In the living room we have one of those oil filled heaters that look like a steam system radiator.

This gave me the ability to run an additional heater in older parks with only 30 amp service. One consideration is the noise (some units are more quiet but still it’s something humming in the middle of your living room). Also, can you really put the unit ‘in the middle’ since the hose needs to get out to a window. I had was with the window kit, it didn’t fit exactly and had to do a little modification to install it.

I did not want to install new central a/c, much of the house is closed off now to save money on electric, family is grown up, etc. It allowed us to do this and keep the house air conditioner at 74, saving us a ton of money. Purchased this air conditioner for a bonus room which was very hard to cool since the room was above a poorly insulated garage. The unit blasts a powerful (and noisy) stream of cool air that if you are standing directly in line with the vent does feel chilly. Could be a little loud for some, but worth the lower temperatures it offered during those blistering summer days. Our old portable a/c unit had to be emptied almost daily, so it’s an added bonus that this one doesn’t!

The only thing that really needs improvement is the flimsy plastic thing that fits into the window and is the outlet for the hose. I followed the directions and placed fans to help the circulation, moving the air from ,kitchen, dining room and back into livingroom. We have placed aditional fans to help move the cool air around on very hot days above 90 degrees. But on a sunny 90 degree day it will keep the room temp in the low 80s, which is a big improvement.

That was good enough but then we found it had an ionizer that really made a difference and had the ability to be a heater in winter.

It was actually longer to unpack it and to choose a location for it, than it was to install it!

Window cool hose

I may try to put some cardboard or some other ‘quieting’ flooring under it to see if that helps with the excessive noise and vibration. Even on low setting it pushes out a strong volume of cold air and quite rapidly cools the area.

I do find the cooling cycle is a little loud but it doesn’t have the high pitch that many window units have. Because of the floor plan being as it is, the entryway, the kitchen, the dining room and the living room are kind of all part of one larger room. I wanted a good energy star rating and something that was not a huge monster of a machine. This particular portable unit seems to provide what we need and we hope that it will perform up to our expectations. Answer: . If you want to keep your house at say 69-70 you need to set it to 63-64 to get it to start cooling.

It has an “accordian” type tube that attaches to a flat piece that sits below a sash window, i. Keep in mind that the hose gets really hot, and the longer it is, the more it heats the room on the way to the window. It rolls on industrial strength casters and can be set up and broken down in less than 2 minutes with no tools required. This great piece features an oversized drink mixing and cutting area, removable ice storage, adjustable open storage shelves and built-in stemware rack. Create an understated bar space in the den or simply keep all your spirits and glassware at the ready in the dining room with this essential bar cabinet, featuring raised panel doors and bun feet.

Removing the ceiling has given it a feeling of airiness and openness, while a shelf fitted at the very top of the wall makes use of the vertical space.

If you dont have a heat pump system and are on park hydro, why not use the heaters instead of the propane furnace. Your 120v circuits are usually good for about 20a, but with extended use the heat will cause them to trip at a lower draw. I use that one on medium power over night to insure it doesnt place a high demand on the 15 amp circuit. So if you don’t need all the bedrooms and living room and kitchen cooled at the same time, then it’d work. Also, the hose gets really hot (at least mine does), so the heat from the hose heats the room back up while the window type naturally dumps the heat outside.

Or one larger window unit with a fan or two to help it along at the edges of its effective area. So awesome we are thinking of buying another one to replace another ac unit we bought years ago(still works–not as good as the newair) but difficult to program. I opened the dooor to the master bath and closet, it added another 200 square feet and although it took awhile, the unit would cool the whole 520 square feet down to 70-72 degrees while it was in the 90’s outside.

I have an extremely wide window, had to purchase the extra window insert, and fyi there is no unsightly air conditioning unit showing on my first floor window!

I connected it in my living room, and i thought that possibly the size of my livingroom was just a bit more than the unit could handle.

I put the unit up against a wall that separates the finished basement and unfinished utility room. I use in a small and my large bedroom for the really hot nights and afternoon days.

Other than that it’s easy to maintain and the noise level is just fine given the amount of cooling it does!

If you can get it to stay in the window, and not have the hose fall out of it, you’re in business!

I was planning on using this new one along with my old 10,000 btu unit, but it kept making the power go out!

My wife says the hum bothers her ears somewhat, but on those hot days, she likes it regardless of a little hum. The design leaves gaps of wide open space and the plastic holding the window open is not insulated. This little unit was a breeze to set up and cools my bedroom (11 x 15) down to match the first floor in a half hour. I had the proper width, the hose adapter was then resting on the window sash, causing stress on the upper part, causing the whole assembly to pop out of the window. This unit really does the job of cooling our master bedroom plus dressng area, walk in closet and master bath. We did not want a window unit to block the only window in the bedroom, so this seems to be the perfect answer. Easy to setup, easy to operate and it doesn’t keep us awake at night like our old piece of junk. I place the unit) is the coolest area, the air conditioner is sufficient to cool down the general temperature of the rest of the area too. With adjustable and automatic air louvers, you can choose which area of the room you want to cool down most. Answer: there are times when we don’t want to use central ac just to cool baby’s room, so this unit is a perfect solution. It would work probably if. Answer: yes the window is open approximately 4 inches and it is vented outside with screen intact – carol j. Ours has worked great, a little loud, but it works great and we have never had to drain any water out of it, it seems to all go out in the exhaust. The frame is powder coated steel and constructed with a tubular design making it lightweight but still durable.

Distressed walnut finish return bar with raised panels and universal return that goes left or right. These cabinets allow you to create a wine bar set perfect for all your entertaining needs.

Their work is outstanding and it was no surprise that both homes received multiple offers as soon as they hit the market.