Posts In 2005 TecznotesOceanStore is touching on the same attitude towards storage I’m seeing in projects such as Atop Axiom, namely a slight distancing from SQL towards purer object stores. This move loses the big advantage of SQL’s indexes and searches in favor of distributability and fuzzy degrees of confidence. Your credit card company isn’t about to switch (SQL solved their problems neatly almost 30 years ago), but projects like ForwardTrack could play.
It’s a fascinating essay about the effects of access on insight. In this case, Bob Woodward comes under heavy scrutiny for his unique combination of top-level access and personal incuriousity. Arianna Huffington calls him “the dumb blonde of American journalism, so awed by his proximity to power that he buys whatever he’s being sold.”It’s easy to forget that Woodward’s big break in the Watergate case came at a time he was a lowly Metro desk writer, an unexpected source of pressure.