The good news is that many pieces are suitable for use throughout the house. A coffee table may anchor a modern living or family room handsomely.

Upholstered armchairs and side chairs are elegant enough for the most formal living room. These and other select pieces make the transition effortlessly from dining room to living areas. Take a look at the latest issue of our exclusive magazine for great ideas and inspiration. Offering custom, made-to-order pieces built to your specifications on size, colour and wood, including reclaimed barnboard and live edge wood.

All furniture is made to the highest standards and built to last a lifetime, authenticated by lifetime guarantee.

You can browse the online product showcase or visit one of the showrooms to see and feel that quality of their unique pieces. The company is still feeding off the sales boom of the past few years. Customers in new homes wait about a year to decorate. As their houses settle, they decorate, paint walls and order new furniture. For condo owners, buying furniture is a more urgent purchase, he says, especially if they are downsizing from a larger house to a condo and their furniture doesn’t fit.

As well, with some condos having odd-shaped or small rooms, decorating can be a challenge. So, instead of starting from scratch, that variety gives him a template to modify. Mission-styled furniture continues to be a strong seller, too, he says. Stewart developed what he calls his own postal service. Once the order is placed, the family specializing in that item – for example, a hutch – orders the components from other shops in the area. By encouraging specialization – one family makes drawer boxes, another doors and a third, the frame – output increased perhaps five-fold, he says. The original family assembles the pieces into the finished product and one of three trucks picks it up and delivers it to the warehouse. Furniture is wrapped in blankets – 4, 000 of them are in use – to prevent scratches. Protective cardboard corners stamped with the shop’s name are returned to them every two weeks and reused about 50 times. By the summer of ’99, he knew he needed to work on the supply chain in order to expand. They welcomed the opportunity to work at home once again, as when they were farmers. The master bedroom in their three-bedroom home is only about 10 feet wide, so the side tables tuck in on either side. The matching cabinets, which he installed himself, fit perfectly above the bed, he says. Irv, who says his house is now just the way he and his wife want it. After 38 years of operation, we have made the difficult decision to close our doors and retire. Our inventory cannot and will not last long. Every piece of wood and its’ grain pattern is unique. Because each type of wood has different characteristics, stains applied will affect the wood in different ways and how the stain is applied effects how much of the grain shows through. The humidity level in a home should be kept constant. Cherry has a moderately hard, strong, closed grain. Light to red-brown, cherry resists warping and checking. It is also one of the more expensive woods. Black cherry is the species most used in product displayed in our store. Walnut is a strong, hard, durable wood but even with these features, it is not excessively heavy.

Sectional Sofa

It is excellent for creating furniture and takes finishes very well. Maple is very hard and its’ diffuse evenly spaced pores give the wood a fine texture. Maple is less expensive than cherry or walnut but it can be finished with stains that come very close to simulating actual cherry. A heavy, strong wood, white and red oak are predominantly used in the creation of furniture. Oak has visible rings and large pores which really allow the grain to show through. Ash is a hard, heavy, ring porous wood whose grain resembles oak. Family owned and operated we ensure that all pieces are meticulously hand crafted without any particle board or veneers. Since the same piece is never crafted twice, our showroom inventory is always changing; but you are guaranteed to find inspiration every time you step inside. Each piece is built to last a lifetime, both with it’s style and construction.

We are constantly updating our inventory to reflect the modern and contemporary needs of a changing world. For that reason we offer a lifetime guarantee so the investment you make in your unique piece of furniture will always be protected. Whether you know what you’re looking for or not, our team can bring your vision to life through our broad group of craftsmen that can build to any style. We’ll ensure that your investment is delivered and installed with care.

We can alter and customize pieces to fit your style and the space in your home or office.

You caught exactly what we wanted in such a short time speaking with us and the craftsmanship is second to none. Your customer service has been exemplary and the men who delivered were so knowledgeable and gave us advice on care and maintenance.

I believe one of the drivers planed the top of the table and it was great to have the opportunity to thank him for such a beautiful job in person. They were shocked and thrilled to have our company name engraved.

We are all excited to have our first board meeting around this wonderful table.

Handcrafted in North America

Thank you so much for the accommodations that you provided on etching and delivery.

We love the etching and please pass the message on to the well-deserved artist. Our family farm meetings will continue with pride!

Mennonite solid wood furniture – quality you can see the moment you enter our showroom!

We bought a table for our dining room when we got married – no complaints.

We placed our order and left a deposit of rougly half the amount owing.

I demanded my money back and was told to call head office.

I have left messages at head office which have not been returned.

I can’t believe what a nightmare this has been. They might produce a nice produce but you’ll never receive it!

This is a terrible company – take your money elsewhere!

We truly regret this customers frustrating experience.

We were promised delivery in 10-12 weeks. At 16 weeks, we had not heard from the store. This began a serious of weekly phone calls and visits to the store only resulting in many broken promises. At 20 weeks we were assured the piece was finished and would be on the next delivery. It would be repaired and he would call me the next day to let me know exactly when it would arrive.

We were promised a check in the mail but refused it and prefered to remain there until they promised to have a check ready the next day for pickup. The next afternoon we picked up the check. Their furniture is expensive, and they show no respect or appreciation for customers and their hard earned money. There are a lot of good and worthy places out there, you don’t have to go through what we did.

I am extremely happy with the bedroom set and it will be in my family for generations to come. and the detail in the work they do is fantastic. The furniture is made to order so customers can select the type of wood and finish colour as well as the size of the custom furniture. The store also offers fabric and leather sofas.

I was clear about details and changed nothing in the meantime. Turns out they don’t have even vague ballpark prices on their site for a good reason–they’re just making up whatever outrageous figures they think they can get away with. Here’s the final story- the furniture arrived on time as expected. Also available, are n-store colour consultations, and at-home colour consultations for a fee. Price is on a higher side but you wont be disappointed as it comes with topnotch quality and lifetime warranty.

It was fantastic and well worth the cost. The quality and finish was excellent and the colour came out exactly as we had anticipated. The delivery guys were prompt, polite and efficient.

I would recommend this store to anyone interested in good furniture. This is as flexible as you can get without going for custom cabinetry. Not the cheapest around but given the quality and the ability to change the dimensions (at no additional cost) it is worth every dollar. Jesse, the store manager, is very knowledgeable and has a real focus on customer satisfaction. Would definitely recommend this shop to anyone who appreciates quality at good prices. Went with my sister to comparison shop a dining room set and not planning to buy just yet.