I would be honored to have my chairs become part of your family legacy. At i mobili our mission is to promote craftsmanship and real wood construction in the and interior decoration market.

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Just measure your space and tell us what you need. They are simply gorgeous as they are and they make for great accents to any room in your house. Each lamp has a rotary switch that is incorporated into the spigot valves. All of i mobili’s is built to order especially for you, by skilled craftspeople with the utmost attention to detail.

Because of “engineered wood products” humans have lost touch with both the natural world. It is i mobili’s aim to reconnect our client with the natural and exquisite value of hand made wood furniture. And unlike the big box retailers, our pieces are constructed of superior quality materials.

We create custom wood furniture, on-site, for you and at an affordable price. Come visit us and see the i mobili difference!

Some of it painted bright colors, some of it has a natural finish.

You won't find a chair or sofa or sectional here, but you will find bookcases and hutches and tables and entertainment stands. And a bit of color makes everything — including our homes — look and feel happier. The natural finishes are also appealing in their simplicity. You'll find pieces appropriate for your home, up north cottage or industrial-style loft. Shabby chic, farmhouse, industrial — it's all here.

You might find two pieces in the store that are similar, but they won't be identical. The store gets two shipments of new merchandise every month. That means there's no such thing as a special or custom order. The store isn't divided into vignettes as is the practice at traditional furniture stores. You'll find furniture pieces piled atop other furniture pieces. There's so much stuff in this 6, 600-square-foot space, you'll find surprises everywhere. No instructions to read and marriage/friendship/relationship ending arguments caused by frustration over having to put something together. Although table legs can be removed for transport, if that's easier for you. The store doesn't charge a delivery free. If you buy something, you'll have to be responsible for getting it home. In fact, our hardwood prices are lower than many particle board options at other stores. You’ll find a large selection of mouthwatering flavors in our store. From this, you can create a full guide that includes all of the places you've selected. Our manufacturing facility and showroom are combined in an old school building from the 1920's and we have over 13, 000 square feet of showroom space including our new rustic showroom which displays many wood furniture items for your bedroom, living or dining room areas.

We stock furniture items for every choice of style, such as: traditional, contemporary or rustic for your home, cottage or camp. Our store additionally showcases crafts and products from local artists, such as hand-made wear, paintings, and hand-crafted rock/stone decorative hardware and charcoal etchings. Our store is sure to be a unique experience and purchasing furniture at unbelievable pricing will make the trip worth the drive!

The wood is a variety of oak, white pine, cedar or hemlock. The wood is discolored naturally so there will be variations in color.

Why you should shop at Michigan's first Nadeau furniture store

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We stand by the craftsmanship of our handmade rustic furniture. Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you enjoy our rustic furniture collection. Our furniture is custom — it is handmade for you. Finally one of our craftsman finishers will take what was built and apply the finish you selected. As a result, each piece of furniture is unique. Our furniture is cottage — it has imperfections. There are many styles of cottage furniture. What they have in common is the handmade look where imperfections in the wood and the workmanship or just time has seasoned and added to character of the piece of furniture. Our furniture is redemptive — it reflects a second chance. Whether it is a new start in the workplace or in life, our craftsman know what it is like to appreciate that second chance. Details and curves created intricate looks and patterns. Much of the furniture was being mass produced in new furniture factories. Today furniture is engineered with compressed woods and veneers, cut by computer operated equipment, leaving out the role of the craftsman. But we have taken a new direction that differs from our predecessors. They focused on achieving the highest craftsmanship through the discipline of the master-apprentice relationship. The reason this is so important is the plight of people in our inner cities.

We enter a distressed and often blighted neighborhood where jobs and hope are disappearing.

We hire people out of the neighborhood with broken pasts.

We teach them how to build and finish furniture with their own hands. This whole process is very rewarding and redemptive. And our customers play an important role in making this happen. This printer is hidden away until its needed. The custom cabinets were placed just where she wanted them and office equipment like her printer was hidden from view without losing any functionality. Call today and take the first step toward turning your dreams into reality.

Michigan Sticks Object Furniture