These products are made to excel to twin purpose, decorative as well as usage. Our premium wood transformed uncanny artefacts under the connoisseurship of experts is astounding.

We have built up a loyal clientele for over 15 years through quality craftsmanship, reasonable prices, friendly attitude and smooth as silk services. In today’s connected world and with a large number of choices available, of course you would naturally expect the utmost value for your money.

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We hold an enviable product range – constituting items starting from table coasters to full length wardrobes and covering small products like small boxes to large dining sets. Sheesham wood comes from sustainable forests and is cut when it is around 120 years old, it is then matured and dried before being made into a thing of beauty. This furniture will last you for life and as it is hardwood it will survive all the knocks and bumps from the family. As with all handmade furniture, the finish of each piece is unique and the colour may not be consistent in each piece, this depends on how each piece of wood absorbs the colour, although all items in the sheesham will match in perfectly together. As mango wood is hard and dense wood it is excellent for making the furniture.

Further more cutting form various directions appear different grain textures which have the same appearance that of mahogany, oak, teak and other types of wood. The rugged beauty of mango wood combined with creativity and skill of crafts men produces furniture which is unique addition and accent to any home. Acacia is a very durable and dense hardwood which has a beautiful grain with rich colours. It is a mixture of all varieties of woods. It brings the warmness of the history to new construction, and gives owners a sense of historic times and place. Its beauty is unique, its durability is supreme. Now almost all the modern day furniture is painted in these styles.

We are pride in putting up best of handmade gift items on display, made with finest quality material that enhances their utility value and functionality. The piece features brass arrows and a brass tray that is intact. Properly stand with feather’s on the floor for stability and a perfect balance for the. In original condition with minor scuffs to top only noticeable at certain angle. Beautiful detailing on edges and drawer fronts. The custom made table sits on a plinth base giving the illusion that it’s floating and has a faux raffia finish – the surface is smooth but has the appearance of natural fiber. Table consists of a chrome steel geometric frame and a heavy, thick piece of glass. The fabric feels like a low velvet blend and is in good condition. India for bridal dowry bags, it showcases handcrafted and vibrant color and nailhead detailing. In original cranberry red upholstery, very stylish, and extremely comfortable. These are solid, large and heavy duty nightstands. When arranging a living room, it’s often best to place the sofa first. Outer edge of leather is adorned with nail head trim. It is a bent twig and stick stool with a brown leather top. The leather is a nice warm color and the wood has a dark finish. There have been a couple of repairs over time (see pictures). A cabinet is known with his printed label in one of the drawers.

Also, there are three cabinets in existence which have his name inlaid on the inside of a door. His furniture is heavy in appearance and bears much carving, and as his tables and chairs were usually gilt the effect is very rich. Some of the furniture made there has been identified from the bills that were preserved with it. Although he was trained to the trade as a youth, he is not known to have practiced as a cabinet-maker.

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