The idea is based on homeowners’ preference, but one of the most eye-catching and distinguishly different is the rustic kitchen decorating ideas. Rustic themed kitchen is a beautiful combination of country cottage and farmhouse decoration.

Modern Rustic Kitchen Decor Furniture

The mixture of those inspirations gives birth to unique new colors, textures and forms. The cabinets are displayed in faded blue-ish grey and navy blue colors. The colors mix well with the wooden planks flooring, ceiling and countertops. Also, white color on the backsplash and the countertop balance out the rustic brown color of the cabinets.

The clean white backsplash, countertop and island cabinet are perfect combination to bring out the warm country cottage feeling to the area. It has lighter color, so owners can balance out its natural vibrant color with darker countertop like black granite. The island can be used for washing or cutting meals ingredients. The dark-brown shade of the island matches the cabinets, the flooring and the trims on the ceiling. The modern lighting pendants hanging above the island create a modern, industrial rustic atmosphere. White is the only way homeowners can obtain an open space feeling while maintaining the rustic atmosphere in the kitchen.

The natural wood color on the chair, flooring and backsplash balance the brightness of the white. Simplicity works like a charm in a smaller kitchen space. This rustic kitchen décor allows homeowners to have extra storage while also displaying necessities elegantly on each wooden plank. In addition, white background emphasizes the rustic vibes amazingly. By using white, the rustic vibe from the pine wood is emphasized properly. The industrial lighting fixture style above the island blends really well with the . The flooring and the ceiling use the same wood panels too, which brings out the rustic atmosphere. Combined with a bold red cabinet below the white countertop, this kitchen is filled with strong farmhouse feeling. As you walk in to the space, the high, wood planks ceiling catches your attention. The light caramel color appears brightly against the black countertop. This idea is different because it uses stone tiles instead. The unique tiles are combined with rustic cabinets which paint is chipping, creating a time-worn look. This rustic themed kitchen offers a bold statement. Every inch of the space is covered with dark brown shade. Those distinguished solid wooden planks on the ceiling add more uniqueness to the theme.

You may not use the old, rustic, paint-chipping cabinets, but you can add more rustic value on the cabinets’ countertops. The polished pine wood looks incredible sitting on the top of the light green shade cabinets. The rustic style is applied on to the cabinet countertops. Combined with majestic white color, the kitchen has calm and relaxing feelings. As you walk in, you can feel the openness. Then, you notice the light-brown shade of the cabinets and the flooring. The rustic style is even emphasized by the ambiance from the lighting fixtures mounted on the upper cabinets. They assume rustic themed kitchen can only be perfect with bare wood planks. Installing white cabinets is a great way to feel luxurious while still maintaining rustic atmosphere through the exposed bricks backsplash and wood planks chimney.

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Modern Kitchen Decor Homely Elements Include Rustic Décor

This one strengthens that element by using maple wood planks all over the place: the flooring, ceilings, dinner and the walls. If pine has a dark caramel color, cherry has more vibrant color which makes great rustic cabinets. Due to the size of the cabinet and the rustic style it offers, it appears to be the central attention of the area. Mounting a wooden cabinet which has glass doors on top of a white cabinet with polished wood countertop makes you feel the later atmosphere. Sometimes, going simple is the best answer. The warm caramel color looks perfect with the flooring. It vibrates a natural feeling throughout the kitchen area. The sterile lines, the impersonal minimalism, the overabundance of white?

If you are looking for a different kind of kitchen, try a rustic kitchen. Rustic kitchens are about as far from modern styling as you can get, but every bit as beautiful and practical. They’re meant to feel retro in just the right way, not space age but warm and homey. Some kitchens done in this style can seem like an old farmhouse kitchen, but a rustic kitchen can also have a more modern and industrial look to it. The primary thing is that it needs to remind you of hearth and home, a place of comfort and warmth that has that industrial modern edge. Brick, wood, concrete, stone and even exposed ductwork are important focuses of rustic kitchen décor. Use metallic chairs, countertops, and appliance finishes. Rustic kitchen islands with metal countertops are a great use of metal. Walls should be painted a neural color if you don’t want to have them be exposed brick, wood, or concrete. White, off-white, or gray are excellent wall colors for a modern rustic kitchen.

You want the industrial textures of metal and wood to be the main visual draw.

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The rustic kitchen might be cozy and homey, but it’s not soft. The colors and patterns of the fabric should be simple and neutral. Clean woven fabrics like linen re a good choice. Dark or metallic fabric is the best choice for upholstery. If you want to use something other than fabric for upholstery, look for leather in neutral, naturalistic colors.

You want to go dramatic and industrial with rustic kitchen lighting.

You want nice, pleasant warm lighting hues. This will lend warmth to the metal surface and exposed brick, which can otherwise seem cold and unwelcoming. Natural light is also always appreciated from a psychological standpoint, making people more cheerful. Allowing some natural light in will draw people into the kitchen more often. Look for furniture inspired by old lab and farm equipment.

