Once you know which items can be used, however, the actual cleaning process is quite simple and requires very few tools. Solid cherry can be quite attractive, fitting into many different styles of homes and offices, but solid cherry usually comes with a high price tag.

Natural Cherry Furniture Furniture

If properly cleaned, well-built solid cherry can last for decades. Dilute ¼ cup of oil soap in 1 gallon of distilled water. Dilute the oil soap in a large bucket, and transfer the remaining mixture to closable containers so that you can use the product later. Used 2-liter bottles work well for storing the oil soap mixture.

Never pour the oil soap mixture directly onto any wood surface as this may cause your wood furniture to absorb water and swell, which can sometimes cause damage to the structure of the furniture. Slowly rub the oil soap mixture into the furniture, working in circles going with the grain of the wood. Wipe off any excess moisture with a clean, dry cloth if necessary. If the item was in bad shape or had not been cleaned in a long time, you may want to go over the table again. Use the same process as the first time, always making sure to not leave excess moisture on the furniture. Do not use an excessive amount of iodine; the cotton swab should not be dripping with iodine when you use it to hide scratches.

Pre-mix the iodine and denatured alcohol in a small container or disposable plastic cup in equal parts. As with light colored furniture, do not apply an excessive amount of the iodine and denatured alcohol mixture, and avoid getting the mixture on parts of the table that are not scratched. Too bad most people have become too accustomed to instant gratification. Is it the tree that actually produces cherries. Each customer that walks through our door receives the service that directly meets their needs.

You will never feel pressured to make a purchase that doesn't meet your needs. Be confident that you can purchase as little, or as much as you like, within your budget and time frame.

We specialize in custom orders so we can help you create an individual look suited to you and your family's needs. Purchases of clearance furniture are not processed directly through this site. This furniture does not meet our high rental standards. The lowest price on very serviceable furniture!

With the right products and services, we ensure you get great furniture fast, easily, and affordably. Contemporary wood finish offers a visually appealing alternative to traditional file systems. Concealed storage provides a contemporary, professional finish to your workspace. It also includes a drawer and file drawer to give you that little extra space you need everyday. The durable thermally fused laminate surface fends off scratches and stains while providing room to spread out. Rugged edge banding and thick end panels resist damage as sturdy feet with adjustable levelers ensure stability. This affordable commercial office furniture boasts quality craftsmanship, user-friendly features and 7 stylish finishes to blend seamlessly in any environment. Multiple layout options meet the needs of numerous workspaces, from the private or home office to reception areas and conference rooms. Many people find it surprising that the cherry species actually finishes in a light, golden hue, often having beautiful flame patterns that occur in the hardwood’s grain. He lets the patterns’ curvilinear repetition direct him in shaping each slab of wood. But if natural cherry furniture offers such a lovely finish, why is it mostly unknown to consumers and invisible in the marketplace?

Many manufacturers stain their furnishings, made from any number of wood species or wood-like material, a color they call “cherry”. Wade says, which can range from the bare color of weak sunshine to a warmer hue reminiscent of shafts of wheat to a bold yellow the color of golden rays of sun.

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Natural Cherry

I entered a juried arts competition, it was with a cherry console table,” he says. On the tabletop’s surface, cherry-wood flames dance from end to end. Wade’s finishing techniques brought out the wood’s subtle coloration and put the cherry’s natural artistry on display. Continuous edge banding protects against nicks and dings from collisions, and the thermally fused laminate finish resists stains and scratches throughout years of everyday meetings. The solid panel base provides strength and stability, and levelers on each long foot adjust for uneven floors. Measuring 83 inches wide by 36 inches deep by 30 inches high, the table accommodates six people comfortably with room for laptops, papers, and those all-important cups of coffee. Assembly is required, and instructions and a toll-free customer help line are included. Cherry is renowned among woodworkers and furniture aficionados for its color and aging process. It starts out a light pink and darkens over time to a rich reddish hue with a lustrous patina.

