A staple of the modern kitchen is ample seating, whether it’s a long bar lined with stools, a comfy banquette, or even a full sitting area complete with sofas and armchairs. While more formal antiques are experiencing a downturn, 20th-century pieces are having a moment.

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Sivo went on to say that these days, it makes more sense for people to buy half a dozen barstools to put around their kitchen island than it does to spend thousands on a dining room table that will rarely be used. Prepare for your trip with our handy tips on tackling this monumental market. If you’re a serious shopper, watch out as it becomes very crowded after lunch!

We still hear the occasional tale of woe about lost belongings.

The market and neighborhood is very colorful and you will love the diversity of personalities, stall keepers and products for sale!

As mentioned above, you want to watch your wallets and you can safely stroll around here during the day. The individual markets tend to run into each other, and even after our shopping there for 20 years, it is still not obvious where some stop and others begin!

If you’re looking for paintings and smaller objects, this is often the place to go.

You will find economically priced country-style furniture here, as well as gems such as beautiful linens, paintings and decorative objects. On the left side, you can find hundreds of nice pieces of wood furniture, most in a country style.

They are not always the cheapest stalls, but the selection is vast. These few shops have some quality antiques and also some nice decorative pieces. Just think about finding a wonderful chaise longue to style up your place back home!

Always worth a visit if you’re furnishing a large home. The atmosphere here is more bric-à-brac and thrift shop atmosphere. Vernaison has numerous antique clothing and linen shops. Choose a central meeting point and time after you arrive there so that members of your group can wander off in different directions depending on their interests. Then you can join each other and share your discoveries and purchases. Hide your wallets under your shirt or sweaters around your neck. If the dealers think they might lose the sale, it speeds up the negotiation”. They were called ‘crocheteurs’ or pickers. The romantic term was ‘pêcheurs de lune’ or ‘fishermen for the moon’. Eventually, they formed groups of stalls to attract more customers. The key to creating a warm, inviting environment is to add just the right amount of antique décor pieces. Clean any mildew off with one cup water mixed with one tablespoon bleach and one tablespoon dish washing detergent. Tarnished brass handles on trunks and dressers. Remove tarnish with a paste composed of equal parts salt, flour and vinegar. Rub on brass with a soft cloth, and then rinse completely. Unpleasant odors from chest of drawers or armoirs. Remove odors with cat litter or baking soda. Remove discoloration with soap and water only. But be careful: wipe gently with a soft cloth if the pieces are damaged. Buff discolored antique ivory with a woolen cloth. Lubricate and clean antique clocks every five years.

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Clean glass surfaces to an irradescent finish with cool water and a bit of mild soap. Polish carved furniture with paste wax applied to a stenciling brush and buff using a show brush. That is, take pictures of only one antique piece at a time, and make sure the piece takes up the majority of the photograph, cropping out any excess space in the frame. Lower yourself to the level of your furniture for best effect, squatting or kneeling if necessary. Make sure the furniture has been thoroughly polished and cleaned, and remove any items that may be resting on the top of dressers, tables and so on. Avoid using an indoor flash on furniture with flat surfaces, like tables and chests of drawers, as the flash produces distracting reflections. Zoom in on details, especially if the antique item in question is ornate. Take pictures of inlaid handles, carved feet, and jeweled detailing. Take multiple pictures of any one piece in order to ensure that you have at least a couple high-quality pictures with which to work. If a table or dresser has “style,” explain exactly what type of style it has. Does it possess unique qualities, such as guilded or brass detailing?

Make sure to offer as many details of your antique item’s splendors as you think necessary to cinch the deal. Also, list any flaws the antique piece might have, such as loose joints, nicks or scratches. Your local library, with its numerous books on antiques, is a fantastic resource in this regard; and your local bookshop has many print sources on antiques as well. The online outfit caters to both consumers and the trade. So when shopping for your next furnishing or accent, don’t forget to look to the past. Breuer chairs are basically on their way to your table. Source everything from full-sized furniture to tabletop items and lighting, from vendors all over the world (tip: filter by your area code to save on shipping!). Plus, unlike lots of other sites slinging vintage furniture, returns are free and there’s a flat rate for delivery.

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Perhaps its most enticing feature is the user-friendly app, which enables buyers to browse and favorite items, and sellers to list items easily (and for free!). Products include a range of vintage and contemporary high-end furniture, lighting, and accessories. Beware, this is where you’ll find the pricey stuff!

