Adjustable shelved storage is abundantly practical, be it in a dining room, bedroom or entryway. Movers commented on how well it was packed.

Antique Furniture Orange Furniture

Thanks again to you and the two-man crew that came to pick it up.

We received the package safely, thank you so much for all your help and support.

We really do appreciate everything, the painting looks good too, and everything arrived without any damage. Over more than three decades of continuous operation, our staff of highly skilled professionals has helped the county’s residents maintain the visual appeal of their home décor and protect the value of their treasured contemporary pieces and antique heirlooms.

With our reliance on traditional techniques updated with the latest technological advances, we strive to provide you with the best possible blend of excellence and affordability. Common examples of these issues include discoloration, stains, cracks, gouges and instability caused by broken or loose joints. Other frequently occurring problems include veneer cracking or lifting, dings and dents, and light, moderate or heavy burn damage. If you have chairs with seats or backs made with caning or rushing, you may also experience problems associated with the breaking, unwinding or unraveling of this organic material. Regardless of the repair issues you face, we’ll develop and carry out a meticulous plan that renews your ’s appearance and day-to-day usefulness. In addition, our expert staff can completely integrate your required repair into a larger process that also includes an upholstery or reupholstery job.

Our expertise also extends to the repair of intentional vandalism of your antique or contemporary pieces. A light restoration job may only call for the removal of accumulated grime or some other surface imperfection. From simple grime removal all the way up to a comprehensive approach that results in a museum-quality final appearance, we take exacting steps to meet your specific restoration needs and deliver the top-quality results you expect. On every project, we explain the process in detail and make suggestions on the best way to achieve your desired results. Whether your furniture is a financial investment or a family keepsake, we fully support your restoration goals. The required actions in this process can vary considerably. A refinishing job that de-emphasizes wood’s natural appearance may have a number of other important steps. In addition to your antique or contemporary pieces, we can successfully refinish a broad range of items, including doors, built-in cabinetry and outdoor furniture. It takes special expertise to handle these materials during repair and restoration, and providers not familiar with the specific demands of mid-century modern furniture can easily damage your valuable pieces. In every case, we pay special attention to the materials used to create your pieces. In addition, we make sure that our repairs and restorations use period-appropriate materials whenever possible and retain every detail of the classic mid-century modern look. Our extensive facilities — stocked with a full array of specialized tools and machinery — allow us to handle all manner of furniture repair, refinishing and restoration work onsite.

We meet all local and state standards for fire and air quality control, and place a special emphasis on reducing our output of the toxic substances sometimes used during the refinishing or restoration process. Among other fine residences, the county is home to many architectural gems from the mid-century modern era. Whether you own antique pieces passed down through generations or contemporary pieces that appeal to the modern eye, we have everything you need to keep your furniture functional and meet even the highest standards for enduring aesthetic appeal. In all circumstances, we strive to create a repair or restoration plan that keeps your budget firmly in mind. And we back up our commitment to excellence with top-notch customer service every step of the way. By entering the flea market you agree that your image may be used for promotion, in any and all media without compensation to you. Talk to one of our friendly staff and get instant advice on your custom furniture questions including antique table repair, kitchen cabinet restoration, custom kitchen drawers etc. Many of our clients and their families are pleased when they see a worn out cabinet or a faded panel of wood suddenly bounce back to life as we apply the proper refinishing materials on it.

We also do an excellent gold leafing for all types of furniture. For urgent concerns about your furniture, please drop by our shop or to learn more about our restoration services. Our restoration and repair technicians would gladly listen to your concerns and advice you on the proper restoration process to undertake for your specific item. The new tenants do not want to use the shop furniture, including eight display cabinets.

Veneer Restoration

Orange Door Accent Cabinet: Antique White

There are other cabinets as well and display tables. These will be sold on first come first choice basic. Something here for everybody - too many items to photograph!

These stylish tables are sure to get the conversation flowing and intrigue all of your guests as to which antique store you must have gotten it from.

I unpacked the box and put them into my living room right away.

I quickly packed them up and shipped them back.

I don't know if they are made out of lead or what - but that doesn't matter to me. They don't really look that good but they add some color to the garden and serve somewhat of a purpose at the same time.

I have them inside, stacked, with a green glass rhino on top. They are very pretty, have held up well outside and are versatile.

I have them in my dining room by my chaise on my bamboo carpet!!!

I get some many people loving how they look and the color. They are very light and can be moved around easily. If you love walking around in a warehouse for antique goodies or even building materials such as doors and fireplace mantles. Tremendous inventory of antique furniture and collectibles from the past. The outside looks like you'll be in and out in a few minutes after a quick browse.

I would prepare to be overwhelmed once you walk into this antique store, overwhelmed in a good way.

I swear these antique furniture shops are sneaky. In the front they look like small stores but you can tell they carry gems and then you start walking through and there are stairs, doorways,.

Best Antique Furniture in Orange CA

There are two floors of some amazing antique and unique items. Reasonably priced, there is a full range of goods. Everything from vintage radios to clothing to household good and nick knacks. Its structually sound and solid, nothing lose. Overall, the vinyl cushions are average condition, they do have a 2 - 3" tears in one seat cushion and a 10" tear in another seat cushion and a hole. The upholstery would benefit from a professional cleaning. Local pickup only or buyer needs to arrange for delivery. There are no cracks to the plastic chases. Original orange vinyl upholstery, fiberglass shell, stamped to underside. A little heavier than normal chairs 7 lbs. Rose flower carved top with tufted velvet, solid, construction, and beautifully carved details.

The upholstery is original, and shows it's 50 years. Pulls to the legs, a burn to the top pile, and a small stain to the side edge.

I think it is so comfortable is the cantilevered form. Fabric in overall great shape with one ding to one corner. Very strong sturdy tool chest that would make a excellent coffee table. The bottom of the seats need to be repaired and the chrome has a number of pitting (both scattered and some cover a wider area).

It will look nice in any living room (or man cave) and provide years of pleasure and comfort!

These are great to make a chair or bench for your patio, lanai, mud room, etc. Has spot on the feet to bolt to the floor if desired. Original piece, that will look even better once reupholstered. On the rear right side there is a slight gap. Very retro looking chair, great 1960's decor!

The chair pictured is the one you will receive. These pieces are often used but in good working condition. It looks like they've sat in a warehouse for the past fifty years!

Please come in and check out all we have.

We are sure you will find something you will fall in love with. Our new site is fully responsive and will view nicely in virtually all of your devices. If you enjoy mid-century furnishings - even browsing is worthwhile.

I love the vintage furniture and decorations.

We also accept or you may use our layaway plan. Zeferino really loves his craft and extremely proud of the work he does. He has worked on several of my parents antiques and they always came out beautifully. There were rooms full of beautiful furniture. Lots of great shops, beautiful outdoors and friendly people. Family has been antiquing here for years. My entire house is furnished from those stores. Summerhill has long remained as one of my favorites. They have a beautiful selection, and while some items are quite expensive, they also have a good mix of more reasonably priced pieces.

Orange Door Accent Cabinet: Antique White