You can hang your window curtains effortlessly with the help of these curtain rings. The rod is constructed of steel, finials are constructed of iron.

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The flowers are connected by a rod in front with a separate rod behind for the curtains. This particular tieback works well in almost any setting, from old world to rustic and even contemporary interiors. Made from resin, these bamboo curtain rings are best in quality. Featuring a unique finish, these rings sport a realistic look.

Its texture is distressed that offers a beautiful look to the window frame. Its decorative finial showcases the edible thistle rendered in detail and a rich, hand-painted vintage bronze finish that complements a variety of aesthetics, from traditional to glamorous. Crafted from metal, it features an adjustable length for a custom fit no matter the size of your window. All mounting hardware and installation instructions are included. The rod is embellished with two decorative finials, one on each end. The rod and finials spotlight an oil rubbed bronze finish.

The most common rustic curtain rod material is metal. Use them to easily hold open your window curtains. Coordinate with the matching curtain rod (sold separately). These clip rings add a charming and stylish accent to your drapes while allowing them to slide with ease. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about rustic curtain rod ?

Sophisticated shaping adds a decorative touch to the end of any curtain rod, creating a streamlined look that exudes high-end flair. Durable wood construction provides a stable hold for draperies, complete with a smooth surface that lends your window frame a polished look and feel. Durable wood construction provides a stable hold for draperies, complete with a ridged surface that lends your window frame a textured look and feel. Durable wood construction provides a stable hold for your draperies, complete with dual rods that lend your window frame a layered look. Geometric-inspired shaping adds a decorative touch to the end of any curtain rod, creating a streamlined look that exudes high-end flair. Featuring wood finials, this metal rod pairs well with wood décor and any type of drapery. A textured end adds a rustic look to the rod. The length is adjustable to fit a range of window sizes. Durable wood construction provides a stable hold for your draperies, complete with a ridged surface that lends your window frame a textured look and feel. Durable wood construction provides a stable hold for your draperies, complete with a smooth surface that lends your window frame a polished look and feel. In short, they frame our view of the world. While we make every effort to ensure that our curtains and window treatment products are accurately portrayed online, colors may vary due to inconsistencies in computer screen settings. Feel free to contact us with questions related to textures, tones and materials. Rods connect using our corner connector which allows for a nearly 360° rotation. Matching double rod available sold separately. It features a beautiful dark finish and is easily adjustable. It is compatible with standard curtains, sheers, valances and grommet or tab-top draperies. This kit also contains all the necessary hardware needed for completion. Use this decorative piece in bedrooms, baths or dens to add warmth and texture.

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It blends flawlessly with existing hardware and highlights a wide range of decor. To create a contemporary look, use with grommet curtains. Also great for back tab and pocket curtains. The rod includes matching ornate resin finials that add a touch of style to your window treatments. The mounting brackets project the rod 3-1/2 in. This drapery curtain rod installs in just minutes. It has a 5/8″ diameter and includes the mounting hardware and brackets necessary for installation. Here’s what you need to know about using drapes as window treatments. Decorative curtain rod is available in two sizes; sturdily constructed to hold heavy curtains yet stylish enough to use with featherweight sheers thanks to its elegant dark copper finish. Made of steel and resin, this ball curtain rod offers a distinctive way to secure your window treatments. Its durable construction ensures long-term use. It works with tab and hook tops, as well as many other styles. Choose a finish that complements your room color palette. It is also adjustable to suit your specific window width. This window curtain rod has a rustic copper finish and adjusts to accommodate your window size. It includes matching ornate resin finials that add a touch of style to your decor.

You can create a contemporary look by using this window curtain rod with grommet draperies. It’s ideal for use with back tab and pocket curtains, as well. Mounting hardware and instructions are included.

