Fabric draped from the ceiling works great, but this is difficult to get into place if the display is already set up. It is, however, inexpensive and also holds up to bumps very well, with its mass absorbing much of the shock. The foam glues easily into place, and then the whole base stores nicely in one piece, ready for next year’s display. The train should wind around the display or even go through a tunnel constructed into the base.

Display fairy cord

Miniature Fairy Gardens: Ideas And Pictures

You just have to be careful to make sure it isn’t a dark fairy dwelling or you may invite a dark fairy. I think it would be a little odd for me to create a fairy garden, but the pictures are awesome!

Wood provides a strong, sturdy base that can easily hold up to bumps and can even be moved with the village intact, if the need should arise, although this should be avoided. Regardless of the material used, the base needs to have holes or paths cut into it to allow electrical cords to pass through. Hide cords and wires right off the bat, and make sure all of the cord is gathered under or behind the display so that it does not cause a tripping hazard later in the setup process or afterward. These are placed down in layers, and could include a person interacting with an animal, a group singing carols, or a cardinal resting in tree.

Source: www.pinterest.com/drebuck/fairy-gardens/