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A gorgeous, distressed, rustic oak finish has depth, while natural slate accents grace the top of the optional mirror.

Chamfered front feet, and raised paneling all add to the quality craftsmanship. Real wood furniture for every room in your home. Our inventory includes products from top manufacturers as well as some exclusive, handcrafted pieces which can be ordered and customized according to your requirement. Check out their wide selection of bedroom suites, living room sets and more.

Hiw own workers and crew who know what they are talking about have agreed with us 100% that our furniture does not even come close to matching. Claim this business to view business statistics, receive messages from prospective customers, and respond to reviews. He reminds me of a creepy car sales man that will say anything to get you to buy it. The delivery guys were nice and worked hard getting into my room which had a super tight corner. Keep in mind you are paying for real wood furniture not cardboard ikea stuff. Then we were told the 2 nightstands and dresser and stools were all being custom ordered.

Rustic Furniture Plus Humble / Atascocita Grand Opening

Rustic Furniture Plus grand opening in Humble/ Atascocita area. Real wood furniture for every room in your home.

And the 3 furniture pieces would be all stained to match the same color.

We were told the other 2 pieces were still being orderd.

We first explained our concern that now if they were not coming in at the same time they would not match in stain.

We were right, instead of ordering us new pieces so the stain matched. Tim the owner had his crew use 2 pieces in house and stain it them selves. He refuses to fix the 3 pieces to match or refund our money. He then said they don’t know what they are talking about.

I are redoing the kitchen so we’ve been looking for a slab of granite. Claim your free business page to have your changes published immediately. So there is a lady that works inside some times she is really nice!

Visited a couple places before walking in here.

We were told the bed and tv stand were in stock.

We did not get the bed for almost 6 weeks. Our salespeople are very friendly and knowledgeable. Come shop with us for the best selections.

We specialize in rustic style furniture made with real wood.

We know everything about these products so we can help you throughout your purchase process, whether you’re buying pieces right off our showroom floor or doing a special order for a custom piece.

You will benefit from expert advice and professional delivery. Furniture ideas can include a table at an entrance. Filling pots with soil this spring will be easier with a potting bench built from pallet wood. Pallet wood can be used to build a wine bar for entertaining family and friends. With a little paint and imagination, wood from pallets can be repurposed as word art. Lamb says the pet bed made from pallets took only 11/2;hours from start to finish. But the idea also would have tapped into a trend in home décor.

Humble TX

Christmas presents from their pallet projects.

I can get hickory pallets and oak pallets, because when it’s a heavier load, you need a heavier wood,” she explains. The first step of any project, she advises, is to take the pallet apart to reclaim the boards. From there, it’s a matter of cutting the pieces into the correct sizes. Some pallet boards are wider and thicker than others. For long or wide surfaces, such as for a table or bench, she says, one trick is to use several shorter boards lined up horizontally next to each other with their ends fastened to a frame. If the pallet is made and used only in domestic shipping, it may not have the label, so check with the supplier, she adds. She says crafters also should look for pallets that are relatively well-finished, with boards uniform in size and free of cracks or other defects – unless, of course, a highly distressed look is desired. Cracked boards are fine to use if they’re not weight-bearing, she notes. Stored pallets are seen as a fire hazard, she says, and the government also wants to keep them out of precious landfill space. Some of those that can’t be recycled are being processed into garden mulch, she says. Vanderveer says customers often show her and her husband pictures of pallet projects they’ve completed. Lamb, 49, and a mother of three, says one popular idea is paneling an accent wall with pallet boards. She didn’t include that idea in the book because it’s already in wide circulation, she says.

Plu Humble Rustic