Basements can also be configured to include large amounts of storage space along with finished living spaces such as multi-purpose rooms, additional bedrooms/baths and recreation rooms. From there, another ladder leads to the rooftop that adds another 90 square feet to the cabin—in good weather.

She added a walk-out basement that her parents can rent out or use for a live-in caretaker.

Styrofoam core that makes the vessels unsinkable, the modules are connected together to form a rigid pontoon platform using locks at the mooring place. After careful consideration and a historical evaluation of the building’s past lives, the team decided to recreate the original facade. They also incorporated trim that’s thicker and more prominent at the bottom, especially at the entry, for a more formidable look. The spacious landings have generous proportions for socializing, some with small windows and reading nooks. During construction, the team looked at grout samples for the fireplace for weeks, and in the end, made the decision to forego grout altogether.

Enrich was able to visually connect interior rooms to the apartment’s series of enclosed courtyards. Lloyd and his wife had moved out of their second-floor loft, but more bedrooms would be required to house full bands. A sort of wooden belt is then added to support the roof and keep everything from moving around. These units make great choices for glamping, or can serve as garden or backyard offices, or studio retreats. The narrowness of the house required the design to make effective yet frugal use of space; every inch was important.

Automatic, seasonally adjusted exterior shades on all windows significantly decrease the energy used for cooling.

Natural environmental setting

The lot is much narrower than most parcels so the house is built almost flush with the property line. I live on an adjacent 2 1/2 acre property and will meet you upon arrival to review the operation of all the systems inside and outside of the house. I am available to provide local knowledge fro dining, entertainment and outdoor activities. The 3 garage door openings are an outstanding feature that brings the outdoors right into the cabin along with cool breezes and the sounds of nature. He met us on arrival to show us around then checked daily to see from if we needed anything.

Head down the stairs from the addition and go through the hallway to pass a twin bed (sleeps 1) then into the original part of the cabin. Then head right into the new modern kitchen with everything you need – large fridge, oven/stove, dishwasher, and more!

Cabin design basement

Modern Cabin Retreats

Enjoy sitting at the dining table for four as you view out the sliding glass door onto the deck. Scott designed a walkout basement and an upper level that appears to be floating amid the many hemlock and birch trees that dot the property. Ipe, a sustainably harvested tropical hardwood, and much of the furniture throughout is made from bamboo or other earth-friendly materials.

Traditional cabin structures are often made from classic timber or log materials, allowing these homes to blend in with the more rustic and natural environmental setting. Traditional cabin structures are often made from classic timber or log materials, allowing these homes to blend in with the more rustic and natural environmental setting. Majestic scenery and sweeping vistas rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit while the altitude and panoramic views can be exhilarating. The cockpit holds the bed area, and hidden at the other end behind a rotating, curved door is a bathroom with a sink and a dry toilet. Caesarstone countertops with a frosted-glass backsplash, and a generously sized breakfast bar. Lois revels in her high-desert dwelling, making prints in her studio and taking in the ever-changing light. Jones, one of the most important objectives in his work is to convey a “sense of place,” which is so critical in defining a city’s identity.

For the recreated turnings, the team favored more substantial “shaft-like” columns made from 6x6s, instead of 4x4s.

The open kitchen anchors the third-floor social space, abutting the family room and sun room. Europe,” they are designing individualized solutions for clients to be fabricated in their favorite carpentry shop.

In front, the first floor was partially cut away to pour sunlight into the basement—now a bar. The dark black a’a, which has a highly porous and knife-sharp surface, resembles a demented oversize gravel driveway.

Steely incorporated a warm wood ceiling and added to the 2,800-square-foot footprint another 1,000 square feet of lanais, or porches.

Its egg-like shape is designed to facilitate the collection of rainwater and minimize thermal loss.

The name “rimrock” refers to this type of geological occurrence, with a sheer rock wall at the upper edge of a plateau or canyon. Japanese-inspired details of the original building, while brightening and expanding the interior living spaces.

Oregon oak trees that populate the valley, two cantilevered roof structures interlock at the point of arrival to the tasting room. Showing you the location of firewood, charcoal for the grills safety and emergency procedures.

Outdoor campfires must be covered at the end of your evening with the provided cover to assure the fire is extinguished before retiring for the evening. The landscape lighting that is scattered around the grounds was another of our favorite features.

The minimum being 2 1/2 acres and one of the largest adjoining this 10 acres at 210 pristine acres.

Pass by the master bedroom through the hallway and you will see a laundry room with a brand new (in 2016) washer and dryer. Feel as if you’re the only people around as you get cozy in all of the natural sunlight the cabin provides.

The over-sized hot tub seats 12 people or relax around the fire-pit at night and get a view of the bright shining stars!

The couple even got a little cheeky in their decor, adding an antler chandelier with modern glass cylinders instead of candlesticks, and antler lamps that grace the bedside tables.

In all, the homeowners, who make it up to the cabin two to three times a month, love everything about their rustic-meets-contemporary retreat.