Accessorise with a chunky knit cushion and throw. Choose handmade pottery, candlesticks in distressed wood, metal lamps and linen napkins to add character.

A chunky rug gives warmth underfoot on a wooden floor. For an informal display, hang vintage frames to showcase prints or cards. Collection of frames from a selection of second-hand shops. Prop pictures on top of a dresser for a casual look, or hang a matching pair side by side.

But with a in the middle of the woods or not, you can achieve a similar look, even in the heart of the city, if you know the simple keys to modern rustic décor. Ready to give your space the look and feel of a relaxing weekend mountain escape ?

If the architectural style of your space is very rustic, keep the furniture and accessories simple to avoid overwhelming the space. The wood accents and shag rug give it a slight rustic edge. When in doubt, cozy lounge chairs by a window will always evoke weekend retreat vibes. In the summer, place a leafy plant in the fireplace to make it seasonal.

The wood beams, tall bookcases, and rustic side tables make the space feel extra cozy and layered. The more traditionally rustic elements like the wood beam ceiling and clawfoot tub are kept fresh and modern with an all-white palette. A few black accents give the space depth. Thinner planks will give the space a less traditional look. Finish it off with breezy linen bedding in white or oatmeal tones and keep the furniture simple. Barn-light pendants hang above the dining table, which is outfitted with midcentury-style chairs. A wood and white color palette with red accents makes the space feel fresh and light. The large plank floors are sanded in a matte, light finish to give the space an airy feel. Simple, modern furniture and lighting anchor the room—and a single yellow accent chair makes the space pop. Plus, it needs to incorporate your love of reclaimed timber, salvaged building materials and secondhand finds. Decorating a home in modern rustic style is a growing trend and pinterest is filled with boards overflowing with ideas for modern rustic decor, but where would you start?

These materials form the main element of modern rustic style and you'll need to keep a sharp eye on what's on offer in your local classifieds or online auction sales. Whitewashing or staining wood floors adds a rustic patina to modern floors. Modern rustic style replaces dark wood with natural beams that lift up a ceiling and offer detail, texture and interest to living spaces. Reclaimed wood is the first and easiest thing you can do to add a touch of modern rustic to any room in a home. Raw timber tree trunks add impact to this living space, adding a modern rustic appeal with little effort or expense. Even on a limited budget you can shop around for sources of reclaimed timber that won't cost a fortune. Wood pallets, salvaged fencing and flooring, you will find this at online classifieds and auction sales at reasonable cost. Pine logs and reclaimed wood furniture are an inexpensive way to add modern rustic style. Modern rustic doesn't mean that you can't have a modern dining suite. The trick is to incorporate modern and rustic decor so that they work beautifully together. Create a conversation piece by using old fixtures and modern furniture in new ways. Reclaimed bricks or cobbles provide an authentic touch to modern rustic decor, adding historic charm that looks aged and worn. This style revels in earthy colours and rich textures; in natural materials such as wood and stone; and the ruggedly handsome bones of a building.

Two Examples Of Industrial Modern Rustic Interior Design

It is beautifully illustrated and a lovely read too. This book gave me a few ideas to use on future projects around my home and garden. Combining rustic furniture and accents with industrial ideas results in an interesting contrast; where concrete backdrops and reclaimed metal intermingle with warm wood tones and natural rattan. We’ve selected two solid examples of this here. The other home is steeped with tradition, abundant in decorative pieces crafted specifically for the space, but juxtaposed by concrete and modern styling. See how to adjust the balance of industrial and rustic to achieve a different twist on the same trend. From this birdseye view the scheme appears almost soft despite the solid concrete floor. Peeping out from beneath the sofa in the room , an area rug lays at an interesting angle that invites you to come in and sit down, then leads you back out over to the dining suite. Metal shelves create a tall bookcase up a wall adjacent to the lounge. An industrial dining suite is made up of a distressed wooden trestle table with a flaking painted finish and a set of six matching stools. A rustic kitchen complete with exposed ducting forms a backdrop to the rustic dining room. The table centrepiece is a concrete planter with a metal surround, teamed with a light modern paper shade table lamp. A distressed table also acts as a simple side console in the dining area, where a swing arm wall lamp is located as a picture light over a piece of art. The kitchen island is another weathered looking piece. A metal chair with plenty of patina sits at one end. Surface mounted electrical wiring runs down the rustic textured walls, on which areas of paintwork has cracked and crumbled away. A rustic wood-burning stove glows brightly in the stark hollow space. Suspended above the rough ensemble is a crisp geometric modern chandelier. It draws the eye up and over to a mezzanine level that holds the bedroom and bathroom.

Architecture Style and Design

The bedroom decor is a slight change of pace, with warm natural rattan basket weave dominating the scheme. Three storage baskets mark the foot of the bed. Two rattan bedroom pendant lights illuminate the bedside, which is a trestle stool just big enough to hold a teapot and cup. The contemporary looking outer form is half of a simplified model of a hut. A second home stands separately in mirror image to complete the symmetrical silhouette. A menagerie of natural woven ceiling pendants greet us upon entering this living space. Bare wooden beams span the upper volume whilst intricate textiles adorn the couch cushions below. Thick chopped tree logs act as coffee tables and end tables, and fur rugs define the zoning of the open plan room. High gloss white floors make this a much cleaner looking rustic space than the previous home. An industrial vibe is introduced via a concrete wall treatment. The undulating shape of this live edge desk is a sweet rustic touch.

