Metro Decor - San Diego, CA, United States
“We visited MetroDecor right after we left Jeromes and we instantly fell in love with the design of their furniture.”
Let me start by admitting that I am a picky Bostonian and can be a real pain when Furniture shopping because I have a hard time visualizing things that aren’t physically in front of me. I usually have a very specific idea in my head of what I want but if what I’m envisioning isn’t a floor sample (which it never is) I hate accepting things that I can’t see or sit in.
I moved to San Diego a few weeks ago and searched high and low for my gray sectional in a sophisticated yet comfortable material. I rented car and hopped around to every furniture store in the San Diego area and felt like goldilocks – the cushions were too hard/ material too casual/too scratchy/ too dark/ too light/ too expensive for not exactly what I want etc.
Finally I stumbled across metro where I met Blake and Rene who encouraged me to look through the fabrics and suggested a few that looked like the material I was describing. Low and behold we found the perfect one!! I was so happy until we called and realized that the fabric was on back order
Blake did everything he could to help me find something else that fit my budget.
This review is long overdue. My girlfriend and I moved to San Diego last year with just two suitcases of clothes and our cars. This meant we had to purchase all of our furniture and get it delivered in a reasonable timeframe (sleeping on an air bed is not fun!).
We visited MetroDecor right after we left Jeromes and we instantly fell in love with the design of their furniture. The employee who assisted us was extremely knowledgeable, patient, and very accommodating. We ended up purchasing a bedroom set, dining room table, and a custom-made sectional from them. The sectional by the way the best couch I have ever owned – so comfortable and just the right size.
Something happened in our condo which caused us to delay the delivery of our furniture. Again, MetroDecor was very accommodating and had no issues in changing the delivery.
Freaking awesome bought a couch for under 500 it’s legit. This was a few months ago. I will be back for sure to buy more furniture: )