Marlo Furniture - Alexandria, VA, United States. Don't miss it!
“This was our 4th or 5th stop when looking for a bedroom set and we found the selection here to be infinitely better than the other furniture stores we shopped at.”
After delivering the WRONG couch to my house, I went through HELL trying to get it corrected. I refused to accept the couch delivery and it was sent back to the warehouse, but dealing with the store trying to get it corrected was a mess. It took me DAYS to get my order corrected and at that point the couch I wanted was not in stock After failing to return my calls over several days, the staff was rude to me and I was yelled at over the phone. If I wouldn’t be charged some absurd restocking fee of 30% I would have just canceled my order and taken my business elsewhere.
I think Marlo’s furniture is a big ripoff store.
They claim to have "free shipping on all purchase" and when you walk in, they say $1499 and free shipping. If not its $150! It’s so upsetting and also so much pressure from the sales person. They’ll walk right behind you like you’re about to steal a huge dresser out of the store. LET US SHOP!!!!
If you are SMART you will read the reviews below and take head. DON’T EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM MARLO!!!! EVER!!! You can find the same deals and better furniture with great customer service just about anywhere else.
-Low Quality
-Literally the WORST customer service I have seen in 40 Years
Listen to the review, don’t go here and make the same mistake I made and just about every other reviewer of this place.