As of late 2015, the product continues to occasionally advertise on television. This is a preferred way to obtain the product, as you can get it immediately without shipping delays or costs.

Reviews are mixed, and it is unclear if this product truly delivers a superior performance over inexpensive wood cleaners.

You made things at home or made do without. One day you may be faced with times not so easy for yourself and you will appreciated drawing on things from the past, and using them today.

I liked this one because it had all three, figuring that the cleaning power of both lemon and vinegar would be better in their own individual ways!

I don’t need to buy anything except the ingredients to make and keep this on hand, and at a fraction of the cost of commercial polishes. When you think about it, the oils nourish the wood, while the lemon juice and vinegar, both being acid is what dissolves the dirt and allows the oils to penetrate the wood. The wood is left with a hard clean shine that looks like it will last.

I tend to make a new batch every so often. This is great for cleaning stoves, range hoods, sinks etc. It easily cleans, breaks down any wax build-up, polishes and restores any wood surface back to it's natural glow.

You will be notified when this product is back in stock. Delivery date depends on the destination address and the shipping method. Orders typically leave our warehouses within 1-3 days. Delivery date depends on the destination address. Place your order by 5pm (local time) and pick your order up same day. Personalized and customized orders typically leave our warehouses within 3-4 business days. They add it works on painted surfaces and reveals your wood’s natural beauty. There has been some speculation it contains linseed oil, a common ingredient in regular polish. Problem here is, there are no names attached or any info where these quotes are from. But some people either won’t be deterred or just really have some dull wood staring them in the face. Many consumers have complained about annoying pop-ups that confuse and/or add products to your cart during the ordering process. When they call to complain, they are given the run-around. Maybe water added so you can push it through a sprayer.

I really think there should be more protection for the customers. Oil will fight grease or oil, as water and oil do not mix and leaves sticky residue. Google it for a more detailed use and handling. My only complaint was the sprayer was broke. This is said to be achieved without any sticky residue or wax buildup. The product is advertised as working on any wood surface. There is a 30-day money back guarantee, less shipping. Finally, there’s a pure and simple polish from a pure and simple people. Look how you can turn an antique flea market find into a gold mine. Did you know most water rings are actually a discoloration in wax buildup?

Glow easily removes those embarrassing heat rings and water marks.

As Seen On TV Dutch Glow Amish Wood Milk

Polish Glow Amish Wood Milk Reviews

And in the kitchen it’s like a magician on your cabinets, removing cooking grease, smoke stains, and fingerprints that build up over time. Just pay separate shipping and processing. But if you call right now, we’ll even include our jumbo microfiber polishing cloth absolutely free. Note that there is a different version of the commercial above which can be seen on the official website.

We had to have the sales rep remove this subscription that we did not want. The instructions state that you need to shake the bottle before using, but this instruction does not appear on the bottle itself.

We could not duplicate some of the demonstrations in the commercials, including the lack of waxy residue. First is the questionable ordering process in which some consumers have been confused and ordered more product than they wanted. This could easily be remedied by an order confirmation screen, which does not exist. This could be affected by such factors as type of wood and technique of application. Thus star ratings such as these should be taken with a grain of salt. That was when the product was highly marketed but had not yet arrived in .

Polish Glow Amish Wood Milk Reviews