Words such as “magical” and “unique” are often used. Although it has been expanded over the years, it retains its rustic look.

Rustic Log Post Furniture

He remained there until his death in 2002. The living room on the first floor and a bedroom, library and bathroom on the second floor are part of the original log cabin. The office and a second bedroom were added later. Wood stoves in the living room and kitchen warm the space.

A separate cottage, once the meat house where meats were stored for drying and salting, was converted into a wood-working shop and art studio. The ceiling joists have the bark from the pine trees attached. A log with the old meat hooks attached runs the length of the cottage. The stone kitchen came in the 1960s or ’70s. Up a lane from the house is a two-seat outhouse. Across from the outhouse is a structure that was used as a welding studio and has a potting shed on the end.

She enjoys lying in the bathtub underneath a skylight, watching the tree branches waft back and forth; reading or meditating at the window seat in the library, looking out on the two large maple trees; lying in the hammock between the maples; and having coffee in the small sitting area next to the goldfish pond. Pearce would love for an arts organization to buy the property and turn it into an artists’ retreat. But she would be happy to find someone who will love it as much as she has. Your subscription supports journalism that matters. Visit our photo gallery of rustic luxury timber frame homes , luxury log homes , and hybrid timber frame homes. The posts are secured in the ground with or without concrete. This fence provides a defined division of areas without obstructing the view. Posts and rails are treated to resist insects and decay. Most fences fail over the years from a rotted wood post. With state of the art equipment and the wisdom of generations, our craftsmen will turn your dreams into a reality. While each style is sturdy, original, and beautiful, one will fit your sense of timber style the best. Exterior touches include the log end styles to the choice of using skip peeled logs. This is another opportunity for you to demonstrate your style in choosing your desired finish to the log ends. The whole building can be built using post and beam or only a small area such as an entry roof to give a standard stick frame home some additional character. The squared off posts and beams add another dimension to your home. All the joinery is mortise and tenon together, with or without wood pegs. Our highly skilled log home builders can put together an equally impressive timber frame as any dedicated timber frame company. A few logs placed on the top and bottom of the walls make this a hybrid between a full stacked log home and a post and beam style home. It can be flattened for the whole house or just certain areas. Let’s focus on the bread and butter of our operation: the type of wood that we use to create our log homes. Over the past thirty years of work in the timber industry, we have focused on using only the highest quality of all our wood species. Not all species of tree have the same characteristics, so your decision can be based just as much on visual preferences as it is on the needs of your environment.

We encourage you to call us and find out more about what we do. If you would like, we will get you in contact with one of our customers.

Logs Siding and Railings

Our clients take as much pride in the timber of their log homes as we do. Older trees have a long, branch-free trunk and a short cylindrical crown with a flattened top. Our customers trust us to provide them with quality information and even more quality products.

We share the same love for the log home decor; our selection of rustic decor is one trusted by our customers to provide style and safety to their cabin or home.

We strive to provide the sturdiest rustic cabin log beds around, and you’re sure to have sweet dreams when tucked between the covers on one of our gorgeous bunks. All styles of our rustic beds are also available as standalone headboards, even if not seen in the headboards section below. Give us a call toll free at 866-923-6932 if you have any questions. In light of this, every section of railing is custom made specifically for you. Whether you need extra durability for exterior use, or you’re looking for elegance and beauty to enhance the interior of your home, we have you covered. Your custom railings come predrilled to make stairway assembly quick and easy, as well as create a seamless look. With both rounded and hand-hewn styles available, we can help you find the perfect fit for your log home or cottage. Cedar’s natural preservative oils deter insects and decay giving you a longer lasting product. Cedar also responds beautifully to stains and clear varnishes giving you an appearance that you are sure to love.

We also have kits available for mounting posts onto a deck surface. Cedar is one of the longest lasting woods available for outdoor use. Our sturdy doweled construction combined with. These rustic railings, spindles and posts will vary in diameter as they are created from smaller tree stock and will carry the natural contours of the log. No dowel turned spindles can compare with our rustic hand finished railings. It can also be used to cover the exterior of an existing log home.

With 1827 log cabin rustic charm is a natural element

Large orders normally ship with varied length stock, call for available lengths. Log accent pieces can highlight a great room ceiling or can be a post at the end of a breakfast bar. Please specify length needed (up to 22’available in some rafter stock) and round or cut profiles. For example, a decorative rafter or joist would be cut flat on one side, while a post would be full round. Call us for availability and pricing of these custom cut items. Call 800-343-8928 and let us know what you are looking for, our mill can custom cut many rustic log building materials. Special order preparation time may vary from 2-3 days to 3 or more weeks depending on size, complexity and availability of materials being ordered. Call 800-343-8928 for details on availability and to place an order. Order with us and you’ll know your railing is the best quality available. Our rails and spindles are made of white cedar for both interior and exterior installations — and for a good reason!

We specialize in custom length rails built to your specifications, but we also offer a pre-assembled traditional railing kit manufactured in our mill by the same experienced craftsmen creating our custom pieces.

Scroll down to compare our products and to learn more about features, styles, textures and pricing. So, customized staircase railing and measurements are a breeze for us. We’re doubling our shop size and our capacity to take care of the growing demand from clients like you. Go to our ordering page now and complete the online forms and fax when ready.

We can help you determine the samples you’ll need and begin to build an estimate for you. This air-dried 9″ x 8′ white pine log is split into two pieces and the inside has a 4″ x 4″ area hollowed out that will wrap a standard jack post.

The rustic hewn texture of this log has a hand peeled appearance as if it were shaved by a drawknife for a more authentic look. The fasteners for this post wrap are not included. Spindles have tenon cut ends and are ready for staining/sealing to match your home’s existing color scheme. It is common to use a 1-5/8″ spade bit for drilling into the rails. White cedar looks like pine and is nearly indistinguishable from pine after staining. Can be used as loft balcony and deck railing. It is lightly textured to match wood surfaces for applications where you would like the sealant to be invisible. From the day that you apply it to the many years of durability that you get from it, this wood stain will distinguish your home. After multiple exposure tests in harsh weather areas across the country. This stain works on both interior and exterior logs. Its elasticity bridges the gaps of small cracks that may be in your log, yet the stain is highly breathable so it allows moisture to escape. The cured coating is both beautiful and durable. This is a one of a kind rustic half log with beautiful bluing and unique knots.

We stock these types of unique logs and posts to help you create a one of a kind log home. Every image is hand drawn so no two images are exactly alike.

We make anything and make it custom, so it fits you perfectly. See more about railings and what we can make for you!

Ensure your guests, and more importantly yourself, feel completely comfortable at your home. These stains and sealers offer long lasting protection with a great look. You’ll get a great look at what we can do for you!

Our peeled cedar and pine beams are available in lengths 8 feet long and up in 2 foot increments. Pricing is based off of the top (smallest) diameter of the log. Gives you a rustic log cabin look, while still having a modern structure underneath. If this is the desired look a coating of watered down white latex paint may be needed to reach the desired whiteness. Greenleaf but has worked for many of our customers. Final prices with all costs will be provided in formal quote. If it’s a steel beam or metal air-duct that you’d like to cover with a full log look, most often, we can do it!