We are dedicated to surprising our clients with beautifully reupholstered and renovated to add to the décor of their home. Buying new these days is a risky business.

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Consumers are often fooled by decorative exteriors which hide the cheap materials used in the mass-production of today’s furniture. While these products might look good in the showroom, they will not stand the test of time that your quality furniture has already endured.

We will breathe new life into your comfortable, quality furniture so you can hold on to those sweet memories without having to find a new piece to fit your living space.

We can restore older pieces, as well as give stale furniture a completely new look.

Whether it’s for a single room or an entire development, we offer innovative suggestions, advice and a job well done. Your message must contain at least 20 symbols. The message must not be more than 2000 symbols. The high quality furniture pieces are restored to their former glory. Posted by mumtaaz in furniture , tables in port elizabeth. From a single item, to an entire household.

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Learn how to make those annoying white rings and water hazes disappear from your fine furniture. Joshua explains that the white.

If it's in your house or business, we can sell it.

We hold specialised antiques auctions once a month. The knowledgeable and helpful owner will ensure you are guided and given whatever help or advice you require and you are able to take all the time you need. There is new stock continually arriving so keep an eye out for the special pieces you have been looking for. Specialised in restoring antique and period furniture.

We can do valuations and specialise in estates. If you agree on the price we will pay you right there and then and remove your unwanted items.

We also understand that in these tough economic times you may need some breathing space. Bring in your item or items of value and you can borrow against them for a period of three months. But what exactly is considered an antique?

There should always be a resident cat at an antique store; not for purrrrr-chase, just for character. While some items might have you reaching deep into your pockets, other items are often undervalued and up for grabs for next to nothing; a dusty steal. Also keep your eye out for their pop-up shops every now and then. The shop is overflowing with assorted antiques and bric-a-brac. Offers vintage, antiques and interesting bits and pieces. Much appreciated, so excting for the winner to browse your shoppe of mystery and memories. This clock doesn't need batteries or electricity and works with the atmosphere so it will never stop working. Ook ingesluit is daar vier pragtige fotos van ou motors gemonteer op"hardboard" en aluminium ou karretjie wat op hout gemonteer is. Everything sturdy and solid and in good clean condition. The antique table got slight surface scratches (as in pic) that can be easily restored.

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How To Strip Stain From Wood Furniture Repair Tips

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