We are extremely knowledgeable in the care required when packing and shipping fine art and antiques.

We know the importance that such items have to our clients, and always work to ensure an organized and efficient relocation.

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Items change frequently, so each time you visit you might find something new. One might stumble upon vintage furniture, porcelain items, and a wide variety of collectibles. Expect beautiful bureaus, unfinished tables, vintage chests, and smaller pieces.

With that much on offer spread over 16, 500 square-feet, visitors might plan to stay awhile. For affordability, they also have frequent color sales with 20 percent off items of a specific color each week—what a fun way to shop!

For those especially interested in antiques, you can also find a blog and podcast run by the owner and his wife. At a whopping 43, 000 square-feet, visitors will certainly find something to take home. Their selection of unique items is really rather impressive!

Check out our websites; and thank you for shopping!

New Haven Signed Antique 1910 Oak Long Case Grandfather Clock #26088

This long case or grandfather clock was signed by famous Connecticut maker, “New Haven, USA,” about 1910. The solid oak.

There seem to be some hold ups with first class shipping where the post office loses track of the package for a bit. Really nice and a great addition to my collection. The little lady it was made for must have looked very smart, as it would have made her look very much the young adult.

We feature one of a kind vintage and antique finds for home, work and play!

If there is a particular item you are looking for just let us know and we can keep an eye out during our hunts. Elaborately stitched with figures, mermaid, peacock, birds and a cat on the roof. That they are cohesive in different ways.

You never know what is going to be available in the market. A lot of people are looking for older pieces to repurpose if they can’t be restored because they are too far gone and damaged. But no matter what the item is, each piece has its own unique history of how it was made. They just walk around and you can see their expression. Any item that you see them pick out (an item), it is something that they used to have or it reminds them of somebody. Connecticut your premier antiquing destination. With a comprehensive online guide, your journey to antiquing bliss is all at your fingertips. It will be difficult to take your eyes off of the landscape as you travel along gravelly, back country roads against a backdrop of graceful hills and mountains. Plan your itinerary around antique shop destinations visits, and what could be better?

Litchfield area vineyards, or better yet, spending an entire weekend amid this mecca of antiquing. This multi-dealer store, home to more than 40 vendors, is an ideal place for some treasure hunting.

I introduced myself and complimented her store and had a nice chat and definitely will return to visit and make some purchases. This place has always been a treasure trove and compared to some other shops in town of similar product, they have been the most helpful and friendly.

We have over 40 years of experience in this business and only work by appointment so you won’t be disturbed during your appraisal.

We even make house calls (by appointment)!

Furniture selection is out sanding good prices. The best way to store antiques is in a clean, dry, water-tight and protected space that does not allow in any pests, and is temperature and humidity-controlled.

New and Used Antique furniture for Sale in New Haven

Furniture should be well cleaned beforehand and stored free-standing, not stacked. Art, books, and documents should also be wrapped in special paper and placed within protective boxes. Rugs should be rolled and wrapped in plastic. Antique jewelry should be stored in secure compartmentalized containers, not in an area where hair products or colognes are sprayed. Antique auctions work so as to effect the sales and purchase of antiques through an auction houses, with the service of an auctioneer. Many auction houses charge an extra “buyer’s premium,” which is also based on percentage of the item’s price. No, antiques do not always increase in value. If there isn’t a desire or perceived value for a certain item, its value might decrease. Yes, antiques can be cleaned, but it must be done carefully and gently, paying special attention to the types of cleaning products and materials used. Antiques are expensive because they represent a certain period of history, they’re often built with better craftsmanship than modern items, and their style has proven aesthetically pleasing to collectors over several generations. When antiques they are in good condition, are made of valuable materials, or are of a certain style or iconic company, they can command higher prices. Some people argue that collectibles older than 50 years can be categorized as antiques, but the majority of experts disagree, and contend that items of 50-100 years old should be categorized as vintage. Over the past century we have been very fortunate to work with museums,
veteran collectors and beginners to help them acquire items for their collections.

We give a written guarantee on all items we sell to be as represented. Please feel free to visit our shop in this beautiful shoreline town, just 1 mile from many nice waterfront restaurants.

We look forward to having the opportunity of working with you. There will be lots of homemade crafts including these awesome vintage inspired ornaments made from tart tins.

We just brought in tons of house plants in all sizes, shapes and colors. Finally have something to put in the pretty planters we have been collecting. Want to see our fabulous collection of vintage fashion?

Here’s some info on how to contact us if you have vintage goodies.

Way Back Abandoned House *Found Antique Furniture W/ Awesome Nd Story Porch

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