Each of the locations have been ordered geographically, from the most northwest to the most southeast. Here, customers will be able to find pretty much anything and everything needed to decorate one’s house.

Antique Furniture Northern Virginia Furniture

Expect fun and funky pieces as well as great, responsive customer service. Every time one re-enters the store, expect new items, all reasonably priced. This family-run company has been in business since c. Prices will vary, but look for the most reasonably priced furniture in the basement.

Don’t expect cheap prices, but do expect a great shopping experience and totally fab furniture. Pricing on each of the products ranges far and wide, but the haul customers will get is always worth it. Expect higher prices, but also helpful and thoughtful staff members. Expect a great experience as well as fabulous finds. Here, expect everything from mirrors to sofas to dining tables, all fairly affordable. This upholstery shop comes with ready-made pillows, beautiful fabrics, as well as lamps and other decorative pieces.

High quality, resale furnishings specializing in exclusive, luxury brands and manufacturers. In 2009, he retired early with the plan to do a little woodworking and play golf four or five times per week. Strong joints mean a long life for a piece of furniture. What types of items do you carry in your shops?

Lots of antique and vintage furniture, but certainly not limited to that. What is your favorite thing about being a dealer?

Antique carpeting cushions your feet and an extensive array of antiques is displayed with elegant simplicity.

We are looking for experienced antique dealers and have space available. The shop is wonderfully neat and bright, as though freshly polished for the customer’s shopping pleasure; and a warm smile greets you from behind the wide, glass-encased counter. They all clearly take great pride not only in the shop but also in their thoughtful approach to customer service. Our knowledgeable and helpful staff is always available to help. Complementing these are crisp, brightly polished sterling flatware and serving pieces maintained in mint condition. Complementing these pieces are crisp, brightly polished sterling flatware and serving pieces maintained in mint condition. To grace your walls there are antique botanical prints, prints and paintings. If only they could tell their fascinating stories of elegant banquets with distinguished guests!

You may call ahead or simply stop by for a truly delightful shopping experience!

Shipping and delivery service is available for your convenience. To order services or request a quote, call 703-577-8417. If we don’t answer, please leave a message and we promise to get back to you as quickly as possible. Visit our photo gallery to see a wide variety of completed projects.

We try to add unique and interesting pieces so you can see the diversity in our work.

We are absolutely thrilled with our “new” old radio. Some are essential to make our site work; others help us improve the user experience. Offering rare and hard-to-find pieces, as well as a large selection of housewares, furniture and art work, the emporium houses 45 dealers to ensure the best selection possible.

Eisenhower Consignment

Northern Virginia Vintage Auction Sept BandH

Located in an old gray farmhouse, this creative antique shop has a homey feel that makes shopping a pleasure. With another win in 2015, it’s easy to see why people love this shop with its spacious setting and more than 250 booths. Estate sale items are often featured in the front room and inventory changes often, making it a place you will want to come back to time and again. Are there any antique treasure troves you would add to the list?

Virginia, we would love to hear about it in the comments below!

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Local, national, and international delivery and shipping available. This is not a comprehensive listing of our inventory, only certain featured items. If you are interested in a particular pictured item, we recommend calling us in advance at (703) 836-0333 to confirm it is still available. There is so much stuff, so many trinkets and unique items, you won’t believe it. Okay, here are some highlights of my vintage treasure hunt!

Yep– porcelain…shells…jewelry….a spoon….everything cool and shiny :). Please, please, please paint the backs of your furniture if you’re selling your pieces!

But it looks much prettier all painted, even the bottom!

However, everything in the room was for sale.

I saw soooo many cute vintage drawers and “card catalog-ist” dressers, and was tempted buy them.

I absolutely loved this turquoise metal chest!

Check out these dictionary pages with art drawn on them!

Each seller’s booth has so many things to just walk around and look at all day.

Welcome to Kilmarnock Antique Gallery

It’s open the first weekend of the month and has great prices on all sorts of great vintage finds. and thank you for the fun and enthusiastic review!

I had told my friend about you guys and she was itching to come check it out.

I am in love with those ivory knobs w/the circle backings.

I actually thought both places were fabulous. It is especially beautiful during the holidays. Doesn’t look like it’s thrift or anything, but cheap prices?

