A popular way to hide your table when it’s not in use is to create a fold down table from your wall. These designs give you the extra stability of a flat surface, but don’t take up any extra space. However, once they’ve outgrown their crib you’ll find that they need more furniture besides their bed. The flat tops are a good place to display photos or added décor pieces, such as small statues or plants. Under the stairs is always a great place to hide stuff, but it’s easy for that space to turn into a black hole if it’s just an open area.

Allison helped me over and over again while planning and making decisions – and suggested ways to stay within budget while still filling my needs. Your living room is a little bit more delicate than a hallway therefore the stairs from this area are either very stylish and any rough modification will ruin the overall look either made from materials that stand out, and as before any major modification to them or the space around them will ruin the whole thing.

Now that we started this topic we are aware of the unused space under the stairs, so why not build cabinets with doors, locks and handles over there?

Stair design extra

Multifunctional Furniture For Small Spaces

Do not get me wrong on this, we are not reinventing the wheel here, we are just finding new ways and places for it.

The most recognizable futon design features a basic metal frame with a cheap thin mattress pad. Unlike a typical sectional, you can move the extra sections as needed for different seating arrangements.

When not in use, this table folds up to lay flat against the wall and act as an art piece.

You may want a bookshelf to hold your book collection, but you’d rather have more seating. The cabinets and drawers create storage space, while the stair step design provides a necessary means of access to their lofts.

At a first glance, multifunctional furniture may seem like it should be kept to a college apartment. America chestnut and the floors are quarter sawn hi fleck oak so the challenge was to showcase both but not have them overwhelm the room . Depending on what type of situation you are facing and what décor or architecture that space under your stairs from the hallway can be used to expand your décor or as storage area. If your answer is “yes” then you did o very good job maximizing your space, if the answer is “no” –why not?

I saw something like this in a tailoring workshop, where because of the tight space the owner mounted drawers under the access stairs where they kept both fabrics and threads.

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