This is a store for antique seekers and enthusiastic collectors. There is a large collection of vintage, retro and nostalgic items that can complement your home, business or add to your own memorabilia.

I was intrigued by the stories behind each piece…whom they belonged to and where they came from. This connects us to the past and allows future generations to love and appreciate special items. It’s wonderful to take something that may not serve its original purpose – and give it a new one!

I believe it’s great to have a piece of history to treasure that gives you, your home or buisness an interesting and personal point of difference.

For me, the first rule-of-thumb is to “buy what speaks to you”.

I understand this and can help to make the process easier. Bring a piece from your collection to share informally – a fun night with other enthusiasts. Also advise and assist on other options such as auctions. Yes, we have been in business for 30 years. with clean lines and gorgeous paint finishes sits happily alongside 18th and 19th century oak and walnut antiques, mirrors and chandeliers.

Webbs Interiors Decorative Arts And Antiques. Auckland, New Zealand

Additionally, we have been asked to build solid boardroom for a boutique law firm. Small towns often have the best finds, so make a few stops on your next road trip. Just be aware that some sell a mix of secondhand and new, and some are overpriced for the type of goods they are selling. Everything should still work, but with a little less pzazz!

The retail section of the website shows these store locations. If you fill in your details below you can keep yourself in the loop. It goes without saying that we will not share your personal details with anyone else.

We are passionate about authentic vintage furniture from this period and spend most of our time sourcing beautiful pieces from around the world.

We hope you enjoy visiting our website and hope to meet you in store sometime. You’ll find some unique pieces among their vintage dinnerware and upcycled furniture. They even have an online store for those late-night splurges. Choose from a huge selection of collectibles, antiques, homewares, and trinkets. Take a trip down memory lane and check out their novelty and practical items. Whatever you’re hunting for, be sure to make a list to avoid getting swept up in the rush of retro bargains. A measuring tape is a must for ensuring your favourite new piece will fit, and a van or trailer comes in handy if you’re hunting for larger pieces. Heck, even if you’re not hunting for larger pieces, you’ll want to be able to take one home if you happen to fall in love with it. Snacks, water, and comfortable shoes don’t go astray, either. Not just for a second opinion, but to help you carry any heavy items to your vehicle. Chances are there will be more like it hidden in the corners of the store. Do a lap and take everything in before committing to a purchase. Got some old stuff of your own that you’d like to clear out of the garage?

The garage is just somewhere to keep the car and dump your junk, right?

You fire up the laptop, boil the jug, and start mentally listing your must-do tasks.

You have every intention to block out the world and get to work.

John Stephens and Co Ltd

Make the most of your home office with these décor ideas that will have you getting down to business in style. Removable base and metal fittings for toothbrush and toothpaste. Not one for the lover of modernism; but the aficionado of everything old and antique may surely admit temptation?

Victorian furniture would be complementary. More elegant than some of the retro styles currently popular, and more refined than old country furniture, it reflects flatteringly on colonial taste. Small piece of the handle missing at the end. Comes also with original material pocket. Caste iron base with porcelain and wooden trays. Weights are 4lb, 2lb, 80z, 4oz and 2oz and are not original to scales. Delicate restraint is evident -- a rather alien quality in the flamboyant world of art deco. Far from celebrating the mechanical, as art deco does, it exemplifies the art of the hand loom. Austerity, rather than excess, is evident in the collectible oak frame. All items come to 18cm wide by 36cm high by 12cm deep. Smallest is 18cm wide by 10cm high by 12cm deep. Largest is 24cm wide by 13cm high by 15cm deep. Victorian and colonial, this wooden chest of drawers promise domestic order. Yet perhaps the charm of antique furniture transcends housekeeping concerns?

Especially attractive is the antique detailing; that marks it as very collectable furniture. Folds into tidy case. 29cm wide by 6cm high by 20cm deep.

Silk Road

Here, in contrast to some of the wooden furniture displayed, is an antique heater, worthy combatant to the frigidity of a colonial winter. Screws into one another making for a compact item. Sturdy piece of vintage kitchenalia 12cm wide by 3cm high by 34cm deep. Obviously “second hand,” this piece of vintage furniture might still be serviceable to a country decor -- something requiring a ruder aesthetic. But if your tastes conversely incline to a country or colonial aesthetic, this bookcase will still appeal; it’s very collectible and an ideal way of ordering your room. This piece of vintage furniture will serve you well. Some slight chipping on bases and some wear. Assembled set is 29cm wide by 19cm high by 23cm deep. If the wood looks old, perhaps this entitles it to special care. Generations have used this collectible piece, making the phrase “second hand” indicate a very limited line of descent. A good way to bring to life a flamboyant retro object that hates to lurk in some old cupboard, unseen!

Fold down display and in a lovely condition. Largest container is 15cm wide by 20cm high by 15cm deep. Though obviously used, this authenticates a colonial history, the accretion of unconscious touches. But with this antique mirror, you won’t mind having a reflection over a hundred years old. In fact, this collectible piece may satisfy vanity of another sort, when visitors compliment its owner on her good taste. Middle top section has being reattached at sometime in the past.

Antique In New Zealand

For the imaginative collector of antiques, this might be quite serviceable. Definitely would complement a collection of retro or vintage clothes: or any archive of colonial fashion. But the collectible piece means there’s no shame in being bigheaded!

New Zealand Road