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It’s all here just waiting to be discovered by you. Spend the night with us and you’ll discover dark, starlit skies and peace and quiet you never knew existed. A wide variety of lodging experiences await you, from cabins in the country to luxury lodging just steps away from shopping and dining. Today, visitors can shop at more than 80 locations throughout the region and discover for themselves how old world craftsmanship and a dedication to producing high-quality goods combine to produce the highest-quality furniture available anywhere.

He wants to stand out in a catalog of about 200 manufacturers. Yoder’s grateful when sales people suggest his furniture and he wants to make it easier for them to understand how to sell a furniture line with so many choices of stains, sizes, knobs and handles. He also shows up at stores bearing gifts.

I go out there in person and they get to meet me and my lovely wife.

I come in the stores they’re very anxious to meet me again. If they don’t see a face to the furniture, they’ll just go to the next bedroom line and sell that furniture.

We have at least nine different sizes of armoires.

We have 60 different stains that customers can choose from, and 40 different hardwares. So basically that makes a pretty good size catalog.

We have about 15 different styles of bedrooms. His two sons still work in the business that started out as a change in careers from masonry to furniture 22 years ago.

I have someone working for me in the office who lines up purchase orders,” he said.

I always look forward to spending time with my nine grandchildren. Somebody told me to stick to the truth, then you never have that worry about what you said. Leaders at companies, from startups to major corporations, know you sometimes have to change direction. We’re making changes right now, adding an addition to our 120, 000 square-foot- plant because of our growth. Now we’ve decided to expand and add 15, 000 square-feet in 2016. We’re putting up a bigger building, getting more equipment and we’re adding more staff. A lot of people are afraid to launch new products, services or initiatives because of naysayers. Do you ignore naysayers, or take part of what they say, and use it as fuel to learn even more?

I do get a lot of requests from all of the stores.

We started making dining room furniture just two years ago.

We sold tables for 15 years, but somebody else made them, and you’re not under control of your product. Why did you finally get a website last year ?

It was because of the sales people on the floor. Sales people have been asking for the last few years. There’s nothing like face-to-face and a handshake.

I think it’s important that people touch the furniture. With this amount of business, you can’t do business without a computer.

We never want to forget the higher power where all good things come from.

Eastwood Furniture

To run a business like this, you need a blessing. If sales people don’t sell, my employees wouldn’t have any work. If my employees didn’t put out good work, we wouldn’t have any business. For several reasons, our products are much more appealing to consumers than the big box store items. Locally made products support a sustainable future. Amish furniture makers get their building materials from local sawmills that practice sustainable methods. By sourcing the wood locally, we eliminate all the negative environmental impact of shipping products from overseas. Consumers are more environmentally-conscious than ever, and the carbon footprint of our furniture is negligible compared to other retailers. Our furniture is a great investment into the future, as our products last a lifetime. They can be passed down from generation to generation. Our furniture is made with quality hardwood, no veneers. Amish-built furniture is built to last, providing great value. Imported products are low-quality with a very limited life cycle. A lot of the business that we do is custom-built. Every home is different and every customer has their own style.

We can create the perfect piece for your home in any size, wood, style and color. Bottom line: we create high-quality, custom, locally made pieces that people love. Stop by one of our 3 store locations today!

You might just find something else to go along with it!

Amish Outdoor Patio Furniture Cleveland OH

Choose stunningly beautiful, masterfully constructed, long-lasting solid wood furniture that will last for generations. Pick the size, style, wood species, color and hardware that you need so you get exactly what you want and need. Why should you settle for someone else’s perfect furniture?

We give you all that you need to ensure your investment becomes the furniture of your dreams. The main goal of these furniture makers is to create every single piece with high precision and to craft them according to the specific specifications of our customers. By visiting our website , you can get a nice view of what all is being offered at our store and what kind of specifications you want in your final purchased item.

You can even select a piece of furniture from our website and add it to your wish list.

We have every piece of furniture you could want. All of these are crafted with high expertise so as to supply people with high quality items.

We are experts and therefore can provide high quality items to people at reasonable means.

We are a family owned business that has been going strong since being established in 1992.

Next, the furniture is completed with a multi-step, solvent-resistant, catalyzed finish for beauty and durability. The final result is heirloom quality furniture that’s built to last, as well as being custom built to your specifications. Special emphasis is made when hand-finishing each piece and carefully choosing the solid wood used to complement each piece of furniture. It comes through in the expert craftsmanship they’ll use to make your built-to-order, custom furniture. Our team is here to help with any questions. Selecting and custom ordering your furniture may take longer, but seeing the furniture built just for you in your home makes it worthwhile.

The wood is hand-selected and finishes are applied by hand with care. Shop our 3 week upholstery event to discover newly added pieces from classic to contemporary; special pricing this period. We’re here to make sure our furniture provides a backdrop for a lifetime of family memories- from holiday meals to movie nights, new births to backyard barbecues. Custom, amazingly high-quality furniture. And we hope you’ll be a part of the experience.