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Nothing is more exciting than simple black lacquer oriental in a modern home. A single drawer provides convenient storage for smaller items and double doors open to reveal a generous chamber for additional storage. Subtle variations will occur from piece to piece, adding to the unique quality of individual creations.

I originally planned to get it in the larger size but went with this one which is smaller.

I am not using it as a end table but rather as an accent chest for storage in my living room next to my piano.

I needed something to fill the space along the wall between the piano and the built-in bookcases and this was perfect as it is a traditional room. The only negative (and it is small) is that some of the oriental-style patterned paper that lines the inside was ripped and/or missing in two spots.

I love the muted colors versus other tables of this style that have very bright colors.

I think anyone would be pleased with their purchase of this oriental chest.

I really liked that it came mostly assembled.

I got an open boxed, used item for almost half the price as new.

We do buy and trade your antique rugs and !

Due to the progress of metallurgical technology, the improvement of iron making technology has brought great changes to the processing of wood processing. The weight and momentum were large, but there was a lack of change in technology and variety. The furniture used by the aristocrats is relatively rich, especially in decoration. The furniture in this period had complicated carving and painted with flowers and patterns. There are not many changes in the bed type. It is dominated by box type beds, rack screens, terrace beds and independent couches. Many great social activities were recorded by the masters of painting, which provided us with very reliable image data for studying and investigating people's living environment at that time. Besides using hardwood, high quality cork is also selected. The stable society ensured the well development in agriculture and handicraft industry. The major shape of rosewood furniture is the symmetrical structure. Without any additional color technique, rosewood is elegant with its natural red color.

We undersell our competition by offering our rugs at real and affordable prices in a friendly and accommodating environment. The conclusion is easily reached that these timeless pieces can be so contemporary and perfectly compliment any décor. Good sturdy wooden bed with good finishing. Doesn’t have the raw finish like most wooden beds. Bought 2 pieces and it looks perfect together. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about oriental furniture ?

The most common oriental furniture material is wool. Many of these items traveled overseas one or two hundred years ago, and have been in the country ever since where they have been spread around and lost. Due to this, our clients come to us from all backgrounds and walks of life, which each came across their piece or collection in a different way. Because we often deal with clients who are downsizing or require our estate liquidation services, some of our clients have had items in their family for generations but want to sell them, or have inherited items or an entire property from a relative. Asian antiques are so valued because they are finely crafted, based on such a long, interesting history, and their unique appearance.

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You may appreciate their eclectic and unique appearance, but if you don’t have much use for the pieces in your possession, it might be more beneficial to you to sell them. It’s possible that the neglected yet interesting furnishings in your spare room are actually worth quite a large sum.

We have over 22 years of experience in the field and can promise you an accurate verbal appraisal on your piece. Simply complete the form on the right side of this page, or call us today at (941)373-1234 to learn more about your oriental antique furniture!

Openwork in carved wood or other techniques is very typical for practical purposes such as chair-backs, and also for decoration. The furniture present in some of the artwork from that early period shows woven mats on elevated floors, sometimes accompanied by arm rests, providing seating accompanied by low tables. The platform was adopted as an honorific seat for special guests and dignitaries or officials. Longer versions were then used for reclining as well, which eventually evolved into the bed and daybed. Taller versions evolved into higher tables as well. Two particular developments were recessed legs and waisted tables. The use of denser wood led to much finer work, including more elaborate joinery. Guangzhou category (广式家具): incorporating western influence, fully formed in the 19th century but dating back to at least 17th century[9]. Shanghai category (海式家具): characterized by its decrorative carving and carved lacquer. The density and toughness of the wood also allows furniture to be built without the use of glue and nail, but rather constructed from joinery and doweling alone. Furniture and carving made from these woods are typically referred to, in the market, as "hongmu furniture" (紅木家具, literally "rosewood furniture"). While earlier pieces show full frame-and-panel construction techniques, different parts of the construction were modified through the centuries to produce diverse looking pieces which still share the same basic construction. Further refinement of the same pattern lead the shape of the decorative brackets being incorporated into the shape of the surrounding frame and simultaneously the two mitered vertical pieces comprising a corner become one solid piece. Cabinets in this style have a top that does not protrude beyond the sides or front. The critical element in almost all pieces of this type is the mitered joints, especially the 3-way mitered joining of the leg and two horizontal pieces at each corner.

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The legs and stretchers are commonly round rather than square or curvilinear. The simplest pieces are simply four splayed legs attached to a solid top, but more complicated pieces contain decorative brackets, drawers and metal latches. Cabinets in this style typically have an overhanging top similar to western-style cabinetry. Bamboo construction style, although historically rooted in pieces made from bamboo, later saw many pieces made from hardwood with patterning to imitate the look of bamboo, or simply in the style of previous pieces made from bamboo. Furniture was commonly hand made until at least mid-20th century. Are there any repairs or restorations indicating a higher age?

Generally, the traces of hand tools, electric tools or machines are different. When decoration details are repeated, either on the same or different panels, check if the details look 'exactly' the same, or if there are minor differences. With hand carving intricate details always show some differences. If there are none, then the item most likely was machine made or carved. Some knowledge of hand tools and electric tools, as well as the actual methods of making furniture may be of advantage.

Lots of people fall into the trap of buying machine made items because they lack this knowledge. As electric and machine tools mostly are rotational action tools, some things simply cannot be worked, or at least not in the same way as they would be with hand tools. Hand saws leave a different type of trace than electric saws, which appear more regular. Circular saw traces are especially easy to recognize. Complete absence of such, or the absence of repairs and restorations of such is likely to mean the wood is more recent. Sometimes the inlays show in relief, protruding from the base wood.

machine made inlays often are crude and easy to recognize. Antique furniture is never made using such crude methods. Certain hardwoods command very high prices, regardless of the condition of the item itself. This is due to the rarity, or use of now protected local wood species. While some were imported already early on, others were imported only from the late 20th century. Of course, this is not limited to the palace. Another one that is frequently encountered are cupboards, etc. Sometimes old boards are used to make this less visible. This is especially the case if they are made of fir or pinewood. It is now very brittle at this stage and repairs, etc. Sometimes braces or other means are required to support the frame. Old cypress wood can frequently be worked or planed anew, and reused without a problem even after almost a hundred years. Once the surface layer is planed off, it looks the same as new cypress wood.

The same is valid for many tropical or subtropical hardwoods that are used for furniture. Some woods will even give off their fragrance anew when re-worked decades later. The inlays are frequently crude compared to handmade inlays. Carvings look too regular, especially the curves, and when two or more items are repeated, they frequently seem exactly the same. With handmade carvings their proportions differ always a little. No matter whether computerized production machines or electric hand tools are used, they have one thing in common – these tools work either in a circular movement, like carving tools, or a regular movement up and down or forward and backward (with some saws). Unless they could see the actual item in its bad condition before its restoration, they would not believe that a restored item was really antique. Few furniture or wooden items are in good condition after centuries, without at least some restoring. A paste wax or semi-liquid wax is applied to the surface of the wood. In old times probably a torch would have been used. Electricity has made it possible to use this method without fire. Hard wax shavings are placed on the wood surface (positioned horizontally) to be waxed. Then a heating body like a hot air hair blower, induction coil or heating iron is held close to the surface to soften und liquefy the wax, which then flows and spreads over the wood. It fills all crevices and the wood grain. The wax is polished after the wax had cooled down. The result is a completely smooth and rather hard surface, hiding uneven grain completely. Great for adding a unique oriental accent to any room, home or . It has a glass top with four stools (also with mother of pearl inlay. All tables feature carved bamboo pictures on all sides and the top.

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