Rachel manages every aspect of the project from new construction and contractors to finishing touches like paint colors and light fixtures. There are so many options out there: go for pillar-box red accents, a palette of soothing greens or even a smart charcoal blackboard-paint feature wall, as seen here. Therefore a starting point for the majority of designs will be to work up a plan for a series of fitted cabinets and shelves, all ideally open (i. Needless to say, different dressing room designs will suit different people depending on their individual priorities. There are lots of little touches that can be incorporated into a dressing room to make it a pleasure to use, such as back-lighting for shelves, angled shelving for shoes and cubby-holes for handbags. Accessories can be a great away of introducing an element of fun and fantasy into a dressing room. Walls tend to be in cream or neutral tones such as pale grey or green, with wooden flooring or carpets in beige, camel or similar hues. A dressing room is an extremely personal place and so to be “perfect” it’s important to consider personal style and wardrobe needs to make sure the room really reflects your taste. Homeowners often choose neutral colours for dressing rooms as they do not often have a lot of light.

Deciding whether you are looking for just a functional room to store your clothes, or a dressing room with space to sit and try on everything you own will have a large impact on your choice. The lighting within a room is just as important as accessories and so is something to consider.

Ideas such as clear boxes to store shoes, choosing between freestanding or fixed mirrors, having a different mixture of shelves, drawers and open hanging spaces are all things to take into consideration. Creating a wardrobe design properly often involves making the proper use of shelf space and empty storage space. The fact that a closet stays open all the time can actually emphasize its good design and the fact that it looks so tidy. The most important ones, as expected, are the closets in our bedrooms, as they are usually larger than the others; and they serve to hide what we don’t want our guests to see. They take almost no time to install; and they can be enriched with many tasteful details (drawers, shelves, shoe corners, and modular dividers). Few trays, additional shelves, or boxes can store your shoes and your accessories; and could be decorated in the same manner as the ‘island’ is. You can always opt for a smaller reach-in corner, and some of the amazing minimalistic solutions. For instance, you can use eggshell wall finish against matte colors; or red elements incorporated in a black-and-white environment.

Small-space interior designers thought of an excellent solution, and they utilized space by ‘hiding’ closets behind doors and panels, or investing in height, rather than width.

But sometimes it’s nice to enjoy a plain and simple bedroom without having every outfit within view – this wardrobe includes curtains for just that reason. Recessed lighting illuminates the uppermost shelves and draw attention to the transition from a black background to a white one. Many types of wood are used to put together the wardrobe like mahogany with a rich dark sheen, sheesham & teak which are known for their durability and the luxury version in rosewood. And we cannot question that because wood is really a good organic material which is sturdy and beautiful.

Dressing wardrobe design

Modern Bedroom Wardrobes

This teenage hangout could work equally well for either gender, given the primary colours and modern, pared-back furniture. If the only space for hanging storage in a bedroom is right next to the bed, this ingenious design is ideal. Mirrors on either side of the walk-through reflect light and blend the edge of the wardrobe into the rest of the room, while of course helping the owner to get dressed in the morning. This double bedroom benefits from bespoke units, providing wardrobes, cupboards and bedside tables, all in a small footprint. A smooth hardwood floor can also feel very opulent, with a few thick rugs placed in those parts of the dressing room (i. For a fashion lover who wants a place where they can showcase a large designer collection, a dressing room with no frills and plenty of storage is probably the best bet. If there’s room, it’s also a good idea to add a small sofa or daybed where friends can relax and enjoy a sip of wine.

In addition, one shouldn’t overlook simple but useful dressing room accessories such as padded hangers that will protect clothes from wear. A more elaborate minimalist style will retain the same clean lines but be bolder in palette, often juxtaposing broad areas of contrasting colours against each other – for example, white shelving against a black background, or a vibrant feature wall paired with a more restrained floor colour. Also, depending on the size of the room, furniture such as a dressing table can add elegance to a space and mirrors are often a brilliant way to add light, creating a larger feel. Flooring should match the rooms adjoining the room and flow from the theme of the bedroom. If there is space, a mirror is an essential accessory for a dressing room to both see what you are wearing but also to create the illusion of a bigger room. Creativity is important in designing a dressing room, using design magazines, asking to see other homes with this sort of room, and using the homify ideas available are all ways to help think of new ideas.

Including accessories such as a chandelier may appear over the top in other rooms, but in a classic style dressing room this can be a fun and luxurious addition. Other people may have some space for clothes hangers, with stacks of shelves next to those spaces.

Every piece of furniture has its place in the house but the bedroom wardrobe is different from other because it allows you to find everything you want as soon as possible.

Closet rooms can be proper rooms; or half-hidden corners, and these closet room ideas can be a proof of this.

Don’t forget the charging station, since you’ll almost certainly spend a lot of time there, styling your hair; or exploring your mobile devices.

Don’t be misled by the sun shedding light towards your open closets, since sun can damage your clothing collection. Use tones similar to the ones of your bedroom, or contrasting shades for the containing elements.

They are affordable and they don’t take too much time to install; and they are a life-long investment which will liberate you from serious maintenance efforts.

Choosing the perfect hidden closet will be an interesting experience: you’ll have to find your favorite piece between casters, corner wardrobes, zipper-wardrobes made of fabric, or wardrobes with sliding doors.

The boxes in the first photo are worth a mention too: labels like “large things” and “medium things” is a cute touch. The wardrobes in the room play a major role in building the aura of the room and make it look awesome.

On the contrary, it can add a very modern and contemporary appeal to many rooms when done right.

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