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Transform your home into an oasis of peace. They handle everything in a professional matter and strive to meet the requirements of the customer.

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This fascinating little company is housed in a 35-foot long refurbished camping trailer. Earl is a very enterprising young man who learned the wood working trade while still at the local high school. From there he honed his cabinet-making skills using more traditional methods like mortise and tenon and dowels. Wanting to be more creative, he transitioned more into woodworking, making beautiful, creative cutting boards and many other wood craft. However, he still makes a lot of custom cabinets and tables, and enjoys the precision and skill required. Earl even has his own sawmill so he can cut his own logs to make his wonderful creations.

Though they nicely sand their creations, they still retain the rugged look of the pallets, which are mostly made of sturdy oak. Having all their tools and equipment from building their home and liking woodworking, they came upon the idea to re-purpose pallets. They even had a special tool made to be able to help take apart the pallets relatively quickly. Their clients will often send them pictures of what they would like them to make. They expected things to slow down after the original flurry, but they have continued to keep busy. Ingo did a business plan when he was starting and expected to make bird houses and bird feeders, but their tables became so popular that they have had to alter their plans and concentrate on the tables but they can make almost anything. If you would like to see photos of their wonderful work, you can visit their website. He gets all his work through word of mouth. He enjoys having face to face contact with his clients to produce exactly what they want. He selects his own local hardwood for his cabinets from a local supplier who kiln dries his hardwood to his exacting standards. He uses only select or better grade lumber for his cabinets. He doesn’t want to get call backs for warpage!

They even have their own mold trimmer to make all their trim to match their cabinets. They make complete kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets and vanities, mantles and book shelves. Chriss grew up surrounded by carpenters and craftsmen and decided at an early age that this is what he wanted to do. He makes most of his furniture from red oak. He likes the look and durability of the wood, and he finds it takes stain and paint very well and is surprisingly forgiving. He will also take custom orders and make things from wood that people bring him. Chriss does not have a separate , but you will most often find him in his workshop. There, you will see many examples of his fine craftsmanship, and he has photo albums full of pictures of furniture that he has made. He does not advertise and gets most of his work by word of mouth. Christopher currently combines his custom fine furniture and cabinetry making with doing both residential and commercial renovations. He was currently working on an interesting split bench that doubles as a glove box. Muskoka chair, but is easier to get in and out of, and even has space for your lap dog!

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So began his quest to create interesting furniture using the leftover construction materials. However, they needed a retail outlet to sell their wares. Jeff uses local pine, ash, cherry and spruce. His attention to detail and the quality of his craftsmanship are obvious when you see his work. He built a masonry heater that not only keeps the home toasty warm, it also heats his water. He has also incorporated a grey-water recovery system that feeds his lush indoor garden, which includes large banana tree!

The workshop is heated with a wood boiler that heats the water for his hydronic radiant in-floor heating system. Another storage building also incorporates a passive solar air dryer to dry his locally harvested lumber. He uses local hardwoods for his projects including elm, maple, cherry and ash. He likes to use local hardwoods, reclaimed lumber and any wood with unique character. He recently made a fine multi layered dowel-hinged jewelry box using a single board of black walnut. He is currently making a large wardrobe using local spalted maple. Spalted wood is wood that has been allowed to begin initial stages of decay, and then is subsequently dried, preventing further decay. The partial decay, called spalting, gives the wood dark contrasting lines and streaks where fungus has begun to attack the wood. This gives the piece a very unique character. He has also used buried hemlock, barn boards, and an old pickle vat to make his interesting creations. Many of our products can be customized, and we can always create a completely custom piece to suit your needs.

I thought that was just amazing on her part, now we’re getting our dream piece because she was so thoughtful!

Jessica listened, has experience in interior decorating, great customer rapport, we also met owner.

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Simply a positive belief of a genuine client/company relationship. As humans we are quick to complain but not always as quick to compliment. The furniture arrived today, the delivery guys were great. Price was fair, believe me we shopped around. Selection was great and looks to be good quality. Your staff are great, helpful and willing to listen to concerns and they certainly go out of their way to make sure customers are satisfied. This minimalistic group combines a brushed stainless steel base with a solid wood construction. A sculptured, concave bar pull completes the case pieces, adding an architectural elegance. Accented by minimalist nickel or antique bronze hardware, the flowing curves beautifully showcase the solid cherry woodgrains. Simple, uncluttered silhouettes are the perfect canvas for solid maple in two new distinctive finishes.

We wanted a desk for our but we couldn't find the size we wanted.

So we placed the order and received an exact replica, only larger, of the one in the showroom - we were really impressed and would return for custom furniture in the future. This quality is what allows us to offer a lifetime warranty against. They were immediately recognized for the superior quality and detailing of their woodwork that they had brought to their "new country". Their reputation was built and sustained in this way. These immediately became renowned for the highest quality - constructed solid oak, cherry, maple and hickory wood furniture "built to last a lifetime".