Noel Furniture - Houston, TX, United StatesAfter shopping here for custom made sectionals and chairs, we took a break, went to the Noel Clearance Center and bought a $1K rug. They convinced us it needed a special pad, so we paid $150 for that. When we got it home, we discovered that the special pad was just two pieces of nonslip taped together with packing tape. We were disappointed in the quality and called the called the store, but they were unwilling to take back or replace the pad. So we’re keeping it. Along with $15K in custom made leather furniture we bought from one of Noel’s principal competitors. Big mistake, Noel’s.

I do not know what is wrong with me, but I cannot get decent customer service at furniture stores! I had a poor experience at Gallery Furniture recently, where a salesperson acted like s/he had something else to do and would be right back to then vanished The EXACT same thing happened today at Noel Furniture after looking at bedroom furniture. Yes, they may not have had what I wanted, but she was going to see what other options they could offer. Additionally, I need a couple of dining room sets and accent furniture. Only this time, I watched her begin a conversation with a coworker, which appeared to be personal in nature.
Now before you may wonder if I looked like I did not belong there (yes, I often wear flannel), I was dressed appropriate for furniture shopping. My manner of speech should be appropriate for furniture shopping as I am a professor.

I have had nothing but great experiences with Noel Furniture, and my family has been a client since about 2005. Some might see a piece of furniture that looks similar elsewhere, but its likely a knock-off of a high-end brand. Noel undoubtedly sells the highest quality products, so I’m sure a competing product may look similar on the outside, but the furniture and brands at Noel are some of the best. Noel also helps us with Designer services that bring everything together in an incredible way. love them!
In summary, Noel doesn’t pretend to be anything but the highest quality furniture store with the best brands around. Yes, these are premium products.

This store has some very good pieces of furnitures. The sale’s person and interior designer are very nice and welcome. Excellent place to shop for the house!
Very Helpful! The sales team at The Loft(Noël Clearance) was not only extremely helpful but also very knowledgeable in high end furniture and design! Would definitely come back! Not only was there a large selection of furniture there was also an immaculate collection of original artwork and fine rugs! The deals are amazing and the employees are oh so pleasant and widely versed in the furniture and design industry. I originally came in last week for a sofa set [retail:$17,000,(clearance:$5,500)]and ended up furnishing mostly all of my downtown condo. Truly the best value and buy!