The most popular baby furniture hand-me-downs are bassinets, rocking chairs, and changing tables. We also wanted to get a feel for whether or not expecting parents go over or under their baby furniture and décor budget.

This tells us that most expecting parents choose to buy the crib and changing table separately and do not prefer nursery sets. It could be hard to fit hand-me-down décor into the specific style nursery you are trying to build.

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Nursery Furniture You’ll Love

One of those life events might be having a baby, and we know creating a cozy and stylish nursery is a top priority for expecting parents. We realized it would be valuable to collect data on the nursery creation process as well as some special information on important milestones for babies.

Green and yellow are popular colors for parents who choose not to learn the sex of their unborn baby.

We also wanted to provide a clear list of essential nursery furniture based on what expecting parents brought into their homes.

Twenty percent of respondents chose to receive a bassinet and a rocking chair as a hand-me-down. Also, it was interesting that some new parents are willing to try and track down a hand-me-down rocking chair.