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We will always provide you benefits when shopping with us!

Let use finish your home with exceptional furnishings that will last today, tomorrow, and forever. Find the look that brings your home to life. Choose every detail for your entertaining space and lifestyle. Whether you’re into a rustic look or the minimalist modern styles, our team will help you find everything you need to make your home reflect your personality and style.

From big pieces like sofas and headboards to the little details, we guide you through the experience from custom selection to delivery all with the quality and service you deserve. Your home is your haven, so it should have the best care and attention to detail.

We guarantee you and your home will be taken care of – this is not only our business, but our passion!

Call or stop by the store and let us help you give your home a fresh, exciting new look!

Woody’s, funny name, seriously cool furniture.

We specialize in clearance and closeouts and buy directly from the manufacturer, passing the savings on to our customers.

It’s a recurring dream almost several nights in a row now.

I am slowly filling my home with their furniture. They are heirloom pieces that have the quality that will last forever.

We got a ‘cashiers’ check’ and brought it up there.

We almost canceled our plans to go, as the morning rain had turned to freezing rain, then sleet, and then heavy snow. The store is filled wall to wall with beautiful solid wood furniture in all types, sizes, colors and price points. Point being, he really knows the products he sells and the people who make them. At no point at all during our visit did we feel pressured to make a decision, buy something, etc. Completely customized furniture, you say??

Not to mention you choose the wood, stain, and hardware. Lastly, we discussed time frame and shipping. Tim called the finisher and they agree to redo the stain on the bed frame.

We spent over 2 hours just browsing from set to set and we weren’t even really looking for anything in particular. Tim, and his two young boys greeted us a few minutes after we came in. Michael uses pine, which is one place where the cost difference is” or something like that. The website has about 10% of what they are able to offer. Tim would say that he could contact the builder for a quote on what it would be to make this bed a platform. Ethan gave us quotes on everything we were interested in, and was extremely friendly and helpful.

We ordered a custom bed frame and we were disappointed when we brought the bed frame home and noticed the stain color we requested was not the stain color that was put on the bed frame. Tim said that there is a tolerance range that made this color acceptable on the bed frame. Tim said the only way we can have the stain redone is if we bring the bed frame back up to their store and pick it up after it is redone. My wife told him that this is not right that we have to bring it back up to him, especially when it was their mistake and that they make deliveries to the twin cities and they can easily pick up the bed frame and deliver it when it is done. It is not fair that we have to take on the cost of gas and our valuable time to deliver the bed frame to them when it was their mistake.

I know what it takes to produce and finish such fine furniture and immediately recognized that this was not “just another furniture store”.

Genuine Amish Furniture

Tim about what he might have in a cherry chairs and he led us to a number of different sets so we could look them over. They actually are more comfortable than the padded chairs from our old set. It was so pleasant, without any awkward pressure. They’re still in great shape, especially the couch that has gotten a lot of use. The quality is unbeatable and the price was reasonable. Stop in and upgrade – we’re on the way to the lake!

Uncompromising quality and selection that make this line so unique. Most are small family shops with only four or five craftsmen, while some shops might employ as many as 30 skilled workers. Unlike low-quality knock-offs, our furniture isn’t cut and stamped by computers. And he’ll restore it to look just like it did on the day it left his shop. Each brand we sell shares our philosophy of offering quality furnishings at an outstanding value.