Upon opening up the red corner you find an entirely different type of towel, rolled and stacked in a bathroom. Behind the rustic barn door a modern white bathtub contrasts with a wooden bathroom feature wall and concrete. Above the rustic trestle table a geometric chandelier pulls the scheme back into modern realms. The rustic rattan dining chairs directly resemble the shape of fruit baskets. Exposed kitchen shelving allows fresh white crockery to add a visual lift to the chunky wooden . An aluminium backsplash adds industrial flair.

A single wooden stair adds a rustic stripe to a smooth white ascent. Upstairs, the rustic decor of the bedroom is freshened by bright white flowing voiles. The matte black textured facade of the squat build blends quietly with the surrounding landscape. It’s a style that emphasizes natural materials, organic shapes, and the art of repurposing. The owners of these gorgeous rustic homes have used a wide variety of decorative elements ranging from log-treaded stairs, rough-hewn timber walls, peaked natural wood ceilings and beams and paneling made from recycled wood. The window treatment pulls in the color of the stone and cabinets. The perfect place to have coffee in the morning. A spacious and modern rustic living room with elegant details. The white cabinets and light wood floor ad brightness to this rustic kitchen.

I wouldn’t recommend having so many cabinets with glass doors unless everything coordinates well. It can quickly make a kitchen look cluttered. This modern rustic bedroom is elegant and minimalistic with a few feminine touches. The rustic side tables, faux fur chair, carpet, area rug and bedding all combine to add interest with texture.

I love this spectacular dining room with a pristine view. A very subtle use of color, pattern, and texture combine to create a warm and inviting space. This entranceway combines modern, rustic and southwestern elements effortlessly. A rustic, yet elegant bathroom with an amazing view. An interesting and unique rustic kitchen incorporating southwestern texture and color. Forget sleek lines and immaculate finishes, this interior style revels in earthy colors and rich textures; in natural materials and the ruggedly handsome bones of a building. Gone are the days when rustic style meant beds made from logs, antlers above a stone fireplace and acres of tartan. Tips on how to find a professional or how to do it yourself. The homes feel both timeless and current, with a boho edge and cozy feel. If you are looking for pristine and matchy matchy, this book is not for you.

I find myself flipping through the pages for inspiration frequently. Combination of modern, rustic, eclectic and a hint of wabi sabi thrown in. She has an excellent sense of space and composition, using her unique flair to artistically work a room. This large old forged iron pot rack would be fantastic over a very big kitchen island!

Guylain ended up purchasing a huge parcel of land, mostly for development, but set this site aside for his family. The contrast is in keeping with the rest of the home’s decor. This theme is readily apparent in the choice of colourful furniture. Summer or winter, the wall of windows provides a majestic view of the surrounding natural environment, producing a wonderfully cosy fireplace refuge. The raw structure can have either natural stone, brick or wood features that help create character.

Modern rustic style ideas

These features add texture, warmth and bring nature into the interior. If you are building new construction, expose your beams, use reclaimed wood on door ways, use barn doors for functioning doors or include a stone fireplace. Don’t forget your fifth wall and add wood beams or shiplap to those for added interest. If you want to make certain wood species in your room a focal point, you can white-wash materials around the exposed wood to serve as a back drop (like below). Nestle in the sun soaked veranda or unwind in the spa-like master bath; this home has it all. Large covered terraces and arbors were used to extend the interior living spaces out onto the site. Steel was used on the arbors and fences and left to rust. Read on to learn how to get the look in your home with these five key elements of the modern rustic style. This goes for building a color palette as well. This will help you start to build a calm and cozy space, with a distinctly rustic style. Opt for organic patterns, like hand-dyed shibori or ikat, to keep the look feeling rustic. Skip things like chevron, polka-dots, or any pattern that feels too perfect. Again, gather inspiration from the natural world and opt for a mix of organic textures to bring the rustic element to life.

We love layering a cowhide over a patterned rug, or hanging a woven macrame tapestry over a velvet sofa. Look for worn leathers, unfinished woods, or anything with a vintage look and feel. Not only will these weathered materials bring extra texture you your space, they will give it that tactile, touch-able quality that make rustic interiors so inviting. Don’t be afraid to bring in influences from the natural world as well. Adopt a mid-century modernist’s taste for organic shapes, furniture formed to hug the body, and warm earthy colors. The addition of something like a mid-century tripod lamp, a curvaceous womb chair, or a carved wood coffee table will help give your rustic space a fresh and retro edge. Ensure your home is the perfect place to snuggle up by adding plush textures, piles of pillows, and layering in chunky knit blankets. Most of the people today would prefer going for a more modern or contemporary look.

We personally love the modern feel too but then why do we combine the two?

The key to a modern rustic space is to have modern furniture but the rustic feel through the exposed natural architectural elements. It should be an informal elegance at its best. Incase you are looking at renovating an old home, preserve the character and original architectural details. Flaunt that stone wall and go ahead with the wood covering ceiling or the wood planks running across your rooms giving the perfect exposed beam look to your room.

A common choice for this style are simple fabrics without too much print or drama. So keep your furniture neutral and your linens simple to go as natural as you can.

You can also use so many rustic items to complement the space. Linen throw pillows, sisal, jute etc are a good option for the natural appeal. Cowhides are most commonly used in this style but you could also opt for the sheepskin to make the room look rather cozy. Furniture wise, mid-century pieces are so apt for this style along with adorned leather and wood. The real beauty lies in keeping it as modern as possible yet making it look rustic. Brightly coloured and wallpapered walls just do not belong in a modern rustic style. To live up to this style keep your walls white, tones of grey, blues etc or cover them in natural materials like wood or stones. Make your room look more appealing by adorning it with the right overhead decor. This will definitely add more awe and beauty to the space.

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