You may be surprised to learn that natural cherry wood changes colors over time and that the color can vary greatly between trees and even among different boards from the same tree. While many types of wood can darken over time, this process can be very distinct when dealing with cherry wood. It starts out a light golden/pink tone and darkens to a rich, reddish-brown color as it is exposed to light. This darkening or “ripening” process is most apparent within the first six months of light exposure and it may continue for several years before reaching that beautiful, reddish brown hue that cherry wood is known for.

You can accelerate the aging process by exposing the wood to as much natural light as possible. Both processes cause chemical changes in the molecules of the wood that affects how light reflects off the surface. Most of the highest grade cherry is used for this purpose. It’s also common in kitchen accessories like bowls, wood spoons, and cutting boards. Cherry wood has a smooth, closed grain pattern, much like that of maple wood. As with any natural product, we expect and embrace unique characteristics in the wood grain.

Natural Cherry Wood Furniture

A single cherry wood board can have several contrasting grain patterns depending on the growth of the tree. The lighter grain was closer to the tree’s bark (sapwood) and the darker grain was closer to the tree’s center (heartwood). When choosing boards for your furniture, our craftsmen typically focus on the darker heartwood, although occasionally there will be some sapwood. Our craftsmen will take the time to select and join boards that have the best available color and grain match. Because cherry wood is milled from the deciduous prunus serotina , it is indeed considered a hardwood. In contrast, wood milled from coniferous trees are considered softwood. Contrary to popular belief, the classification of a wood as a hardwood or softwood has nothing to do with the woods’ density or resistance to scratches and dents. These dime-sized berries grow in clusters on the branches of mature cherry trees and are quickly gobbled up by birds and other animals once ripe. It’s from sustainably managed forests in these areas that our craftsmen source their lumber. In the most ideal growing conditions, prunus serotina can grow up to 100 feet tall and 4 feet in diameter. However, most mature cherry trees stand 50-80 ft tall and 2-4 ft in diameter.

They may reach full height in as little at 15-20 years and can continue growing for upwards of 250 years. Distinguishing wood species based on their appearance is tricky, especially if there has been a stained wood finish applied to the furniture. Many woods share similar grain patterns, and the color of wood changes over time. The best way to figure out what type of wood your furniture is made from is to contact the craftsman who made it and ask. Wood furniture of any kind will deteriorate with the outdoor elements over time, regardless of the wood finish used as a coating.

We don’t recommend putting your cherry furniture outside.

Alternatively, check out our recycled plastic outdoor furniture , which we guarantee for life (and then some). The relative proximity of these cherry forests translates to a smaller carbon footprint due to shorter transportation routes from forest to mill to craftsman. Real cherry wood naturally develops mineral deposits– small black flecks in the grain of the wood where sap was once stored. Mineral deposits (sometimes called pitch pockets) are natural and randomly occurring and add character to cherry wood furniture. American furniture industry relies on imported wood, which is often illegally harvested from vulnerable tropical forests. These imported woods are partially responsible for the deforestation of wildlife habitat around the world and the transportation and processing of the wood creates a large ecological footprint.

We see cherry as an environmentally responsible alternative to teak, mahogany, and other tropical rainforest woods– and every bit as beautiful, if not more so!

While we do offer colored stains on many of our products, we try to persuade customers to consider clear, natural finishes for cherry wood. A clear oil or lacquer finish will allow the wood to showcase its natural characteristics. However if you’re looking for stained cherry wood we have many different colors to choose from. You’ll find an option to order samples on every product page. They put decades of expertise into crafting each piece. Our furniture is highly customizable and made to order just for you.

Not to mention our team are experts when it comes to crafting and shipping fine wood furniture. Did we mention we have a lifetime guarantee and excellent customer testimonials ?

