What do you do if there’s an accident and a piece of furniture gets damaged?

That it’s up to you to repair it or throw it away.

Antique Furniture Replacement Part Furniture

One of the great characteristics of our bedroom furniture is that it is assembled with counter-sunk screws, not nails and glue. Not only does this make for a much stronger piece of furniture, it makes for easy parts replacement. If you ever have questions or problems, please call us!

It’s a lot better than having to replace the whole piece of furniture!

Watermarks, heat rings, faded or cracked finish?

They don’t cost very much and they’re available at most hardware stores. Very durable and they look modern and fantastic.

We purchased a second set for our back unit in 2018 because we are so happy with them. Made the icebox look like it did when it came out of the factory. Worth knowing that they are cast rather than stamped, so holes can be slightly different from one to another — means that you have to be careful with measuring and leveling.

But the upside is a truly historic and great-looking lift. Our services include rewiring, cleaning, polishing, and repair. Occasionally clients are unaware that a simple replacement part can save on the cost of complete replacement of their product. Did we mention that we can build brackets, and other furniture accessory components – yes!

An entire revamping of their furnishings at only a fraction of what the replacement cost would have been. This service is most often performed on-site after regular business hours, but arrangements can also be made to complete the service off-site.

We can also reupholster products, such as seating fabric, landscape screen or systems furniture panels. Do you want to keep your piece as original as possible and would prefer to replace your missing piece with a true, original match?

We love that you have done all of the hard work and created this cohesive list. A few of these are some of my favorites places to buy hardware, but a few of these are new to me. Glad to know now, just to wait a week, thank you for the tip, and for all the other info.

You have some really pretty, unique knobs!

I bet that’s a great place to find unique pieces if you can find them.

I think that in doing so, you could find some really great deals.

I would consider just filling the holes before you start painting.

We selectively manufacture our furniture, and our production is based on the demand for the collections and pieces within those current collections. This store retails showroom and photography samples, customer returns and retired items. All items are sold on a “as is” basis, and have a “no return” policy. This outlet location can only retail items that are shipped directly to them from the manufacturing facilities; the outlet is not able to order any specific pieces from our collections. Can you customize your furniture to our specific needs?

Unfortunately we are not able to customize wood products to fit individual needs. Our upholstery products are almost all custom made.

You can use different fabrics and trims, and then print off your selection for future reference. For instance, you might be able to find older metal lids for your kitchen glass jars from time to time if you’re really diligent.

Resources for Vintage and Antique Replacement Parts

Part Replacement Parts

And in this instance, having an old lid appropriate for the jar will make it more valuable. Likewise, there are home restoration or furniture projects where original lighting or hardware will always be preferable. Of course, there will also come a time when it’s just not feasible to find a vintage part. You’ll discover that they’re either as scarcely available, or it just doesn’t make sense to spend the time and effort hunting down an object like a rubber plug for an old ceramic piggy bank or an original door hinge. The value of the bank or the door doesn’t lie in the plug or the hinge, in other words. This includes the traditional salt and pepper shaker lids so often missing or in poor shape as well as covers for spice jars and sugar dispensers. Lots of other varied hardware and furniture restoration supplies to browse here as well. Especially if you’re restoring a family heirloom instead of repairing a doll to resell, it could be preferable to complete the project sooner rather than later. They even have old-timey light bulbs and chandelier replacement parts to choose from. If you have a question about antiques or collectibles, please send it to me. Over 18, 000 readers enjoy its insightful articles daily. There’s lots to see and read, so what are you waiting for?

She died recently and left her collection to me. It doesn’t look like a normal desk but more like a tall oak bookshelf with. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about furniture parts ?

The most common furniture parts material is metal. When our team addresses the issue of missing pieces, often a creative approach is taken so that the new pieces fit with, but can also be removed from the original piece. A beautiful butler’s desk was brought to us this fall. The final result is a new set of interior drawers that can be removed from the original piece, but provide stability and functionality to the antique desk. The green felt on the flip down drawer front was also replaced. Our vintage cabinet and furniture range add style and reliability to your home or commercial restoration project. If you’re looking for that one of a kind, we suggest you revisit this page regularly as we don’t hold onto stock for very long. Each item is subjected to a rigorous selection process before being accepted into our collection. Evaluation involves looking at a product from many angles. Is it: authentic, reliable, functional and quality.

We carry a wide selection of replacement parts for cabinets and furniture in the most popular decorative styles from the last 200 years, all available in a variety of attractive finishes. From drawer pulls to cabinet hinges , we have the hardware you need to finish your project with sophistication and elegance.

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Part Replacement Parts