Decorating Furniture: Double Take Decor Repurposes Pieces For Sale In New StorefrontPaying for college can be nerve-wracking. Not only are you probably dealing with huge sums of money, but the complex process of making decisio...
When Lisa DeSantiago entered Chip Britting’s home for the first time, it was decorated with a couch, some lawn chairs and cardboard boxes for end tables.

Poultry Plant: State’S First Public Chicken Processing Facility Takes Big Step
She made him a deal – if he bought a new couch, she would furnish the rest of the rooms with garage sale finds. And so began not only their relationship, but their working relationship as well – surrounded by repurposed given new life through his repair work, her and design, and a lot of creativity.
Soon after his retirement from the U.S. Forest Service, they were fixing not only for themselves, but for friends and clients, so they ventured into selling unique one-of-a-kind pieces in First Avenue Salon and Second Street Market in Hamilton.