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Antique Furniture Pricing Guide Furniture

I bought this book to help educate my eyes and heart and identify what they have fallen in love with. This book is full of information useful to that purpose - everything from identifying periods and styles to learning how to describe the different elements of a piece of . The pricing part of the guide is interesting study.

I was looking for some assistance in pricing mid 20th century .

Its a sure plus to an antique furniture book collection library. Grab your toolbox to make smarter decisions and move ahead in life faster. Save your time by reading more in less time. A way to make this event even more enjoyable is to buy useful items that maintain or even appreciate in value. You're probably thinking that used objects decrease to half their value the moment you buy them. However, if you're patient enough to buy antique furniture and art at major auction houses and antique , you will own pieces that almost certainly will maintain or increase their value.

The cost of many antiques is often comparable to the cost of high-end new furniture. In addition, they are located internationally. The dealers most likely to buy back your antique items or sell them for you are those that are well established and respected. It's best to ask about their policy for trading in or reselling pieces when you buy from them initially. Since 1968, the antique furniture studied has appreciated 33 times its original value through 2001. In other words, the antique furniture went up in value nearly 2 times more than the stocks. Most of us are not going to be in that kind of market, but obviously less expensive furniture of good quality has historically appreciated as well. Antique furniture is easy to transfer back to the auction house when you choose to sell it. The specialist at the auction house will know the items from the earlier sale in which you purchased the piece. They can tell you over the phone whether they will auction it (providing the condition is suitable) and the date. Antique dealers may not be able to be as specific about the resale of your antiques. No matter what your approach, you will pay what a dealer would pay for an object at auction. This means you don't have that second-party markup. You're paying the most competitive price for a piece that is classy enough to be in a major auction. These houses don't take every piece that comes their way. Dealers will even help you choose pieces for a percentage of the selling price, often 10% or 15%, depending on the total price. Your job is to indicate an interest, and others can take it from there. The specialists at the auction house should be able to direct you to some of these dealers. They will also keep you informed as objects that you might be interested in come up for sale. The objects in the live auction are generally of higher quality and more likely to hold their value than the online auctions. Another option is to leave a written bid that could win the object, depending on the competition in the room and on the telephone. Before bidding, you may want to obtain a condition report from the auction house. This will give you more details about any damage to the piece and can help you better make a decision as to what it's worth to you. Some bidders feel that the written bid is a good way to go because they decide what the object is worth to them and put down that number.

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Pricing Guide Used Furniture Sale

They are not influenced by the frenzy in the room during the auction. Therefore,
you can't obtain money quickly from the sale. Furthermore, when you sell it, the auction house will take part of the hammer price (15%
or 20%). They also may take up to several years to sell your piece. Furniture subdivisions are not created equal. Although the general groups appreciate over time, a subdivision of a group may be higher or lower than another at any 1 time based on current trends. For example,
oak and walnut furniture have risen in price more than mahogany furniture over the past few years. A hazard of antique furniture is that it can be more fragile than new furniture. Children, of course, are not aware of this, and can easily damage the more fragile items. If this is a concern, buying sturdy antique pieces or few antique pieces might be best.

You may even want to put off collecting antique furniture until the children are older and everyone can breathe more easily. A risk of buying antiques is that you may not be buying what you think you are buying. Purchasing from a major auction house or established dealer is a benefit if this were to occur. The whole process can be fun,
and could open a stimulating and interesting new world to you. While the object you choose may not appreciate like the stock market or your home, if it holds its value,
you're still ahead compared to a new piece that's sure to depreciate. Mueller is boarded in neurology and psychiatry. She was a practicing neurologist until 1995. Since then, she has retrained and is active in the investment and financial planning area. Most of the pages in the catalog are the original catalogue pages showing illustrations of the 1921 furniture line.

Collecting Antiques

In most cases problems or concerns are easily resolved. Condition: cover is poor, but interior pages very good. It is in good original condition with normal wear from age and use including wear at the edges, otherwise a great intact piece. Kirk is one of the preeminent furniture historians of the 20th century. His father was a builder and most enjoyed the work of restoring old houses. A price guide showing current market values is included. Catalog is beautiful and showcases the beautiful hand crafted furniture. The result is beautiful furniture, each piece the unique product of the furniture maker's creativity and skill. Condition: pages are loose because of rusty staples, tanning, and a crease. The centerwrap is present but pulled loose from the staples. Minor soil, but otherwise clean and nice, with a tight binding.

This book provides historical data about their lives and careers.

You won't receive heavily thumbed shelf copies from us!

Authors are encouraged to submit their reference titles for our consideration. It has cabriole legs ending in a pad or drake foot, a fiddle-back backing, and batwing drawer pulls. It’s often described as graceful and refined with less elaboration than other styles of the same period. This was also the first style of furniture to be mass-produced.

For instance, the less amount of restoration work done, the more valuable a piece will likely be. Pristine original condition will demand a premium price. In some cases, a piece may even have markings, from pencil markings to inscriptions, indicating the manufacturer and origin. No matter what you buy, be sure that your source is reputable and experienced. It’s essential to stay true to your own decor and lifestyle. It’s better to have a few really good pieces than a lot of mediocre ones. Don’t be afraid to experiment with mixing styles and periods. For instance, it’s become a trend to blend vintage and modern aesthetics in the same space, though it’s best to try and use similar wood tones. However, with furniture, it’s generally simple for an expert to identify whether or not a piece of furniture is genuine. Most pieces from the 1830s and earlier should be purchased with their original patina or finish. This is not to say it’s not worth buying, but it’s not worth buying at a premium price. Buyer beware, however, as sales are often final and you will likely not have an opportunity to inspect the item in person. If a document serves to authenticate the maker of the piece, who has paid for the authentication?

Each auction house has its own registration requirements. The entire process is straightforward, but is better done a day or two in advance of the sale. Familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of online auctions or sales. If buying at auction, will a buyer’s premium be added to the hammer price?

How long do you have to pay for the item?

How do you contact the seller with questions?

If you are not absolutely certain you want to potentially win an item at auction, do not bid on it. If you win, you can pay the auction house the next day and pick up your drawing to carry home. For larger items, the auction house will provide a list of good furniture handling or shipping companies.

Pricing Guide Used Furniture Sale