Thick end panels and a durable thermally fused laminate surface fend off scratches, stains and dents for long-lasting professional quality. Featuring 7 attractive two-tone finishes, clean lines and contemporary styling, this commercial office furniture adapts to your surroundings. Feed cords through a cable management channel for a clutter-free look. Desk surface and leg cable management grommets keep pesky computer cords out of your way. Constructed with 100% thermally fused laminate for durability and superior resistance to scratches and stains. Grommets in the back panel allow for wire access into the storage cabinet and offers adjustable leveling glides to correct uneven floor surfaces. The commercial office furniture product features a sturdy construction to resist scratches, stains and damage. Drawers glide on smooth, full-extension ball bearing slides for an effortless reach to files, even those all the way in the back. An interlocking drawer mechanism reduces the likelihood of tipping, and adjustable levelers provide stability on uneven floors. Thick end panels resist damage, while a thermally fused laminate surface fends off scratches and stains for a long-lasting professional appearance. A comprehensive wire management system organizes and secures computer cables to keep them out of your way. A completes your multi-person workspace, classroom, home office or anywhere in between with a variety of configuration options. Featuring 7 attractive two-tone finishes and contemporary styling, this commercial office furniture adapts to your surroundings. The cable trays were damaged in shipping, but it seems that they broke so that the desk in all of its solidness could live.

I would recommend a friend assisting during the assembly portion, but one can get everything together by their lonesome as long as they don't mind the slight possibility of back injury. It's very stable and it arrived 3 days before the expected arrival date.

I wanted something simple (no shelves or drawers) with plenty of leg room and of a high quality that will last a long time, and this is it.

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They did not require returning the current tabletop.

I left the damaged tabletop outside my mailbox for somebody to take away. The raceway provides two optional mounting points, allowing a choice between mounting close to the tabletop or further down.

I mounted the raceway closer to the tabletop and used double-sided tape to attach my massive surge protector underneath the tabletop right above the mid-point of the raceway. Nobody in their right mind will sit off center like me though, but if you're thinking about getting the 60" desk, you can use a bit of your imagination to figure out how much space you need!

Another downside is touching the table anywhere leaves smudges from the hands. Noticeable in bright light, or if placed nearby a window that gets a lot of sunlight or natural light coming through it. The reason the prices are higher than most is because of their material. That's one of their main selling points, in my opinion. They look great in our bedroom and your delivery company was great.

We look forward to some future purchases. Also, your delivery person was wonderful. He was professional, efficient and did a great job.

I would recommend your company to anyone looking for quality furniture.

We will definitely enjoy it for years to come.

We are thrilled with the custom footboard and all five pieces are stunning. The men from the white glove delivery service did a fantastic job packing and setting up the whole room. Call us with your questions and a representative will help. As well as being beautiful, it’s all built to last – so while it may be slightly more expensive than the stuff you’d find at budget stores, you won’t be replacing it a couple of years down the line. Mature hardwoods supply the nation, and much of the world, with timber used for everything from railroad ties to quality furnishings. Just as each tree is different from the next, so too are hardwood products individually unique. Different species of hardwood are characterized by an infinite variety of graining and distinct textures. Additional characteristics occur when, as the tree grows and matures, limbs fall off leaving behind a knot on the hardwood surface. All of these natural markings add character to the woods appearance without effecting the durability or stability of the wood. Oak is characterized by its orange reddish hue with the sapwood being white to light brown. The wood has a pronounced opened grain and is very durable with good wear-resistance.

The stain absorbs into this open grain pattern becoming darker where the grain is close and lighter where the grain is more open. This is an ideal choice if you desire a warm look. It is a softer wood so it is more prone to scratches and denting with heavy use. The heartwood of cherry varies from a rich red to reddish brown, while the sapwood is creamy-white in contrast. Over time it will darken with exposure to light and heat. The wood may also naturally contain brown pith flecks and small pit pockets. Because it is a softer wood, it is more prone to denting with heavy use. Cherry wood has a natural reddish hue and this warmth is intensified by all of the cherry stains. When stained, this fine grain has a very even-toned finish. This wood has a cooler white to sage undertone and is very durable with good wear-resistance. The natural variation of color exhibited in the wood grain is enhanced with staining. The sapwood is creamy white with a golden hue and the heartwood varies from light to dark golden brown.

