Rustic Cedar Bistro Table And Chairs Niangua Furniture When a knows it is unique among tables, it can get an attitude– but this table and chairs set is well grounded since it was built in our neighborhood. It won’t get boastful, it will just let its unique construction, natural edges, and and appealing do the talking.

Missouri is known for her high quality eastern red cedar, and these tables are made from select, mature, large diameter cedar trees. Part of the appeal of this set is the rare cedar logs that go into it. Look around the roads leading into our shop or any place out in the country– see any cedar trees with a diameter of almost two feet? Not likely, and if you do, it is probably a tree in the front yard of a farm that has been in the family for 100 years, and the cedar tree is in photos of great grandpa when he was a kid. Think that tree is for sale? Probably not. So finding the trees that make up the thick and wide slabs of Eastern Red Cedar that go into this set is half the battle.
The variation of the live edge, which means the bark is removed but the edge of the tree remains, unlike mass produced tables. In addition, the thickness of the table top along with the unique, prominent cedar grain and the solid look and feel imparted by our skilled craftsmen assure that each piece is truly unique and heirloom quality. Mouse over the photo to see the detail in the edge and grain.

What some would call imperfections in the wood are the special characteristics of each table that are a part of the natural look and feel that our customers seek out. Just like no two members of your family are exactly alike, no two tables we produce are either, they each have their own ‘personality’.

Think that tree is for sale? Rustic Furniture Missouri
Short This cedar table has a natural edge and easily seats 6. Red cedar grown.

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Short This red oak dining set is available with benches and chairs to best fit.