Sharp first learned about the society in the late ’90s when he was asked to conduct a furniture making demonstration at the group’s annual conference. It’s not terribly expensive to join the society, but professionals are counting every penny. Rich in historical significance, it is an intriguing granite castle-like structure, located conveniently near the highway and within walking distance of any downtown location. The interior and exterior have character, and there’s natural daylight inside the exhibiting rooms. Founded in 1996, the society represents a broad cross section of furniture makers, museum and gallery professionals, scholars and others involved with the field of studio furniture. Jutras believes that if a shop is doing the design work, its work will always look the same. Jutras says his decision to work only with professional plans relates to his tremendous amount of respect for design professionals. Clients and designers are often invited to the shop to use the showroom and other resources to finalize details such as cabinet and door styles, drawer configurations, and hardware and finish options. That often leads us to purchase new equipment or replace existing equipment with more modern versions. I think, will be extremely and tryingly difficult for anyone in this business, and you’ll see a lot of people in the woodworking business go out of business.

Working with logs for rustic furniture is different than working with light finish-grade materials. Roes says the biggest benefit of purchasing a business is getting clientele and equipment right off the bat and having someone show them the ropes.

Furniture design professional

New Furniture Shop Owners Have High Hopes

He enjoyed being around other like-minded individuals who engaged in stimulating discussions about furniture.

Approaching its 18th year, the annual show gives woodworking artisans the chance to exhibit and sell custom-made wood furniture and accessories, and to make new acquaintances with prospective clients.

Russell says the other benefits of the venue are that its historic atmosphere is similar to that of the former location, and that it’s near public transportation. Normantas says exhibitors were pleased with the quality of potential buyers who seemed to be willing to spend this year. American furniture manufacturers who are interested in licensing our intellectual property and design services.

The brothers saw more lucrative opportunities in new cabinetry construction, and eventually weaned off the remodeling jobs.

Sometimes the designs are very detailed, but other times the plans are more conceptual, lacking the detailed information required to fabricate the job. There’s ample space to mock up several kitchens and built-ins, a large finishing area, separate administrative and design offices, and a showroom. Friday afternoon beers, a yearly golf outing and an occasional fishing trip help add to the shop-floor camaraderie.

The production model spreads out the more mundane tasks while allowing everyone to work on a wide variety of projects.