Sort by price to find some of the more affordable items, or contact the dealer directly through their messaging system to make an offer. The hours vary depending on which show field you plan to visit. Overall there are plenty of booths to shop from 8am to 5pm. Some charge admission for the first day and stop after that. Basically, there are parking lots all around town. If you know which area you plan to shop on a particular day you should park in that area. Using the chart and map shown on this web site you can make a good plan. Most fields have porters available for a nominal fee.

You can often arrange to drive onto the field where you made your purchase late in the day and they will load it into your vehicle.

You might also consider making arrangements for delivery. There are some show fields that do not allow pets. The size and level of training of your dog would be a consideration. Service dogs would be an exception, of course. You’d have to try at each individual show office to have your friend paged, etc.

Some fields won’t page for this purpose and some are not equipped to page.

You can download and print it for your reference. Please note that this website provides information but does not rent exhibitor space to dealers. Yes, there are lots of experienced porters. Most dealers and show field owners have a few on hand to help. Yes, there are many creative ways to arrange for delivery. Mark your calendars and book your vacation time and hotel reservations. Detailed information is available on this website. Old friends are reunited and new friendships are cultivated. Sections of show fields become familiar neighborhoods. It’s a great opportunity for networking and learning about antiques.

We also include the names of each show field along with the direct contact information to the event managers.

You may wait for your product to come back into stock.

We will notify you if we receive word that your product has been discontinued. Cancellations due to a product being out-of-stock are not subject to the cancellation fee. Many of our customers are here every week, both buyers and sellers, while every week there are people in attendance for the very first time. First time or for the last 40 years, we appreciate your business. If you are interested in selling, give us a call at 260-768-4129 to reserve your auction space. If you are wanting to buy – one time or a box truck full, this is the place!

A buyer number card is required to make purchases. Buyer numbers expire at the end of each calendar year. This is a live auction with multiple auctioneers going at the same time (6-10 rings). See below for auction building floor plan and information on locations and start positions. Be sure to inspect the merchandise prior to bidding. Merchandise is 100 percent the responsibility of the buyer after the item is sold. For larger items, you may purchase “sold” stickers from the office. All merchandise must be paid for and removed the day of the auction. No guns, gun parts, or live ammunition are to be offered for auction. This includes black powder, starter guns or any other type of gun or firearm. Toy guns may be offered such as cap guns or any other type of toy gun. Commission fees are based on your gross sales and your lot averages. All purchases and unpaid balances will be deducted from your proceeds prior to issuing a check for merchandise sold.

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You and your vehicle will be directed to your auction space. Your vehicle will be directed out of the building by auction personnel. There is no guarantee of selling time or auctioneer.

We encourage you to sell all items to the highest bidder. The “no sale” needs to be declared before the auctioneer drops the hammer and declares the item sold. Then let the bidding take its own course. Before the auctioneer sells the item the auctioneer will ask you “yes” or “no”. At that point the auctioneer will use your stated bid as the opening bid and ask the crowd for the next appropriate higher bid increment. If no one bids then the item will “no sale” at your stated reserve bid. Attach any photos or listing information you would like included. Captions (up to 40 characters) may also be submitted for each photo. Check out what’s going on by browsing our upcoming events. They span over a fifteen-day period with approx. There will be less selection, however vendors will be more inclined to strike a deal or negotiate with you to get rid of their inventory. During the week, parking is much easier and the crowd is smaller, making it easier to get from one show to another. Downside: the prices will be less negotiable and not all vendors are open. Wear layers and a light jacket or top to cover your shoulders to avoid sunburn, even if it’s cold. Wear comfortable shoes or if the forecast calls for rain, wear rain boots. Bring a hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses just in case. Use your tote to carry a notebook and pen or use your cellphone, for writing down your purchases including the location, name and number of the vendor you need to pick up your items from. Bring a camera or use your cellphone to take pictures of the items you bought and left behind to pick up later.

You can also carry smaller items you have purchased in your tote bag or use a rolling cart, however these can be tricky when trying to maneuver in smaller booths. Since the shows span over an 11 mile stretch, traffic can slow down the process of getting from one to another. Drive to the furthest show and work your way backwards so you are only dealing with traffic on the way back. However, if you have favorite shows, start there first to get the best selection.

You won’t know until you ask and most dealers expect to be asked.