You can find plenty of cheaper options in junk or flea markets, however, if budget is a concern.

You don’t want anything that seem to sleek or too traditional. Rosewood and mahogany have beautiful patterns and intriguing dark streaks. Cherry, gum, and elm all have lovely red hues that help the space feel warm. A farmhouse sink will help capture the rustic look you are looking for with your kitchen. They are excellent for practical purposes to; their size can be a great help for both food preparation and clean up.

They provide extra workspace and can serve as kitchen table or breakfast bar. Kitchen islands help turn the space into a place people enjoy gathering together. The extra seating is much appreciated if you entertain often.

You don’t want anything too smooth, polished or classical, like granite or marble. Instead, rustic kitchen islands should have metallic or rough-hewn stone tops.

You should do the same for your kitchen counters. Find out if the materials will hold up under years of use and if they will stain. Some materials may need to be cleaned up routinely or need other kinds of care. Wooden or industrial metallic styled chairs complete the look and usefulness. Make sure to leave enough room at the island for it to be used as both a food prep surface and a table. Reclaimed wood is an especially great material for modern rustic kitchen tables, as it captures both the warmth and industrial feel. Metal is a nice addition, too, whether as an accent or as the table’s primary material. Rustic kitchen table sets, benches, or even simple small pieces can work perfectly if chosen with care.

Adding some warm hued finishes to light wood can turn tables and chairs that seem too light and airy into the perfect fit. Tile is always a good choice, though make sure it fits with modern rustic kitchen décor. Exposed brick is perfect if you can afford to install (or expose) it. It is tough, easy to clean, and looks perfect in ay rustic kitchen, whether it is done up in an industrial or countryside style.

You want to use earthy colors and natural wood. Avoid any wall decor that is too kitschy or cute, as it will turn your rustic kitchen into something belonging to your grandma. Modern appliances are more environmentally friendly and energy efficient. These appliances are often brightly colored, usually white, shiny black, or stainless steel. Surround them with rustic kitchen cabinets and counters. If the rest of the kitchen is styled right, even large appliances like your fridge will not stand out too much. For countertop appliances, look for ones in muted colors.

You can also easily find newer appliances with an appreciably retro look in many appliance stores. Avoid anything to sleek, shiny, and modern. This are generally more energy efficient, safer, cheaper, and have a lot more useful functions. If you find any of those older pieces in antique stores or flea markets, they might look good as rustic kitchen décor and display pieces. Linoleum is cheaper, easier to clean, easier to install, and easier to maintain. Tile does not generally fit as rustic kitchen flooring. Changing flooring is often an expensive hassle. It does not have to be a large fireplace, either, so don’t feel like you need to completely cover a wall.

Modern Rustic Home Decor

A pleasant practical touch is the addition of a pizza oven that can be used like a fireplace. This not only looks very industrial and old-fashioned, but can also open a room that feels small and tight. They add a nice sense of texture to the overall space and some smart paint or finishing choices can make it even more visually interesting.

You should also pick any mats or rugs that fit your color palette and fabric choices. Bold modernistic colors can be jarring and should be avoided. A nice rustic kitchen shelf is not only practical but can hold family pictures or other items. Also be sure ti is placed where people will not run into them when they stand up from a seat. Candle holders help make the kitchen seem warm. Small sculptures can add a bit of personality. Picture frames should be natural wood or coolly finished metal. Its natural warmth makes your kitchen into a place people want to be. The rough edge of the style makes it perfect for almost any budget. If the cabinets or walls are painted, then they will usually be white or a light earth tone. For instance, light blues and greens are popular choices due to their earthiness. Some rustic-style homes may also use wide wood planks to cover the ceiling or the walls to create the aesthetic. Stones tiles may also be used as flooring, but stones can be used to construct a hearth around the stove, or a pizza oven made from stones may be in some kitchens. Most countertops are usually made from stone as well, such as granite, quartz, or soapstone. And when it comes to creating this cozy look in the heart of the home, there’s no shortage of kitchen decorating ideas, from weathered wood beams and painted cabinets to rugged stone floors and farm tables. This classic style brings a casual and inviting feel to any home, whether in the city or countryside, and looks equally chic in both small spaces and large homes. Discover kitchen ideas that are sure to add rustic beauty to your space and inspire your next renovation. The kitchen’s modern appliances and zinc-and-marble countertops contrast with the barn’s original wood beams, posts, and flooring. A muted color scheme is used in the kitchen, where wood finishes dominate. The concrete floors are embedded with chips of mirror, mother-of-pearl, abalone shell, and sea glass. The spacious kitchen is at one end of a vaulted pavilion flanked by covered porches with sliding-glass doors. The room is heated geothermally, with water from a nearby hot spring piped under the adobe floor tiles. When blended just right, the result is a sophisticated kitchen that's also warm and inviting.