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Typically, they hang on a rod secured across the top of the window and hang straight down. But there are different variations that range from casual to formal. Intricate decorative finials with rich finish will compliment. You may not use these images without written permission. It’s made of durable metal in a highly distressed deep burgundy finish that complements most any decor from rustic to modern. It easily adjusts from 48-85 inches long from end to end. It includes two ball finials two star brackets and mounting hardware to get your inner-decorator started the moment it arrives. Add a stylish twist to your window ensemble with this spiral curtain rod. Reflect your style with this decopolitan artichoke curtain rod set.

I share my journey of turning our house into a home, one project at a time. Otherwise you can use drywall screws and have them around 7″.

It was really really simple, anyone can do it. Just keep in mind every wood absorbs stain differently so you may need to play around with the ratio a little. The brackets were my largest expense of the whole project.

I thought about returning them but since they are mounted so high, you can’t tell.

I went with the rule of mounting the curtains halfway between the molding and the ceiling. The fact that you don’t have to spend a fortune on rods is major!

We have a really large bedroom and having the curtains all around has made it feel smaller and bring it all together.

I love how she tried several different types of wood before finding the best choice for her space!

I love the thickness of this rod and the finials are the perfect touch. Don’t waste your time on cheap curtain rods that bend or break under the weight of your beautiful new curtains!

They are guaranteed not to bust your budget and will look fabulous in your home!

I take pride in reviewing only products that fit my brand and will be beneficial to my readers. Select window treatment hardware consists of all the drapery hardware accessories you will need to complete the perfect window ensemble. Plus you will never believe what the finials are made from. It looks much prettier in person and is well made. Was able to buy on sale but wouldn’t pay more. It looks like real wood and can definitely handle heavy curtains with the hardware included.

We were looking for rods for our living room that would hold the weight of a 50% blackout curtain, and these did the trick. They also look like you paid much more money for them.

They took a bit of time to install – mainly because we aren’t that handy. It’s about using what you have to create curtain rods you can love and afford.

I considered using with curtain rings or clips but couldn’t find something to match the faux wood. Once we figured that out, install was easy. This decorative curtain rod with a light, wood veneer finish. It also includes rod and mounting hardware are made of metal for durable, long-lasting use. Adjust the length, as you like (between 36″ – 66″). Thankfully within seconds one is able to see the extra rod in the package does not go in the middle of the two existing rods but rather is to be placed on one of the ends. Before you begin, remove the pre-installed finials and reconfigure using the slimmest rod as the center extension. Screw in two curtain tieback hooks to the wall on either side of the window at the halfway point of the height of the curtains. Add 12 inches to the length and look for a fallen branch with a 2-inch-diameter thickness that will match the length needed. If necessary, cut the branch to the length desired with a hand saw while wearing safety gloves and safety glasses. Cut off any small protruding branches and leaves from the fallen branch with landscape hand clippers. Spray the branch with bug spray to eliminate any insects on the branch. Scrub the branch with a dry scrub brush to remove any debris. Place the pole wood curtain rod on the curtain rod brackets. Measure the width of the window with a tape measure. Be sure to line up the seam where you have a bracket, though, both to cover up any misalignment between the two dowels and the provide extra support for the joint. A sturdy fallen branch can serve as a curtain pole rod, adding a natural element to modern or country décor.

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Choose a branch that is longer than the width of the window for this decorative rod. The rustic treatment will add charm to a bedroom or bath, especially paired with plain muslin tie tab curtains. The roughness of the pole eliminates sliding, so window side edge tiebacks are required for opening the curtains.

I did make sure to put seams at the brackets, of course, to provide extra support… but the wooden dowels seems to be holding up perfectly. It just says to join dowels using dowel screws. Please provide any detail you can to help us complete this project.

We simply used a vice to hold the rod and eyeballed drilling down the center. Be sure to screw into something secure (either find a stud or use a strong sheetrock anchor) and leave the screw out 1/4″ or so. The bracket should slide onto the screw and down a bit to secure in place.

I just put screws (into studs) and left approximately 1/4 inch of the screw sticking out from the wall to hang the bracket on.