Armstrong Highgrove Manor Natural Cherry Hardwood

The wood has a close, fine texture and a light circular grain pattern. The hardness can prevent the stain from soaking into the wood, which can create darker stained areas. This wood captures light and brightens any space. It has a medium grain that gives an earthy feel with a smooth look. It is also the strongest wood type that we offer. Every wood is prone to natural elements such as humidity. Each wood will swell and contrast due to humidity but hickory will do it the most. Hickory moves roughly a ¼” per foot just due to humidity changes. With hickory, you will need to be more mindful on changes in humidity.

We currently do not list elm as an option and for the better part do not promote elm either. While elm is a very pretty wood, it is also the softest wood our builders offer.

We do not recommend elm on a table set. If anything were to drop on your table top, it will leave a very noticeable dent on the table top. Elm’s appearance is a very feathery light grain. Walnut is the most expensive wood we offer. Walnut can be anywhere from 40% to 90% extra over oak. Walnut is currently not available online (expect for select pieces). Walnut, please use our message form on our page and we will help you with ordering. Typically rustic woods are also cheaper than their normal “clean” looking counter-parts.

We recommend filling in knots with any surface.

An example is a rustic cherry table without the knots filled in. It makes it difficult to clean the table top and if anything falls into one of the knots, it becomes a pain to fish out whatever fell into the hole. Rustic woods are currently not available online. If you are interested in ordering a piece in a rustic wood, please use our message form on our contact us page and we will help you with ordering. Unlike most other woods, it carries a distinct fragrance. It also has color combinations ranging from an off-white to deep red. Aromatic red cedar is actually from the juniper family and is considered a soft wood.

It’s natural resistance to rot has long made it a favorite for outdoor use. Area farmers favored cedar for fence posts because of its longevity. It is also popular for use in lining closets and clothes chests to repel insects. Springs act as shock absorbers on swings, adding to the comfort of the experience. Swing chains hang from steel hooks with nylon bushings, making them more durable and eliminating annoying squeaks. And since the parts are zinc, you don’t have to worry about rust.

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With any natural piece of wood, it is prone to changes in humidity. When there is too much of it the wood will swell and when too little it will shrink. This is not a defect and is the result of natural movement in wood. To avoid shrinking and swelling, the best route is to better control the environment your piece of furniture is in. Typically most homes have a dehumidifier and humidifier built into the furnace but sometimes running an extra dehumidifier or humidifier makes an immense difference. The best range for most solid woods is 40-45% humidity. If your home is around 35% or 50% humidity you’re usually safe but don’t let it sit at those numbers for too long. This is the result of too low humidity, creating a gap at the ends of the joints. If the humidity is too high, the table will gap at the center of the joints. This is the result of too low humidity on a plank table top. This photo is the result of too hight humidity on a plank top table. The purpose of this paper, then, is to provide the discriminating buyer a perspective on the issue such that a contientious decision can be reached regarding the type merchandise sought. As mahogany only grows in tropical environs, the cost of the wood escalates over the cost of domestic woods given the additive expenses of shipping and importing. Of more importance than the cost factor is the stability of mahogany.

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Natural Cherry

While a very strong wood, mahogany has the highest rate of absorption of humidity from the air of any wood used in the construction of furniture. It is less of a problem in turned pieces such as chairs. Because of these factors, most mahogany case pieces are made of mahogany veneer. The use of veneer construction has expanded tremendously since then. Typical woods used for this purpose were fruitwood or gumwood and, to a lesser extent, poplar. Did the high cost and stability problem of solid mahogany have an impact on manufacturers?

Of those manufacturers who specialized in all solid mahogany furniture during the first half of the 1900’s, not a single one is in existence today. Each and every one of them closed their doors and declared bankruptcy rather than convert to mahogany veneer construction. The good news here is that through these modern technological conveniences the stability problem of mahogany is checked. As long as your solid mahogany pieces are kept in environments where temperature and low humidity remain constant year-’round, they will not experience the warping, cracking, or splitting consequences of the stability problem. And older pieces which have already experienced some of these problems will experience no further degradation. However, if these pieces are ever removed from such a controlled environment, the stability issues will become a problem (again).