It is now known that our surroundings have a great effect on how we feel, act and perform. This determines whether the space is sufficient for your needs but is not a final layout of the office. A long term solution will require the patience and understanding of not only different cultures/races but different generations. The implementation and project management is meticulously managed by a dedicated project manager who provides hands on supervision, management of the construction , and rigorous quality control. Lynne hosted her own interior design talk show for many years and writes numerous articles for many publications. The key to getting it right is a fair dose of creative passion, an appreciation of a client’s vision as well as their perosnal and influences and then interpreting this vision with a trained eye and artistic approach.

We invest in quality in every aspect of what we do from information we gather to the quality of our management and our people,from the detail and finishes of the products to the design.

Manage design office

Office Interior Design

I have to extend the warmest and sincerest thank you to you guys for really pulling through for us and making this move possible under difficult circumstances. I felt added massive value are : project management and your selection of service providers were excellent. Office design has evolved so that the people within the office space are of primary importance and all interior design decisions are made with this in mind. Years ago there was little focus on the engagement, productivity, empowerment and inspiration of employees through office design. A focus on environmental sustainability and a healthy interior environment forms the foundation for choices of materials, products and fittings.

The project manager will also manage additional consultants, and the tendering and procurement process.

I prefer to think of myself as a co-creator of work and living spaces which exude a balance of aesthetics and functionality, and at the very heart of it, spaces which elicit joy.

I believe in planning and designing spaces with tailored solutions to create a desired look and ambience.

The same theme carries through to the meeting rooms, the boardrooms and the walk-in centre.