However, a winning palette seen in many spaces combines white, black and natural wood tones. Treating the mint green island to a distressed faux finish adds to this kitchen's relaxed yet stylish vibe. This glimpse shows off the wood wrapped range hood. There's also a coffee station with everything needed to get brewing. Another brilliant idea worth stealing from this house is the barn-inspired pantry door (on the right). Here, the decorative accents help to carry the weight of the countertop. The cooking space features contemporary two-toned cabinetry and mismatched dining chairs. Another key ingredient for achieving the modern farmhouse look is the ceramic apron-front kitchen. Black cabinetry flatters the white subway tile. Rustic wood shelves provide extra storage space. Red metal counter stools add some colorful spice. The eating counter was countrified using peel and stick wood planks.

Rustic Kitchen Design

Notice the industrial-inspired pendants lights?

To freshen things up she painted it all white. Afterward, she added wood shelves and installed custom cabinets.

We bring a unique a unique skill set, architectural and construction knowledge to every project. In an effort to update and modernize the home, we incorporated blued steel exteriors with welded steel frames surrounding doors, drawers and glass centered panels. While preserving the original layout and function, a completely new aesthetic was achieved. Get truly inspired by these 42 stylish kitchen ideas. A sculptural bar helps guests transition from the kitchen to the living room. Here, vintage copper and cast-iron pots are functional and double as decorative elements. The pinstripe pattern of the chair cushions in the kitchen's communal dining area echoes the detailing on the light fixtures and shades, lending energy to this clean-lined space. The island is also custom and has a marble counter. When smartly selected and properly placed, modern rustic decor fashions breezy spaces that enhance today's lifestyles while establishing charming looks sure to endure for ages to come. Here's a look at how you can use weathered and refined furnishings, fixtures, and finishes to create modern rustic spaces. A statuesque trough sink crafted of honed marble sits atop a wood base, while the same type of marble appears as tidily aligned tiles in the shower and behind the tub. The bathtub is copper, and its shape feels very today, while the wood floor sports a natural finish that highlights imperfections and grain pattern. In this eating area, beamed ceilings sound a rustic note echoed by a handsome farm table and a noteworthy wide-plank floor. A fashion-forward light fixture provides a progressive profile in tune with the style of curvaceous white chairs and an abstract painting that adds understated color and pattern to the mix. A streamlined hearth sits at eye level so the warmth can be enjoyed by everyone at the table. The light fixture's bright white shade in a modern shape stands out against the rustic finishes. Vaulted ceilings outfitted with reclaimed wood beams heighten interest, while also making way for tall modern windows.

Round mirrors and a circular chandelier soften the room's harder wood surfaces, including a timber mantel that ties to the ceiling beams and echoes the window details. Orange furnishings and art pieces on the mantel introduce a punch of vibrant color. Teal paint on the door and white and black paint on the fireplace update the classic structures. The colorful finishes convert the functional features into focal points that further the room's color scheme and complement natural wood floors, sleek metal furnishings, and a stone-top table. Here, gray-washed beams, exposed rafters, and wood-clad ceilings and walls supply an airy (but still rustic) framework that showcases posh fabrics and glitzy accessories. A capiz-shell chandelier surprises and delights, while casting a glow across a table dressed in a vintage cloth. A velvet-clad bench provides a plush counterweight to chairs wearing informal linen slipcovers, while staying in tune with a traditionally upholstered bench on the opposite side of the table.

Stained concrete countertops and old-fashioned bin pulls keep these base cabinets from feeling too contemporary. An aqua blue finish does the same for the range and range hood, which combine with green cabinets to give the kitchen an unfitted look and collected character. Sheer bed curtains, a striped headboard, patterned pillows, and a formal chaise give the rustic bedroom flair. A cowhide rug, hay rake, and ladder-like structure by the windows supply barnyard character in an understated manner. The beams seem to float across the room's upper reaches, while pairs of pendants provide both ambient and task lighting in interesting ways. Contemporary barstools, a pendant wearing a classic drum shade, and wicker chairs at the table bring city-chic silhouettes to a kitchen that offers a fresh take on farmhouse style. This monochromatic bathroom impresses with a backsplash that employs barn boards instead of tile. The medium gray backsplash gives way to a charcoal-color countertop that caps a sleek floating vanity rendered in pearly gray lacquer. Attend to the details, mixing in accessories from different periods. Note how the contemporary sconces and textural baskets work together to reinforce this bath's modern-rustic leanings. These stunning kitchens are proof that no matter where you live, you can totally pull off a rustic kitchen. There's a whole lot of wood going on, but when you really want to get rustic—go big or go home. The black pulls stand out against white cabinets, adding a modern touch. The shelves and countertops are made of galvanized metal and the cabinetry is made from old fencing. French doors make sure light can shine in. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about rustic modern decor ?

The most common rustic modern decor material is cotton. Copper cookware is both decorative and functional, not to mention beautifully rustic with its tendency to develop a rich patina. The furnishings are kept minimal (with angled mid-century modern legs) for a modern yet comfy look. But it's modern touches like open shelving and concrete flooring that elevates this kitchen into the present day.

Modern Kitchen Decor Homely Elements Include Rustic Décor