to-exports stands at 30:1. The auctioneer approached to conduct an auction in a house always looked for the added bonus of including goods that were appealing and saleable, often selecting from dealer stocks those pieces conveniently fitting into the houses. With the arrival of truck-loads of goods for auction often accompanied by a phone call to inform of their arrival, previously unseen goods turned up at the auctioneer’s door step awaiting new owners. The choice was plentiful; the prices agreeable, the owners glad to be rid of their ‘secondary’ surplus. The connoisseurs with a keen eye picked up whatever took their fancy for a moderate fair price. The turnout is much healthier at good auctions today. The pitfalls of this relationship between auctioneers and dealers were unseen. Word of allegiance between auctioneer and dealer did no good for the local market in the long term. Honest cataloguing ran a knife-edge as auctioneers, knowingly or not, were taken in by these magnificent creations. My father, a man of a thousand local sources, slowly shifted the sale room to take all that came from his faithful private vendors. Up to the recent past, the supply was plentiful and the buyers ready with their money.

The patronage of our gallery has changed very little. The earlier absence of the younger generation, the new home maker, the upcoming business man, of the past 30 years has been reversed in the past years where confidence in the market and fair values has brought out the best in cunning and foresight. Running parallel with this is the mushrooming of dozens of dealers, all with a good source and a niche market to cater for. This increase in antique shops, younger generation buyers and high prices, runs along the same years of a stronger awareness and knowledge for the antiques world. Fairs, exhibitions, antiques courses, well advertised and attended auctions all contributed to a general strong market feeling. Those who still own their purchases are more eager to say that the pieces were bought for next to nothing, while those who sold would readily vouch for massive profits.

The auction was held in-situ, where the collection had been left for many years. In fact the collection contained, in the broadest sense of the word, something for everyone. The catalogue reads like a museum inventory. The same cannot be said for goods which change hands privately, for which no record can be kept for posterity. The data shows a meteoric increase in prices, which if projected, will see our sale – rooms bursting at the seams with investors!

Brass, china and objects of low value, although showing a hefty price increase, are not relatively expensive today. Also pertinent, the pieces purchased then as antiques have added another 60 years to their tally. The salient prices achieved, whether at auction or privately, are news in no time. Benchmark auctions, auctions where attendance and prices are above average tend to create a stir. Not only, but the distinctive values of certain items at auction can occasionally be benchmarked. He also must advise prospective purchasers without pushing his loaded opinion. He is invited and shown collections, private hordes and singular items where his confidentiality and secrecy is paramount.

We handle history and must do so with delicate hands.

Maison offers consultation services, offers estimates and valuations of any kinds of antiques and trades with both private and commercial clients in a discreet, professional and reliable manner. A shaped table with fluted sides set over a solid base. With fine lacquer and gilt chinoiserie decoration. Timbers and the execution suggest a manufacturer par. The backs of the fauteuils have arched and shaped top rails with interlocking roundels; the padded arms rests are covered with dart and husk motif. Covering the history of the collection with an overview of the collection’s key areas. The introductory chapters provide contextual background and discuss subjects. Buying antiques nowadays can be fraught with anxiety – how do you know that what you are buying is the genuine article?

And if you own antiques and family heirlooms and would like to know how much they would fetch if you sold them, we also do valuations. Feel free to browse our highly-informative website, which will give you an idea of the quality of the pieces available for sale at our shop. As professional antique dealers we believe that one of the most difficult and important factors of antiques is to know their value. This is gained through knowledge and experience, which one can widen through reading books, antique catalogues, auctions and antique courses. It is important that the quality and condition of our antiques is to the highest standard available. To our esteemed clients we are renowned for the affordable prices we sell our antiques at. All antique items sold from our shop are guaranteed by the issue of a certificate of authenticity, together with the specific photo of the item purchased.

We have also conducted two very successful auctions. This is yet another service we offer our clients – organizing successful auctions, together with estimates and division of inheritance. Furthermore, anyone wishing to sell their antiques from their homes can contact us at their own convenience.

We also do restoration and valuation on antique items. If you are looking for anything specific you can filter your results accordingly and give them a call to ensure an item is still available. All items should be properly described, stating the year a piece is from.

Malta Maltese Furniture Joseph Galea Naudi