With 100 dealers set up in vast tents we offer a show experience like no other. Current pictures will be added as markets occur.

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Head out for the day and explore locally-owned boutiques, outlet stores, shopping malls – and even some fun foodie finds at local markets and shops. Our 1920’s dance hall has tin ceilings, wood floors, and old time charm. Antique and vintage shop with an eclectic collection of items. Over 30, 000 square feet of antiques and collectibles.

Shop anything from antique and re-purposed furniture to fine art and oil paintings. The 65, 000 square foot mall includes 340 booths and 320 cases that are locked and lighted, the best selection of the antiques and antique dealers in the region. Browse 27, 000 square feet of antiques and fine collectibles.

We have seven buildings with air conditioning and heat for year-round shopping. French linens, pottery, soaps, and pastries. Selling architectural antiques, furniture and fine decorative art for over 30 years.

The store also offers a bourbon bar, wine bar, and coffee shop, to enjoy as you browse their selection. Antique shop specializing in vintage, mid-century modern, and other funky finds. Year-round indoor/outdoor flea market offering 110 indoor vendors, 300 outdoor vendors (weather permitting) and delicious food served all day. Maury was great to speak with and had a lot of funny stories.

You have to walk the entire mall to see the treasure but it is worth the visit.

We buy gold coins, jewelry, watches and anything made of gold. Looking to see what we might have at the shop?

This shop is jammed with artifacts from different eras.

I could have a field-day in this store with all the glorious old furniture and things. Through the various rooms and vendor offering you can also find antique treasures.

I am a food blogger that frequents antique stores often to find cool supplies for my photographs. So many local artists and crafters have their items for sale. The ladies who work here are all so friendly and make the experience that much more enjoyable. Here you will be enchanted as you browse at your leisure through numerous old-world cottages. There’s so much opportunity out there, especially for twenty- or thirty-somethings just starting out and setting up homes. And they can see a solid return on their investments in the future. Even if you’re buying on a budget, you should keep this in mind. Commonplace items, even those that are hundreds of years old, don’t really go anywhere in the marketplace, no matter how long you keep them. When buying antiques at auction you can get solid wood furniture handmade by really gifted artisans for the same amount – or less – than at a brand name, mass-produced furniture store that often sports “distressed” finishes to mimic the character that comes with age and use. If you find one with replaced feet, it’ll cost you a fraction of what a comparable piece in original condition would run.

You might get your money back or even make a profit.

We learn from our mistakes as well as our successes, and there’s no exception to collecting. The best antique furniture is both beautiful and practical; it takes time to learn what you want and can use. Museums, antique shows, and auction previews are also great places to learn.

Antiques and Vintage Furniture near Atlanta and Marietta Georgia

Northern Vintage

I have the table with pull-out end leafs, 5 chairs and 1 capt. China and buffet, these pices have inlay woodwork and all pices are in excellent condition. Please send photos and a description using our free online auction evaluation form. Visit all types of antiques shops and auction houses. Thanks for providing such a knowledgeable blog about antique furniture.

I think most dealers in the antiques trade are used to respectful negotiations on price. This issue rarely comes up at auction because as soon as a buyer feels the price is too high he or she can simply lower their paddle!

Walnut, mahogany or even birds eye maple ??

Hope you are well and maybe see you in town. Generally speaking, earlier examples will use better quality materials and construction techniques. When you’re purchasing antique furniture, look for good condition and original finish. While the set has modest value as antique furniture, there is another side to the coin. Hope this post will reach as many as online users and build awareness. With the fall in prices now is the time to buy and eventually the antique market will turn favourable again. It has a metal tree glued on the side of the pieces. Sometimes seems basic but now is a great time to buy antique furniture, the market had been soft but is coming back pretty strong. Especially like the tips/reminder you gave about quality and condition.

We have really begun trading up antiques.

You can hop on one of the 27 scenic byways that run through the state and use the back roads to stumble on vintage surprises or you can tackle your antiquing more strategically by region.


Few experiences can rival the ones that deliver warm nostalgia with the sight of something you used to have in your home or a vintage toy that was central to your childhood.

You can find antiques, gemstone dealers and even take in a round of miniature golf while you are there. Ohio’s abundance of antique shops and malls and changing scenery throughout the state make an antiquing a memorable experience beyond just the nostalgic discoveries. The inventory varies, ranging from antique and vintage to mid-century and modern. Barntique gets most of its donations from estates and estate sales, and keeps only the best items, passing everything else on to other local charities. If you’re nearby on the first weekend of the month, it’s definitely worth a look. It’s a great place to explore, with an eye for fun and whimsy. Whatever you’re looking for, chances are good you’ll find it here. There’s a bit of everything spread out all around you. How better to relax than with a bit of the grape?

When you’re ready to resume antiquing, it’s time to head back into the countryside.

Fans of this store say it’s a dangerous place, because they never leave without buying something. Trees arch overhead as you wind your way along this curving two-lane rural roadway, with something new to see around each bend. Occidental lies at the midpoint of this two-lane byway. Occidental’s two-block-long main street houses galleries, gift shops, and renowned restaurants. The old maps and prints are in drawers, so you need to ask to see them. When you’re ready, it’s only four miles to the spectacular coastline.

Buys and sells general lines of antiques and collectibles. A little bit of everything from toys to furniture. Open year round by chance or appointment. Decorative smalls including glassware, time pieces, ephemera and costume jewelry. Also open at home by appointment or chance. Various antique and home decor dealers with booths. Features antiques and collectibles, over 1, 000 items. Red building past the railroad track on the left. Buying and specializing in vintage pin backs, advertising, ephemera and smalls. Glassware, pottery, porcelains, lamps and small furniture. Antiques, refinishing, upholstery, caning and rush work. Open by chance or appointment-appointments are chancy. Donnelly also repairs and restores older furniture for resale and on commission.

The fashion-minded will find eclectic looks for their wardrobes, too.

You can also buy farm furniture—tables, cabinets, and benches—that’s made to order. Regular workshops teach painting and gilding techniques. If you don’t see what you need, just ask—they might have it in their warehouse up the road. Great for repairing or refurbishing most of the popular old antique oak card file drawers, etc. These will work great for many antique card catalogue cabinets. Not every business will have bags and if they do, they are thin plastic. A measuring tape and measurements from home, if you are looking for furniture to fit in a specific spot. If you see something you love, buy it immediately (you may not see it or find it again)
● and take time to stop along the way for a coffee or people watching- it just adds to the enjoyment of the day.

I also love their outdoor seating space under the arcaded loggia of an old market. See map for locations and other favorite spots. There were also quite a few porcelain items, dishes, books and maps when we went. Park in the underground parking garage near the violin museum, it’s an easy walk to the center of town from there.

I love the atmosphere of this market, with its twisty streets, cute shops and caffes, street musicians and such an eclectic selection of treasures. Balon, so make sure to make time for it as well. This is a huge market with hundreds of stalls and a wide variety of items. If you love to walk, have money burning a hole in your pocket or just like to people watch- this is your place!

Serious treasure hunters might find something within reasonable price but everything small that my eyes were drawn to was always out of my budget. Other favorite restaurants listed in map. Heather has a weak spot for dogs, red wine and slow travel.

We have recently added a new section for antique jewellery which includes diamond rings, necklaces, bracelets and brooches. A selection of our items are on this website, a much wider selection is available across our 3 massive floors in store.

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