Very laid back and relaxing due to it's lack of publicity. Well, hopefully that gives you some help.

I would suggest your getting a map and literature from the local visitors bureau or chamber of commerce. There are many fine places to stay, both bed and breakfasts and motels. They were so excited to sell the baskets as they had several children, and they were grateful for the money.

We drove up into the driveway, nervous to get out, since we had kids in the car.

He greated us and invited us into the home to look at the baskets.

You get a glimpse at the insdie of the home and the wife cooking in the kitchen. He let us look into the living room and our girls wanted to see their horses. He was great and let us come into the barn. What questions did they ask during your interview?

We like to step back to a slower pace with the people whose lifestyle we find mysterious but appealing.

The rolling hills are bright green at this time of the year. House gardens are colorful with flowers and promising with growing vegetables. The large, elegantly furnished bedrooms each had two queen-size beds. Jacuzzi tubs guarantee relaxation after a day of walking and shopping. Public spaces include a library with more locally crafted , an exercise room, and an indoor swimming pool with a retractable glass roof. A magnificent spiral staircase - a popular place for bridal photos - leads from the lobby to the second floor wicker room where continental breakfast is served. In the adjacent living room area, guests are invited to play the grand piano or sip tea and eat popcorn, an evening tradition. Visitors tend to drive at a slower pace, perhaps because of the horse-drawn vehicles or just to drink in the beautiful landscape. Berlin, in particular, has a lot of shops and seemed to be the busiest community. Or visitors can study a map to take the back country roads to see the impressive farms en route to their destination. Lehman's is the giant hardware store known for nonelectrics, and is a popular tourist destination. Most have gift shops, bakery counters, and canned good displays. While shops featuring handcrafted goods are numerous in the towns there also are opportunities to buy at private homes. There are more than 30 in the region featuring work by local craftsmen. Reasoning that it's a practical souvenir to take home, visitors stock up on all manner of foods. A megastore where people sample hundreds of cheeses before deciding which ones to buy, it also has a demonstration window where you can watch cheese being made. Chocolate and other sweet cheeses are among the sweet, dessert varieties set out for sampling. It's wise to take a cooler to store take-home foods.

I should have put the bag of chocolate chips purchased at a bulk store in the cooler. They melted into a large clump on the way home. Herbs and spices run the gamut and, generally, are less expensive. A bag of peanut butter pretzels made good snacking in an automobile in the fast lane as they perhaps do in a horse-drawn buggy on a country road. Don't attack other readers personally, and keep your language decent. Seems a little smaller than my home store but very nicely laid out, clean, organized and well kept.

Ohio Amish Country

Mattresses are very nice and the prices seem very reasonable. Some dream furniture items for our dream home!

It's durable to withstand two kids using it all day.

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