I have looked up many techniques from experienced woodworkers online and on youtube, all of whom recommend the use of a drill press or an intricate doweling jig for this specific purpose.

I have attempted this multiple times without success.

You can simply put a screw into the wall (make sure you hit a stud and if not, use an anchor) and leave it sticking out about 1/4″. The bracket simply slides onto the screw. Check your local hardware store; they should have something similar!

How is the dowel secured in the bracket so that when curtains are pulled dowel stays in place?

The weight of the long wooden dowel and the fact that the curtain holders are not tight on the curtains works for me. If not, you’ll need to be sure to line up the seam with a bracket. Thank you very much and congratulations on the new little one. Since the brackets are open at the top, you can always lift the bar up to slide rings past the brackets. But it shouldn’t make too much of a difference as long as each one is the same. Thank you so much for sharing something so affordable and beautiful!

You can thin it out a bit with water if that is helpful to make it stretch.

You can even mix a bit of latex paint in the chalk paint.

You might also try tightening the screw it’s hanging on. But we are in the process of making these for our new home- 1896 farmhouse.

How do you stop the dowels from sliding around when you move the curtains?

I actually haven’t had any problems with that. The rod is fairly heavy because it is so long, and it fits more snugly in the brackets than the rings fit on the pole. It would be trickier with a bay window; you would need to join the rods at the same angle as the window and use a bracket/brace at each corner. You’ll probably want to extend the rods beyond the door on the sides so that you can push the curtains clear of the doors when you have them open. Only question is – how do you get your curtain across to the middle window (past the brackets)?

Just a personal preference, thanks for sharing!

If you’ve got them installed into a stud, then one long screw should be enough. But if you want to add another contact point, you could consider a saw tooth or some other little hook at the bottom of the bracket.

I hope you enjoy yours however you make them!

You can get more sources from my home here if that’s helpful. And yes, they are great as actual brackets, too, aren’t they?

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I simply put the screw into the studs surrounding the window (if you don’t have studs where you want to hang them, you’ll need to use a plastic wall anchor) and then hang the bracket on the screw. Any ideas to make the brackets more secure without too much trouble?

This is where your “grain” really appears. Here you can see the progress of the finish: stained, dry brushed, waxed.

I love that they’re real wood and how the rich tones stand out against the light walls. How did you actually attach the brackets to the wall?

The brackets have a hole on the back for a screw.

I used a large screw drilled into the studs around my windows and hung the brackets accordingly. Just hanging the brackets from the one screw hole doesn’t seem to be strong enough, especially with rambunctious children around.

I did this before the stain was fully dry. Shop our selection of curtain rods and hardware and find the perfect accent for your window decor.

I always say that mixing some splurge items with some more affordable pieces (whatever “splurge” and “affordable” means to you) is the best way to create a beautiful space with long-lasting style.

I wanted to recreate that for my curtain rods.

You can use an electric sander or sand by hand. Use a hammer, screwdriver, or any other heavy object to distress your brackets (superficially only!

Run the wire brush vigorously up and down on both sides of your bracket. Love the personal note they left in the package. The pole is available in the traditional colours of black and pewter. Thirdly, customer confirms the samples and places deposit formal order.

We will go all out to meet customers’ demands.

We can supply products with high quality and good price. Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have any demands and need any further information. And more we will take part in canton fair or other foreign fair.

We are looking forward to establishing relationships with you in the near future. The two and one-quarter inch pole diameter is perfect for use on both standard and large windows. The scale of the drapery hardware is appropriate for single, double or triple windows. The hard lines and geometric formation of these finials will compliment any modern decor.

For even more modern touches, you can use the metal brackets and rings along with the wood drapery rods. Mixing wood and metal elements within your drapery hardware treatment is a great way to give a modern nod while keeping with traditional styles. This range of metal curtain poles, as the name suggests, has the look and feel of an iron curtain pole that was hand crafted generations ago by the village blacksmith. This collection features some of the most stunning natural wood stains available in the industry.

Pole Rustic Elegance Wood Curtain Rods