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We have a large selection of antique dining tables, chairs, sideboards and buffets in a number of styles, whether you are looking for a perfect addition to your farmhouse kitchen or your formal dining room.

We just got this stunner in and completely restored it to glory. Need some serious sparkleat home for the holidays?

Extra deep, large, copper sink with a great hammered finished.

This artful shot is brought to you by the inability to get far away from this gorgeous piece. Which means, we are still rolling out antique !

What to do when you have a beautiful piece of , but there’s no key (and 5 different locks!)?

Gorgeous pair of doors/ shutters in store right now. They bring a totally different kind of rustic.

We have over 400 tubs, but few that are this unique. All pictures you see here are for display. Antique incubator in excellent condition!

The incubator has clearly been used for it's intended purpose, but it is nice and clean and is perfectly suitable for indoor decor. A lovely piece of history will be your pride and joy. As you can imagine, it is the areas most active antique store.

We buy entire collections or a single antique.

We also have over 400 videos from which you can select for greater visual detail.

We also have showcase and booth rentals available for seasoned dealers. If you are a serious antiques dealer looking to set up business in an antiques mall, this is the place to be. If that's not enough, we also have mid century modern furniture, lamps, and objects of art. The quality and quantity will astound you!

But what if you want to make a new piece of furniture look old?

Painting furniture to look primitive or distressed is a matter of painting one color onto the piece as a base, and a second color on as an overlay. The trick is knowing how to make the base color show through the overlay in strategic areas, to give the piece an antiqued look. For a true primitive affect you will be sanding in the areas where the hardware would normally age or place wear and tear on the cabinet, this will be better accomplished if the hardware is removed first. Use a tack cloth to remove any dust that has accumulated on the furniture piece before moving on. Furniture that has a primitive look to it usually has another color peeking through the top layer giving it an aged or distressed look. In this step you will be painting on the under layer of color.

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Primitive Country Furniture American Heritage Shop

Allow the base color to dry for approximately one hour. This layer of paint will be the main color of the furniture piece.

You may need two coats to completely cover the base color of paint. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly before moving on to the next step. Acrylic paint dries to the touch within 30 minutes, so waiting the half hour in between coats is a good idea. But, before the sanding process you should allow the piece to dry overnight. The extra wait time will ensure that the acrylic paint is completely hardened. A gently sanding over corners, around the areas where the hardware attaches and along decorative inlays will give your piece the primitive look you are trying to achieve.

You may want to apply a bit more pressure when sanding in some areas than others for a genuine look.

We enjoy making new cupboards, cabinets, snowmen, and santa's that will used in your home for the holidays!

Please place your orders as soon as you can because our handmade items are made to order!

and remember with our handmade items each one will vary a little because of being handmade. Our nationwide directory of estate sale companies helps people find estate liquidators near their area. Please visit one of our five locations. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about primitive furniture ?

The most common primitive furniture material is wood. These pieces often feature interesting carpentry techniques, such as dovetail and mortise-and-tenon joints. It is great hanging on the wall or sitting on a surface like a counter. It had black/dark brown paint that has been worn or scraped off.

American country furniture American Heritage Shop

The most prominent is the top layer of gray, but under that is a beautiful blue and possibly black under that. The original square nails can be seen here and there on the piece. This chair was made in the mid 1800's and has a laced seat made from what looks like sinew. It stands 20 1/2 inches tall, 12 inches deep, and 13 inches wide. There are a couple of old splits in the wood, but let me assure you this chair is solid. Latch across front is a bit offcenter, but does engage. Doors do not stay open if you tip forward. There are 2 doors at front which are hinged and open and close (see pics), there is no divider between doors inside the box-it is open on the inside space (see pics provided). Very nice dry surface red wash or thin paint in great old colonial or barn red. Several small holes around edges, top, and bottom suggest it was once covered with a fabric on top. Great overall condition, super classic and early look.

If you love doll sized primitives or old red alligatored paint this one is just fabulous. It has wonderful wear to the original stained surface. It is slightly heavier in weight and has wonderful wear and texture to the surface and to the painted surface which appears to be alligatored or grainy in nature. Farm kitchen spice and dry goods storage. Please pay within 3 days of auction ending. Made in the late 1800's to early 1900's and features wood peg pulls.

It appears that prior to the rail becoming separated from it's base the owner tried to prolong it's life by adding a wonderful hand wrought iron brace to each end where the spindles were. The paint is old and incredibly attractive. Original dry blue paint with red pinstripe. Hardware is wholly original, including it's lock (don't have the key) and aside from the usual scuffs, scratches and wear to the original finish, the cabinet is in overall excellent condition. Everything including the paint is original. It has the best delicate tapered square legs. The feet are fully intact and all original.

I aged it even more so it is really dry and old looking!

It has a old old piece of angle iron for the the book to. He did all his own lumbering of rough cut and planed it too. It is 23 inches tall from base to finial. It would be a great piece for storage and/or display. It used to hold children's tools and a list of those is on the label on the inside top of the box.

Its all wood but the back piece feels like a thin board maybe masonite?. Small cubbies are 3", one 5 1/2" and the one on bottom is 9 1/2". Really cool door with steel bars and lots of hooks inside. The top is a 'scrub' top - and you can clearly see the saw marks. Other than the missing knobs, the cabinet is in excellent condition with no splits or cracks. Each piece of wood was carved and then fitted together perfectly!

It measures 16”w x 9”w x 11”h and is in good condition with some nicks from age and use please see photos. Domestic bidders shipping cost includes packing. Please check out my other listings of antiques and folk art. Note the hand-carved seat - made for the child's comfort. Also note the construction of the back boards (see close-up) - all of these help to date it to mid 1800s. It appears to have the original hardware and fasteners.

We purchased it almost 20 years ago from a local antique shop and have displayed it in our smoke free home ever since. Everything is hand stained, painted and then distressed for an aged or primitive look. They are distressed and aged with paint and stain and waxed.

I can work with you on any color you want. It is 50 inches long by 36 inches wide by 31 inches tall. Color/shade may vary upon painting/distress technique. A beautiful example with wall paper over wood both inside and out. The piece is hand planed across the surfaces. The inside has one shelf inside, yielding two spaces. The inside is stained, so is the back, which has screw heads that can be seen. Nice size for any , blue paint remnants throughout, stands even. Has the small fix at the upper back, see the pic at both sides and a very small brake in the cane but in the corner which should not cause any problem with care.

Primitive Country Furniture American Heritage Shop