Gardening The Lone Girl In A Crowd

Gardening Lone Gir
Walter Sobchak Gnome isn’t happy whenever one is over the line.

You think that garden gnomes were supposed to be rather docile and pleasant. However, Walter Sobchak in The Big Lebowski was anything but. So I think it’s ironic that there’s a garden gnome of him. Expect him to pull out his gun and rant about his time in Nam.
It seems that purple macdaddy gnome seems to make it his business with all his garden hos.

Of course, this gnome is off to the beach in his green mankini.

This hippie gnome really gets into his tie dye, man.
Not sure if the cone hat goes with the tie dye. But with the glasses and his beard, I’m sure he’d fit in at any music festival quite nicely. Still, I’d stay out of the 1969 Woodstock festival if I were him.
In Florida, this gnome always knows that the beach with the lawn flamingos is where it’s at.
Of course, I’m sure if this gnome were a regular sized guy, he’d just blend in. Well, if he lost the cone hat. Still, embodies a lot about what people say about Florida which is a silly place.