You will have better luck negotiating if you are looking to purchase a large ticket item or a large amount of small items. Remember that these vendors have a tough job so be fair in what you offer. If you decide to wait and go back later to purchase a piece, it may be gone. The other aspect is that you may buy something in the beginning and then find something even better later so, there is no easy answer. If you choose to take your items home with you, bring plastic or paint tarps to cover the interior of your car in case of rain or if items are dirty, etc. Finish off with one (or all!) of their daily dessert selections and a cup of decaf coffee. and who knows, it might even help you de-stress a little and get you rid of some of that moving anxiety most people go through when switching addresses. Its only flaw might be the occasional creaking sound that makes your heart tremble every now and then. Maybe it also has a sentimental value, as your late-late grandmother has passed it down from generation to generation. The last thing you want to do is ruin it during the moving process, or cause irreparable damage to it. If you own highly valuable antique furniture items, even the smallest scratch can cost you a small fortune. Focusing on all of these aspects should help you avoid the negative emotions you might experience during a move.

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No matter if you think about your furniture as an old friend or a valuable item inside your home, one thing is for sure: you have every reason to safeguard it during the transition. This, however, might be easier said than done. Dealing with fragile and expensive furniture is one of the trickiest things to do. There are certain steps you can take to effectively protect your antique furniture while relocating. And while a specialized mover is your best bet to safely carry your antique pieces with zero accidents, you can also personally ensure everything will run smoothly. There are loads of things that could go terribly wrong, as well as lots of circumstances beyond your control that could potentially render useless all of your planning. The integrity of your shipment should become your number one concern during the transition. The truth is no amount of money could ever replace an armoir with a sentimental value. The more effort you are wiling to make to protect your antique items during the move, the better your preparation. Start by creating an inventory of your antique furniture pieces. Even the smallest detail counts and should be written down. Describe the items as accurately and thoroughly as possible. Mention any current damages, and take photos from all angles. In case of an unfortunate accident during th move, you will be able to use this as an evidence when filing a claim against the movers. It will serve as proof of the actual value of your items. See that you have an antique furniture appraisal done. Only hire reliable and authorized antique furniture appraisers that can assess the worth of your beloved furniture. Make sure to carefully hold on to this appraisal papers; add them to a special file, adding them to the photographs and the rest of the inventory. The more attention to every detail you will show to this project, the more chances you will have for your antique pieces to make it in once piece, unaltered and looking the same to your new address. Buy proper insurance for your antiques prior to the move.

Find a reliable insurance company and talk all the details through. Find out exactly what your options are and select the type of liability coverage that best fits your custom needs. Locate a safe route from your old house into your new one; measure all furniture dimensions as well as the size of the doors and see if all the piece can be safely take out through there. Hire a moving company if you are unable to maneuver your items in or out of a room. Let people who know what they are doing take care of the matter. Set up a detailed floor plan of your new home, so you or the movers can immediately start the unpacking and placement of the furniture into the right spots. If it also important to make sure your new home has the ideal temperature and humidity values needed to safely preserve and store your furniture in.

You are highly advised to hire professional movers for full packing services. Tickets will not be available at the door.

We are always looking for new venues and try to visit as many new locations as possible each year. Among other considerations are the capacity of a location, its availability, and whether its distinctive characteristics suit our production needs. Tickets will not be available at the door for any event, and there are no waiting lists. The 2018 ticket application deadline has passed.

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Ticket recipients are selected from all eligible applicants by random drawing. Tickets will not be available at the door, and there is no waiting list. Each ticket holder may bring two objects for appraisal. There is a two-ticket limit per household. At the event, each person may only use one ticket. Is there a cost or service charge for the tickets?

When does the ticket selection take place?

Please note that only ticket holders will be admitted to the event. Upon arrival you may present either a print-out of your electronic ticket, or have it available on your mobile device. No, tickets will not be available on the day of the event and there is no waiting list. If you do not have an e-ticket, you will not be admitted to the event.

We offer all of our tickets to the public free of charge.

We provide a limited number of tickets to the local public television stations, which they may use for fundraising purposes. Only submissions of furniture items will be accepted through this process.

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Will you acknowledge receiving my furniture submission?

In order for us to transport and appraise your furniture, the owner must attend the event. If your furniture is selected, you and one guest will automatically be allowed admission to the event. What if my furniture piece is not chosen?

Ticket holders will be admitted every hour according to the time on your ticket, and items will be appraised all day. The event will end when all ticket holders in line have been given their appraisals.

We do not allow entry into the appraisal area before the time on your ticket. Please plan to be at the event at the time specified on your ticket. However, if you miss your entrance time, you may join the end of the line.

I have a ticket and want to bring a large and/or heavy item. Will anyone at the event help me carry or move it?

Sorry, we will not be able to assist you in carrying or moving large or heavy items.