He is very professional and delivers an extremely high quality product. He also stained a sliding glass door to match the rest of the trim work in our house, built and installed a mantel above our fireplace, and created custom doors for a storage cabinet.

Their quality of work was really impressive. If there's anything he runs into before he starts the work, he'll let you know. His strong attention to detail is the reason he does. The original project was to add crown molding to the.

The queen platform bed will lift with gas lift cylinders for easy access to storage below. The platform bed will be finished with laminate top and bottom, as well as the exterior base of the storage box. Remove top of unit, cut out center of unit, reattach top to bottom of unit. Existing chutes are made of hardwood with plastic resin insets, and carts are made of what looks like birch plywood with caster wheels. Thought a cabinet builder or handyman could whip these out pretty easily for us. My husband is an architect and has detailed drawings of a basic idea, but we would like a skilled artisan to help complete the look and actually build.

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We want upholstery but understand that might be done by a different contractor. Only have the table top (very heavy) and legs.

I have purchased the trim boards and made the measurements.

I recognize it is a small job, but it is important to me to be skillfully done.

I would like to installing the trim boards next week. Twin with pull out bed to be used by a kid so he will not fall off the bed. Buying functional art may seem daunting, but it makes sense in many ways. Trusted builders have a track record of exhibiting at juried art shows and delivering bespoke . Many artisan pieces created today will become valuable family heirlooms in the future, as fine hand crafted woodwork has become rare. Buying custom gives the opportunity to participate in the creative process, which adds to the meaning and usefulness of the work. Often, the legs and bases have a unique underlying geometry that work with the forces of nature rather than fighting to control them. The resulting is light and strong, with flexibility under stress. The work is handmade using fine wood, metal, glass, and stone. Each piece is heirloom quality and crafted to last for generations. Our online shop takes the guesswork out of finding your new furniture. It features a curated selection of our most popular styles, plus our most popular customizations. After you place your order, we will give you a call to confirm all the details in person. Each collection includes a chair, sofa, and sectionals in classic dimensions and configurations. Metal legs come in brushed nickel or chrome. Read more about the furniture’s construction here. Want to make a change to one of our styles?

We totally want to geek out on every detail with you.

We can adjust the length, depth, and height of furniture to the inch so it exactly fits your comfort or space requirements.

We are happy to create modular and sectionals, and build matching ottomans.

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Sometimes you fall in love with a fabric, leather, or other material that is outside our sourcing capability. Built by us, we never use prepackaged kits. Have something beyond a basic leg in mind?

This handcrafted furniture will create tangible memories for generations to come.

You will be investing in pieces that withstand the test of time, enhancing your surroundings while inspiring awe and delight.

You can feel good knowing that each piece is 100% wood with no particle board or veneers. It’s exhilarating to change up your living space. It can also be entertaining, albeit frustrating, to determine the best way to incorporate your new acquisition. Just bring us your dimensions and an idea of what you have in mind. Not only can you decide on item dimensions, but which type of wood you’d like it made of.

We love helping our customers find and create the perfect piece of furniture to complete their interior decor. Feel free to bring in pictures, drawings, or just an idea and we will work together to make it a reality.

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