These chests, which were made from 1912 to 1987, have a locking mechanism that automatically locks once the lid is closed (see the attached photos). More than 12 million chests were recalled in 1996 but our agency still finds them for sale in antique and thrift across the country.

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For that reason, we reissued the recall in hopes of getting the word out to a wider audience. Thank you in advance for spreading the word!

If an item is too large to bring, feel free to bring a photograph. Jewelry appraisals are done by appointment only.

Perry attributes the decline mostly to the recession and the rise in popularity of cheap, minimalist . The traffic headaches caused by the construction has deterred potential customers, he said. Perry is liquidating his merchandise over the next few months and is in the process of selling the building, he said. About 285 new trees will be planted along the line. The team talked with 165 small businesses that were potentially affected by the construction. The other half is available to businesses through a grant program.

Businesses can also apply for funds to relocate if they can’t figure out a feasible way to stay where they are. Lamb’s business is 25 years old, and relies heavily on street parking being available; he sells a lot of large floral arrangements out of the storefront, and also has to load large floral arrangements into his van to deliver. Perry worries that if other businesses share his fate, the neighborhood will lose part of its identity. Sourcing local contemporary art and is also a part of my passion. The shop has a great mix of local and international furnishings to satisfy a wide range of needs. It includes built-in storage for all of your extra items. Dresser and nightstand offer the same solid wood construction and serve as beautiful accent pieces with rich antique oak finishes. This platform bed features 2 wide storage drawers with dovetail construction built right into the base, providing ample storage space for your clothing and bed linen. This handsome ensemble takes inspiration from classic furnishings and updates them for your contemporary decor. The dresser has 8 drawers to ensure you have plenty of space to store bedroom essentials. A mirror adds a bright, finishing touch to this luxurious set. All drawers feature beveled edges for a unique and refined appearance that is complemented. Bed features two drawers for easy, under bed storage. Dresser and night stand shipped fully assembled, not a scratch or even a mark on any piece!

Leave about an hour to put the bed together, the instructions are straight forward and the slats of the platform are solid - supporting a 14" memory foam mattress - no noise or creaks even with children jumping on the bed. The quality is excellent and looks identical to the photos. Far more convenient than dealing with a local sales droid, paying a delivery charge and waiting weeks for delivery. The furniture was reasonably well protected with heavy cardboard boxes and shrink wrap. Out of the entire suite, one drawer had some minor damage - it appeared that it had been dropped. Can you give some specifics for what we should look for when it comes to old paintings, furniture, toys, etc.?

If you have something you think may have some value, how can you get it appraised through a trustworthy source?

If appraisers are also dealers, then beware, as they might want to quote very low, in order to buy the item cheaply. Try and get some details about the appraisers’ experience, about their previous jobs, studies and makes them claim they are a trustworthy appraiser. Don’t ask dealers for antiques valuations if you want to get an unbiased opinion.

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Also be careful that auction houses don’t “over”-quote, as they might want you to send your item to them instead of their competitors. Look for quality of the materials, quality of the canvas (even though some painters in the mid-20th century used rough canvas because they couldn’t afford good materials in the early years of their careers), quality of the bronzes for antique furniture. It’s what auction houses call ‘country house condition’. Condition – items of good manufacture should resist wear (apart from glass or ceramics of course). Avoid the main auction houses’ sales – bad place for bargains, as all items get properly inspected and catalogued. Dig through piles of hand-woven rugs from all over the world. Get that perfect vintage art glass necklace for your evening wear. Pick up that ornate glass chandelier that just crys out to hang in your dining room. Wander, explore, find treasures, and special items will call to you. Here we open up some of our finest items to tempt you. Great selection of antique /vintage lamps and barware, reasonable prices. She convinced my friend to purchase some great antiques.

We went back 10 days later not expecting a good outcome. And, yeah, sometimes you have to dig to find treasure, but it's totally worth it. Oakland's new destination for affordable vintage home decor, furniture, art, and gifts.

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