We went out to our deer lease yesterday to do some dove hunting and we took a different route. But you gotta take some cash, because everything is pricey. All you need is paint,
power tools and thrift stores. Here is a guide to the best places to explore in the capital region.

They also hold estate auctions of property from many politicians, celebrities and other famous people.

You will find a wide range of antiques and accessories.

We purchase single items or entire estates. Be the first to know about upcoming classes, products, and specials!

It is such a gorgeous way to keep heirloom furniture but give it a fresh clean look. Anything from hilarious cards, candles, home decor and books.

We are your source for antique furniture and fabulous home décor and unique gifts.

We are a family business with some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the antiques industry, each bringing with them a unique insight and expertise. Staff offers customers an invaluable wealth of knowledge and a remarkable dedication to quality and service. If you need help liquidating an estate, give us a call. Our experienced staff walks you through the process and makes the experience as convenient for you as possible. Enabling you to create beautiful home interiors using the unique offerings of independent small businesses in your community. This warm, wine-inspired shade is versatile and we would say one of the more classic shades chosen in recent years. It is bold, while still maintaining a refined look and feel. Here are a few of our favorite marsala picks from the shop, all of them are available this week. This shade of red offers a lot of tones to work with – purples, browns and it blends well with existing decor in many different styles. Not ready to commit to a statement piece?

The emerald color from 2012 is still quite popular in fashion and home decor. Pantone’s color of the year in your home?

But, we try to approach it from a different angle, sharing trends that we feel are timeless. While there is a bit of irony in the words “timeless” and “trends” being used in the same sentence, we feel that trends can become timeless. So, without further ado, here are our favorite trends for 2015 – that you can safely incorporate into your home decor trusting they won’t be out of style next year. Especially in rooms that you may not typically put a statement light fixture in – say bathrooms and offices?

And the perfect excuse to use vintage pieces!

We love the rich look of wood four poster beds, but also really enjoy the non-traditional – like birch branches. It also adds a timeless, organic feeling to any room. Pillows, vintage glassware, artwork, vintage jewelry and so much more!

This week, we decided to come up with some fun new ways to use one of the most common vintage items – silver platters and serving pieces.

We all have them laying around the house, tucked away in cupboards, never to be used for their intended purpose. Okay – disclaimer: some of us do use them for serving, but for those of us who don’t – this post if for you. Create a unique holiday wreath with your collection of silver platters. This idea makes the perfect statement piece for a room. Gather candle votives, small figurines and greens and arrange them on a silver platter – perfect for tabletops and mantles!

Display your holiday greens with your silver pieces!

And giving vintage or antique items is a great way to give truly special gifts. Here are some of the newest items in the shop this week!

It’s also a great reason to pick up those fun vintage elements you are never sure you “need”. As you may remember, last week we announced that we are now an official retailer of these revolutionary (perfect for your home’s evolution) wall coverings. Here are four of our favorite-for-fall wall coverings from their product line. Did we mention in our last blog post that some wall coverings are prints (see artichoke above) and can be applied to the wall then framed to look like artwork?

Because the adhesive remains on the covering and not on the wall – you can move these coverings around to match your ever-evolving style. Or do you make bigger changes – like switching our blankets and pillows?

We’re excited to share them with you – as they help inspire us when selecting inventory and decorating our own homes!

And though the worn building isn’t welcoming, don’t let that dissuade you because you’ll miss out on amazing bargains. If you walk out without an amazing find here, you weren’t really looking. But the real high-end pieces are encased in a glass bookcase. And the mix of merchandise ranges from glamorous (think cocktail dresses and accessories) to workwear and casual pieces. For those looking to get the best bargain, tags lay out the price schedule for each piece, so if you’re willing to wait on a piece you can see when it will be marked down. Evolution’s staff carefully cares for each item, renewing wooden coffee tables, polishing silver flatware and dusting delicate china teapots to their former glory. Artisan tables, chairs and statement pieces make up the artfully eclectic furniture boutique. The store is filled with almost anything you could want to decorate your home and carries many gift items, too. The store also has three floors of china, paintings and furniture. Be sure to visit the furniture cellar for larger furniture finds. With a large selection of antique and new home goods in the store and a bevy of outdoor pieces on the wrap-around porch, you can spend the entire day deciding on all of the finds to be had. There is a sizable stock of wine barrels, clocks and doors and a small selection of jewelry and homemade soaps.

Northern Virginia Vintage Auction Sept BandH