The white walls and tablecloths, and the grid of steel and glass facing the museum’s sculpture garden, suggest a contemporary gallery. The service was prompt, and the wait staff had the perfect blend of fine-dining and friendly personalities. He has done smaller projects for us in the past, and we trusted him to do this big job for us. She was able to coordinate construction of all types while we were able to continue to see patients in the office. Some have walked into the office and then walked out, thinking they had entered the wrong office!

It was elegant and powerful, like the pairing of a luxuriously soft poached egg with squid-ink spaetzle, sea urchin, roasted salsify and fragments of black truffles.

Office contractors

MidCentury Modern Dining Room Furniture

I would have happily drunk from a teacup, but then a server brought something extra, a tiny portion of tender claw meat under a wheel of burned sugar that went beyond caramel by several degrees of bitterness.

From the exterior, the vertical windows lead the eye upward, loosely echoing the vertical lines of the surrounding trees.

She hired contractors and managed the contractors that we and the building owner wanted to use.

She was able to deal with three very different opinionated partners of the practice and many different employee opinions.