A porch is an essential part of your house as in the summer it is a great gathering place and you can spend a lot of unforgettable moments there. I have never seen one single board look nearly as thick and straight as what you are purporting to be pallet wood. And you totally can get the look of the above boards and then stain them to the finish you want!

Get yourself busy a little with pallet boards and do this a little decking project, use the precise cutting, measuring and leveling tools for much better results!

I would advise you to spray all the surfaces with a good quality wood sealer after you have applied what ever choice of finish you choose prior to installing the pallets. Believe me, it’s much more difficult to rebuild when you have to tear out rotted wood and replace with pressure treated wood. It is due to be re-stained this year but other than that we love it and use it as much as we can. This could cause the pallets to rot fairly quickly since the wood they are made from is not treated. Yes, having the same size pallets will ensure a uniform look- thanks so much for the tip!

Pallet deck blocks

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Just make sure that the blocks are level and you can just set the pallets on them and there is no need to fasten them to the blocks.

Fix it up, or add functional pallet furniture to make those empty spaces into a family oasis! Whether your house is large or small, learn how to make use of your outdoor areas for relaxation, fun, and family gatherings!

I was wondering if you have to paint or stain pallet wood when you use it in outdoor projects.

Most nonstandard pallets are made from rough cut dimensional hardwood lumber that has not been milled down yet. You would need to be dedicated, with plenty of pallets, patience doing it for the pleasure of recycling!

I live by the pacific ocean and hope to have this last for at least 5 years…. All the painting/staining/sealing in the world is not going to prevent the wood from rotting. This deck is not meant to last a life time, but it is a great option for those that don’t have the time, money or space for a larger deck. To answer your question on the blocks, we placed the blocks so the tops of them were just at or slightly above ground level. I have been wanting to get a deck for our back patio, but, like you said, it can be really expensive.

We have been using our wood pallet deck for three seasons and have not had any problems with them shifting off the blocks.

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